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World War III is Voluntary Starvation via Micro-Macro Conception-Starvation

World War III is Voluntary Starvation vis Micro-Macro Conception

People actively do not want to allow their body to release the demons . And they develop more demons using the remedies holistic surgical world..

And then people starve to death from all of that energy.. And that's why they die.. And of course people are afraid of food.. And they are GESTAPO about it.. And they actually take food away from their children..

That's why all people die and that's why the giants died. They were starved to death..

World war three is surviving your friends family and starvation all derive from micro conception and macro conception..

Your friends.. People who post fear of food. They are starving you.. Your friends out there are the gestapo.. So militant against food..

This is world war three.. WW3

World war three are your friends and families starving your ass.. Putting fear of food into you.. Making you think food is poison.. And then giving you all the "flUOride" or remedies and herbal extracts.. Just like they did back in nineteen forty five.

Sodium fluoride is safe in The water supply as well Your teeth products..

But what are holistic People doing purposely.. Taking all of their aggressive herbal elements.. Taking all of their aggressive elements.. And detoxes.. Doing exactly the same thing they did in world war ii. And they are starving.. Just look at them.. Look how skinny or completely obese they are.. They're fucking starving..

You ARE DYING at the hands of your friends, your family, your mother and her father..

That's world war three..

When people are starving you can't penetrate their belief system.. They're fucking starving, and they've been brutalized by their mother and their father through starvation and remedies.. And aggressive aggressive impenetrable belief systems and politics..

Good luck you will need it.. These kids don't stand a chance..

The upside is.. More food for me because you're all starving yourself.. The upside is they're not going to stop making this food.. So while you starve yourself and your kids..

I'm eating like a queen..

Thank you for your service.

where did the giants comes from? we might find out someday.. some of you might live long enough to find out.. some of your kids might get the privilege to find out.. or not.. Worshipping someone one degree away from moses or ten degrees away from moses.. Is still worshipping someone..

Understand why your parents are not around.. And you stay alive and survive your parents.. Forever on this Earth..

The age of giants were and ARE your parents..

They are the missing links. and so.. when it is all said and done, we are the clones of the past.. until we get it right..

maybe it is time to get it right, humans.. or make the same mistakes as your parents, the giants, who are extinct.. I Found the Missing Link Hidden in Plain Sight

How do you survive your parents, the giants, who died before you.. you must survive your brothers and sisters (all of mankind) who are out to destroy you..

that is why people call one and other brother/sister.. acknowledging relationship, competition and survival of the "fittest"..

period. Two choices:

You can outsmart your parents, the giants, and survive them and stay alive forever on Earth, or die with your current parents/children/brothers/sisters/animals/pets

you are in a major competition of survival in all of the wars of friends, family, job, politics, religion and science..and spirituality..

You either survive your ancestors or you die with them

Everyone around you are your ancestors The dangers of pursuing knowledge without the proper guidance.

When you're guided by the demons in your body, I'm sure it's very difficult to take on new information. If anything there would be a war in your body a war in your mind and a war in your spirit. Cognitive dissonance is not just not believing conspiracy theories. Cognitive dissonance is refusing to take in knowledge that conflicts with your beliefs.

Which is why many humans will not survive the next world because they can't take in new information and they reject it and they destroy. Just look at your Facebook at the hatred and they hate. And even the DENIAL!!

That ought to tell you everything of why people will not evolve if they can't release those demons. And those demons are a b**** to get out of your body and they are painful to get out.

But the power and the knowledge is in the pain and the food supply. "Gods" giants and mankind

"Before there were any humans on Pallene, the story goes that a battle was fought between the gods and the giants. Traces of the giants' demise continue to be seen to this day, whenever torrents swell with rain and excessive water breaks their banks and floods the fields. They say that even now in gullies and ravines the people discover bones of immeasurable enormity, like men's carcasses but far bigger."

--Greek historian Solinus, c. AD 200

That should be enough evidence to prove the lost world of giants AVATAR and the ARK OF THE COVENANT via DEW or direct energy technology.

If you still deny laugh and jeer..

denial is not just a river in Egypt. How do you believe something with absolutely no evidence. Because evidence isn't always physical proof. Evidence is in the words and the laws of physics chemistry biology geology geography. Stories exist from actual events and no matter how much the embellishment the reality was probably far more attractive than even the embellishment. When you're telling a story and you were never there, the reality is far more detailed and extreme than the story will ever be. Remember the saying I guess you had to be there.

