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Women Will Be Either the Destroyer or Giver of Life to Herself

Women Will Be Either the Destroyer or Giver of Life to Herself

Women are faced with two choices:

1. Maintain the destruction of herself and the family,


The men are pretty much set in their ways and I cannot say if they have the capacity to evolve and change to stay alive given what I proposed about the X and Y chromosomes..

Today I would not dare raise my arms above my head in public because in this environment every lymph node area has to be open and my armpits and anywhere that's near the openings of each end have to be open and releasing when it needs to be. Granted my system has streamlined everything so it's not as horrific like it was a couple years ago or even 7 months ago. But when it's that aggressive especially when the Northern Lights came through wow yeah s*** has to be open and it has to release or else you will get a fast moving cancer that will kill you especially if you're smaller

Raise your arms if you sure know that you're clogged up and one day you will have to open up and it will be painful

All herbal topicals and antiperspirants intend to clog up immunological release.


Why do you think women get breast cancer because she's clogged up up there and I don't care if you want to blame it on the parabens or the different deodorants.

50 years ago you can get away with raising your arms at 50 years old and maybe not die right away but nowadays. You want to raise your arms at 50 years old in this environment and everything is closed up underneath your pits. You're f***** literally you're f*****. Women are screwed and even some men.

You have to have a very strong immune system to be able to wear deodorant but not antiperspirant. You take any antiperspirant you're f***** right there

 I don't use any deodorant or any herbal topical I do not close up any openings that has to be open for whatever reason especially when it's climate change and the body is releasing excessive demons called antibodies and yeah it's stinky. And it's painful but I would rather be stinky and be a little bit painful than die from a f****** fast-moving cancer like people are

Or women age aggressively because those antibodies are sucking the life out of her and so she may not get any fast moving cancer but she'll turn into an elderly woman very quickly.

Why do you think men and women get such aggressive arm pain and back pain. Because their immune system has not matured and working for them.

People get operations they try to stay away from food and then what happens is those growth stay in different parts of the body and then it eats away at their Body Mind and Spirit and or turns into a baby or a tumor or fast moving cancer.

I don't have any arm pain today not the last week or so from this last round of whatever. Because I paid my dues.

Since I have not cured myself I have changed a lot the last 7 years more so the last 3 years. I've seen my body change I've seen my mind change I even seen how I react to things change. That's because if I were to resist change I will be dead because of what I came into this world with which was hardly anything a deficit.

Some people can afford not to change for a small amount of time but it's working against them and their body is falling apart literally falling apart. And so some people like my husband was lucky enough to release demons a few years ago with the J juice and I've been telling him don't treat any disease and deal with the pain and here eat meat milk cheese eggs which he does anyways. I don't know if he'll be able to sidestep what's going on because like I said the Y might turn into the X if allowed to blossom into what it needs to be

He might age like the old world but it might be accelerated. He might be the ones that will have to age out because he will resist the changes that are going on. And I'm sure he's okay with that.

Women women are the base. We are the Prototype

The Beast system was the 666 that will eventually turn into 999

666 was having a huge family and people dying in that family and getting treated to death.

999 might be less people in a family and not as much death and destruction and being treated to death

And like those nesting dolls you keep advocating so much aggressive diverse company and sexual expression and having babies the nesting dolls tell you eventually you're going to destroy your genetic line. It will be all out Extinction in your family if somebody doesn't f****** wake up

Were the different males The great thinkers of their time like Yuval Noah Harari and klaus Schwab and even Jesus Christ and did they have to "die" for our "sins" literally and figuratively (assuming they live out their male culture)

Were and are the males of the past present and future the ones who are protecting and enslaved and advising us and moving us forward and now it's time for women to take that role.

 so they are the ones that will keep women going and women eventually will have to take the reins and Keep themselves going without relying on a man to Enlighten the population

Maybe the males where the "demons" that were advising us and even enslaving us and maybe it's time for the women to learn how to keep herself alive and free herself from enslavement. Because eventually what is cute and nice and wonderful turns into demonic energy that you have to find a way to protect yourself from

You are a biological 3d printer who needs the meat, milk, cheese, eggs fruits veggies, carbs, salt sugar so you can rebuild and release and stay alive..

Women you are the future. And you are the past. You are the destroyer and you are the life Giver. Figure out how the system will use you and keep yourself alive

The system is ending slavery in the family and in the pets. It is time for Humanity to evolve into a very Advanced human race because right now the suffering is astronomical

Aggressive Procreation=Extinction

Nesting dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls or Russian dolls, are a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. They are a traditional representation of a mother carrying a child and can be seen as a representation of a chain of mothers carrying on the family legacy through the child in their womb. Nesting dolls are also used as Montessori toys for children.

You will see women will procreate themselves out of existence and so will her daughters and sons until that whole genetic line is completely extinct and it will happen faster in climate change

Panspermia could also be known as smart dust

Evolution is when you add energy to organic matter and it becomes intelligent. No such thing as spontaneous because there's nothing spontaneous

There's always a catalyst. You may not know what it is but there's always a catalyst

Ultra low frequency is a catalyst to a lot of immune system activation and that coupled with smart dust..

we have another segment of evolution to the human race. Advancement of the human race

Abiogenesis is the natural process by which life arises from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds.

There's no such thing as spontaneous because there's always a catalyst even if you don't know what it is.

Smart dust is the neurallink they're talking about when you think about it and Atlas on Netflix

That combined with all the devices that we used to look up stuff and do our daily activities and then even what we post on Facebook and where we go. Everything we do is tracked. Even if you throw away all your devices you breathe in smart dust and the system can find those who are walking around with their own digital footprint.

And certain frequencies aggravate certain things that people will either support and survive or resist destroy and not survive.

There's No Escape and the system has been tracking you for a while and they know what you're saying to people even behind closed doors. Everything is for the system to Monitor and observe and wow

And since everybody has been cropped dusted with smart dust and they are glowing from the inside

And there are machines that can detect where humans are even in Rubble

You can run but you can't hide..

If I could put this together you know this has been happening a long time ago

Right now you might think you're collaborating but in a high frequency environment

you are competing

The Acceptable Logical Fallacy is:

When we have switched to electrical smart cities after global warming/climate change/inclement weather

the weather will calm down and we can rebuild with a "new human" race activated by the smart dust.

the premise will assume the conclusion.

it is unfortunate the collateral damage due to human causing the tornadoes, etc.. but "god" will reward Mother Earth after she releases the "demons"..

it is all true... humans are causing global warming, regardless of how you characterize it..

once there are less humans due to the high casualty count, thus lessening the carbon footprints, everything will be different and calm..and paradise.. etc.

which is why i am trying to clue you in on how to survive this..

you must know who and what you are up against..

You seriously have to be the Ultimate Survivor and it is outwit Outlast and outplay everyone around you even your own children.

And that's a hard pill to swallow.

Believe me I know

You have to strategize your survival And it's not hanging out in large clumps of groups because you will be broken up by the system that's called oncology

you don't want to be a cancer to anyone

The sudden gust of wind came without forewarning, Mr Maynez said, describing it as an "atypical [weather] event".

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