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You Are Currency!

What makes your currency go further than somebody else's..

The goods and services you provide.. And so you are currency.. Your worth is directly correlative to what it is you contribute to your society.. No different than why the dollar went so much further in china than vice versa back in two thousand and four..

I was living high on the hog in china for those three weeks because the currency of conversion rate was so much higher with the usdollar versus the rmb The rothchild's were geniuses They knew how to monetize desires, needs.. Goods and services.. And they were correct.. You couldn't just steal from the land without giving back to it.. The gold standard has been gone for a long time.. Obviously you saw how many crypto companies were coming up and people were trading f****** thin air..

My worth will be determined over the long haul.. longevity.. Right now people are trading on adrenaline.. Get rich quick.. And the environment is giving them inflated amounts of currency that will pop.. global warming is when you will have so much energy.. free energy.. People will burn themselves out Which is why you're supposed to retire at a certain age and get social security or a pension.. It's the system giving back to you for all those years of living off of adrenaline chasing bubbles.. in the usa 😀

Sickness is always the energy before the next upgrade.. Medicating away symptoms no matter how small is starting a race to the bottom/morgue.. Dieting, no matter how "clean" is a race to the bottom/morgue Surgeries, no matter how small is a race to the bottom/morgue. It all starts in utero.. reinforced as an infant, cemented in during adolescense.. Many adults become intolerant justifying their intolerance and deficiencies via politics, their religions backed up by their biased arguments in science/physics/chemistry/biochemistry. Good luck 😃

The great lakes will be a great place to live but.. We will have our own h***.. Warming lakes and a loss of ice cover over time also will be coupled with more extreme rainfall, likely inciting more harmful algae blooms, said Notaro. These blooms largely form from agricultural runoff, creating thick, green mats on the lake surface that can be toxic to humans, fish and pets. Blizzards

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