You want to know how extreme the Bible and the fairy tales and the Greek Giants were.. I guess you had to be there and simultaneously you are living the stories of Mythology..

Just look at even you and your family and friends and traditions.. You are not that different than 10k years ago. But now you have designer jeans/genes and microwave ovens and Firepower..

Now you're the creatures of Mythology with access to Firepower.. And also uniformly programmed.. And some people are so bitter and nasty and mean.. They can't be any different than the witches warlocks and wizards of the tales..

You are living the mythological stories Why do you think I believe all the stories out there? Why do you think every single story out there has relevance? It doesn't mean I will be worshiping anyone. Or even demonizing anyone. Every human has a story. I have my own stories of people who were taller than me. California to New York. We all have stories around everything we have done. We all have encountered crazy things in our lives. We've had hormonal imbalances that gave us our perspectives. And then our hormones went back into balance once the message was sent.

The stories of antiquity and even the Middle Ages have so much relevance. All oral Traditions are based in somebody's experiences.

And we know science and bioengineering is a thing. We know physics and chemistry and social constructs developed the cultures of every society we live in. We also know people are ruled by their politics their religion. And we know cells get radicalized. And become quite extreme and no other thought process is allowed to get in or penetrate.

Maybe that's why the Giants don't exist anymore. Because they were literally too big for their britches.

They had to be eradicated or else all out human extinction.

Evolution means reading something different. Evolution means understanding what it's like to be in somebody else's shoes. Evolution means questioning your own belief system. Evolution is not forcing someone to be violent to you because you were violent to them. Walking away is one thing. But when you shoot somebody in the back.. It's not always lucrative to walk away.

Why is it that Americans have guns. It was never really about the they have tanks and star wars and energy technology..

Americans have guns because there are people who want to destroy other people or kidnap rape torture others. No different than the rogue giants..

There are people who want to take other people's things. When you have to be armed to the teeth because you're afraid of your neighbor and afraid of the children out there.

Is that the society you truly want to live in?

When you're afraid of predators.. Is that the society you truly want to live in?

What's going on right now completely proves the Giants did exist and they were eradicated for a reason.

Now you as a human what are you enslaving and brutalizing in your world. Who are you a Predator against?

Now you see why there's always so much War.

We're going through another major human evolution.

And it's very painful. Just like it was painful for the Giants when they finally had to be eradicated.

Every single human is being given a choice to evolve. And if you choose not to evolve despite all the evidence that it's lucrative to evolve, then it's your own damn fault.

And then you are to blame for why your family cannot evolve. Because you never became the representation your family so desperately needed.

Children are only children for a very short amount of time. What values are you teaching your children? Because they do end up growing up to be adults that some people have to protect themselves from. Do we have to protect ourselves from you and if that's the case we might have to protect ourselves from your children. Jewish mysticism/Hermeticism/Christian gnosticism understands these types of demons like Lillith. And they can be programmed into people. People do play with the occult and they conjure up these demons of which then do possess people. Spell casting spell binding.. Herbs food incantations.. And of course the less food you eat the less your body can release those demons.. And even the more food you eat And the more you're exposed to occult practices.. With a crappy release process.. The stronger the demons can be. And of course the more drugs/herbs/remedies you do, the far more aggressive those demons can be..

Which is why some children in this climate are not surviving their childhood.. It's all the remedies and the herbs.. And the lack of tolerance to pain of release.. Which is why children are maturing faster in the west.. Unstable environments and so many herbs and remedies and surgeries..

Yesterday I was releasing so many demons and it was painful.. Sweating and headaches and fatigue.. I slept all day yesterday

I did go out on friday night but did not do any drinking.. I was just around a lot of people a lot of diverse people.. Not a big deal, however, you do take in spirits. And they do fornicate and they do metastasize and have offspring. And then you get bigger.. Some people have to eat a whole lot more. And they even get skinnier because they are now compounding the issue they already have. Which is why when you are skinny and already behind the 8 ball. You literally have to change your life..

Or else it will be fighting an uphill battle and you won't win.. I just get bigger and bigger and develop another environment to release the demons.. And then my body goes down to size again later.. When the demons are gone.. and my immune system calms down.. My nose is clear the pain is gone.. Not too much sweating.. And I have a normal appetite..

