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Women/Mothers/Female Figures Make or Break Their Children/Followers

Mothers and women will make or break their children..

Female influencers will make or break their followers..

Men are influential in a different way..

So everything's back to normal .. Purged out the demon and even my menses released the demon from my uterus..

It was crazy because yesterday I felt like everything was coming back but more of the muscle pain where I could hardly walk... The neck pain wasn't really that bad.

Yesterday The stiffness in my legs was so insane and the fatigue was insane.. I even had weird stomach cramps and I couldn't figure out what the h*** was going on.. Yesterday I woke up made breakfast and then I had to lay on the couch and take a nap..

But when I went upstairs barely walking up the stairs I peed and it was like everything disappeared it was better and then realized I'd just started my menses.. So when you think about it I had PMS for about one day.

10 years ago I would have PMS for 2 weeks..

Today, monday, 7 days exactly from when I was afflicted.. I am a 100% better

Now I woke up this morning and there is like nothing wrong with me.. I definitely had to blow my nose and release demons at around 3:00 in the morning..

But I feel great I feel chipper it was like as if the last 3 months didn't even exist..

In my opinion PMS and PMDD is when your uterus finally deals with the evolution that your body refused to deal with and so when you are so under the influence at the conscious level then your uterus as a woman is your subconscious and that's why women get so much issues because it refused to face the demons in the waking world and so eventually the demons have to be dealt with And that's why women get so many issues or they get transferred into their children..

And you wonder why women are evil to each other well this is a reason why they are harboring so many demons within their body mind and spirit.. And sometimes it gets transferred through the reproductive process..

Men who are evil to women have taken on their mother's persona and that's the reason why men can be really evil.. And then they get evil to their kids and so the kids take on that same situation..

Mothers are the ones who make or break their children..

Which is why our society need to be run by a more balanced women.. More evolutionary women..

We don't need more love and compassion we need more respect and balance because love and compassion can turn into hate and anxiety when you lack the hormone of oxytocin..

When you have to take a pill in order to be balanced it means that you lack the balance of hormones because of lack of nutrition as well as lack of connectivity..

When you get rid of desire versus satisfying the desire.. Maybe we'll see a different society..

But again.. We are an evolving society and we must take accountability for what we do and do not do..

Everyone I mean everyone has great intentions..

The road to h*** is paved by good intentions..

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