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Who Do People Shit on the World

Why do people s*** on the world

Because they surround themselves by people who try to stop self-expression and biological expression. People are so corked up they can't wait to release and when they do sometimes it's uncontrollable and people die from that release process because everyone around them corked them up

Which is why we have cancer disease chronic illness and a billion kids out there because that's expressed anger and misery

Or they say that your self expression and biological expression is inappropriate and here do it this way.

So my outlet is Facebook live and the written word because I will not Target anyone or destroy myself to please your f****** ass

Which is why so many people are under the influence . They have to release somehow even though it is destroying them .

the essential oils market and patchouli oil is famous in the hippy groups because it covers up the smell of death and decay..

You might hear banshees in your neighborhood or on facebook, but only they know if they are nearing death or sensing death in their world, and survive, while other expire.

the banshees are the activated immune systems sensing so much..

Why do some people thrive in negativity.. Because they represent the misery in you.

Man cannot live on positivity alone.. Man must also find ways to tap into the negative parts of themselves and the world..

How do men protect themselves.. When someone is releasing demons , manage how much positive energy and negative energy you are exposed to.

Absolutely it's a fucking rush to finally get out what you need to get out..

You don't really want a target a specific person.. Learn how to get out the negativity about people in general and let them decide if they fit the bill or not..

But man cannot live on positive energy alone..

I developed my best work from negative energy. I developed my best work from people shitting on me. It's not always fun but sometimes it's necessary..

Learn how to convert the energy to your benefit..

Why do people do this.

Because people have so much inside.. And they are pissed at the world.. And they need to let it out.. And so that's why you do it in a place where people have a choice to leave a situation.. We as a society has become so damaged.. That we don't have the room to let things out because someone's always around us.. We don't get the luxury to be on our own.. And what we are on our own no one's listening.. That's why I use Facebook live. And I shit on the world when I need to.. And then you have the choice to listen or not..

You want to know why people "shit" on the world they live in?

The world is such a messed up place with so much corruption in ALL HUMANS from rampant reproduction ever since 6k years ago and even before that every time there is a death, a birth happens and prior generations "fail" to "fix" up their "mistakes" so they keep reproducing the same "mistakes" over and over and over again...

Of course "mistakes" are all relative to the society at the time, but as you have noticed, the system must toughen up humans to fit into a an extremely tough society who hunts other humans because of their weaknesses, inability to "assimilate" and they look/act different.

Why do others LOVE to shit on the world directly or indirectly via humor, anger, love and depression? Because we hold so much damage within from generational misery and that misery comes out in our relationships, our need for company, occupations, relationships, and even coping mechanisms.

Humans are so desperate to release the demons they MUST have a religion, a political thought process, even a scientific dogma to absorb their pain and suffering and sometimes they need family and friends as "punching bags" or vessels to hold the deep rooted misery they hold.

Why do you think there are so many sexual orientations..?

People must get out that energy in whatever way possible that they can. And their body is programmed to release certain "demons" in certain ways..

And it's not up to you to determine how people release their "demons".. I have no problem people releasing their demons in whatever safer manner.. I just observe how people release their damage demons . And many times it is through the family, which is why the system is guiding reproduction wisely.

It is so hard to be on one's own and by one's self and so while we are resistant to the people who represent what has pained us because all humans represent the pain and suffering we have experienced in the past and present, we keep those people close by to be that vessel and punching bag...

which is why I go on fb live and SHIT ON THE WORLD WITHOUT DIRECTING IT AT ANYONE IN PARTICULAR. I speak in more general terms without saying names or even mentioning a race, culture, or specific religion or a biased scientific thought process.. And if my energy is too powerful for you that you take offense, I remind people to unfollow me or block me, as I am speaking from and for generations of humans who had to live in this miserable world of suffering for eons..

that is why people shit on the world, shit on one another and are under the influence..

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