And so on top of diverse spirits in your world, such as friends, families and get togethers it also the climate changing with the heat and the temperatures becoming so unstabilized.. It causes rapid growth.. And then that release process can be painful.. But when people do not want to feel pain they trap the demons within.. That's why the turbo cancers are so accelerated.. It's your remedies.. Those remedies slow down your bodies release process.. Which allows those demons to become even more numerous.. Age you faster and turn into turbo cancers..

Which is why they recommend people wearing masks.. I understand now.. Especially if you are going into new areas.. But your body must be able to handle new entities.. And it must be able to release those excessive energies..

And so blowing your nose and blowing your nose and blowing your nose.. Releases those demons.. Along with understanding your whole system..

And my belly was so big this weekend. I wasn't pregnant.. But when you are developing a defense against the different environments you're in.. And then when your body has developed so much offspring from the different environment and the destablization of the atmosphere..

You do get bigger. You get bloated. And hungry. Those are a lot of little offspring you must feed. And then you have to release.. And that's why people get temperatures and infections. And I had a few hives but not a big deal.. And then my immune system took care of them. It's called being sick and not trying to take away sickness..

I had to deal with the headache and the sweating.. And constantly needing to blow my nose.. Even my lymph nodes this morning were tender.

Not even pooping that much yesterday.. But I needed to blow my nose. And I didn't drink any coffee.. So on top of that my body was getting used to having no coffee.

Remember the aging process is from all those little offspring cannibalizing the parent. You are the parent to those offspring.. No different than your children taking your resources over so many years.. And then the parent passes away.. Of course it's accepted in all the different cultures..

Except for mine..


But I feel fine today.. I felt better after eight o'clock last night.

You see all sickness comes from the same thing.. It's the different stories you tell about. It is what makes all the religions and justifications.. And of course all the politics and fear..

All sickness is from macro conception and micro conception.. From all the diversity in your environment..

That's why the AVERAGE humans TODAY never live past a hundred.. Their ancestors THE GIANTS did.. But the humans were programmed in a very different way until today..

You can reprogram yourself.. And live like your ancestors.. But it's painful.. It's painful to break into the next world.. You must earn your way in.. And it's not easy.. You have to pay hefty painment.. To get in.. Or just enjoy your life today until it's done..

The choice is yours.. starvation and aggressive elements like herbs/extracts, and heavy heavy doses of elements is what destroyed holo caust victims..

those victims did not have access to pasta, cream or meat...

do you realized the holistic and cancer allopathic world are mirroring ww2, but at YOUR own hand.???

starvation was the number one reason why the people in those camps died... now look at your parents, you and your kids.. SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY STARVING OR so obese the body cannot process correctly..

at your own hand.. or people work themselves to death.. and they do not take the time to recover.. and of course the alcohol and drugs do not help, but it is the starvation is what killed ww2 camp victims and starvation is what will destroy those in the holistic/allopathic world...


When most of your world is about remedying your disease.. And you're taking the prescription drugs and the over counter drugs and the remedies . And the herbal extracts And your fear of food..

Your voluntarily Act like a ww2 victim of starvation.. By your own hand..

Starvation is when you have so many elements and minerals in your body.. And not enough nutrition..

That was world war two.. And you are reenacting it.. That's the aggressive aging process.. Starvation

Every time I was PMSing the last 20 years. I was eating pounds and pounds of pasta to make up for what I was doing during that month. My pms saved my ass, but it made me a pariah against everyone in my work and world.. Because I had to sit at home and eat food.. I was fucking starving.. Fucking starving. I had to be sick.. But everyone made fun of me.. Screw you I was saving myself..

Watching people starve today.. Fucking makes me sick. Makes me so sick to watch all of you starve yourself to death.. Because you were never conditioned to deal with pain.. And you felt you had to work yourself to death to keep up with everybody else..

I finally got turned on to the milk the last three years.. milk cream pasta is what saved my ass..

So while third world countries are starving . First world countries are so privileged they voluntarily starve themselves..

It must be nice to be that fucking privileged to starve yourself.. And destroy yourself voluntarily and then blame somebody else.. And of course, when your kids don't survive your belief system. Then you blame somebody else yet again

How do you think the giants died.. They were starved out.. The energy in the environment caused them to be so aggressive.. And then a nuclear weapon destroy them..

Look what you're doing to yourselves.. Acting just like your parents the giants..

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