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Wrapping Up the Last 8 Years of My Life and Sugar RIP 2/10/2023

wrapping up the last 8 years of my life..

Everything that I've experienced even my predisposed issues was something that I did to myself even if I wasn't fully in control of my body my spirit when I was a minor.. I have the chance as an adult to redirect the intentions but ignorance rules the day until you learn something different.. Sometimes you don't learn until way later on a life and you still have a chance to redirect the intentions..

And so when you still buy into blaming somebody or saving somebody else, you have bought into the lack of personal accountability which is why politics religion and science is all about absolution..

The J world is finally taking personal responsibility for everything in life.. And you finally stop blaming other people and you stop saving other people..

You realize that the power is within you and your ability to deal with facing your own demons..

But if you don't then you will have a hard time surviving in this next world..

Those who are into blaming or saving other people other than themselves.. They will completely mischaracterize what I'm doing and will not understand anything about the J world and that's OK they weren't meant to.. Many many temporary people on this Earth..

They are still viable and they still help society but they will not understand change or evolution.. We thank them for their service and their sacrifice..

With that said So I had some kind of virus that definitely attacked my muscles and made me very stiff.. It started happening in the middle of January taking care of my animal through her end days.

Part of it could have been using muscles I've never used before and the other part of it could have been viruses attacking my muscles, Because viruses do jump from person to person and animal to person vice versa. How bad the attack you is relative to your predisposed conditions and how aggressive the virus is..

They're like a demon a spirit a Hydra..

I noticed this last month I was up every couple hours also peeing even little bit.. Of course feeling differently because of the situation. Hand muscles rashes and other muscles were sore.. I didn't poop a whole lot and I didn't eat a whole lot this last month..

This last weekend I felt like a zombie that I even walked into a stranger's car by mistake because I was an automatic pilot and was not paying attention..

I was so tired so exhausted.. I knew I had to sleep I had to really eat a bunch of food and I had to pull out the demons at which the strategy is in my book..

The demons are formidable and you really have to fight for your life..

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