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You Are Immortal.. You Just Believe and were Told That You're Not Immortal..

You are immortal.. You just believe and were told that you're not..

The Rosicrucians added in the alchemy to control your growth and your development.. They didn't want certain people living a long time because that would upset the sanctity of their experiments and advancement of humans..

That's why the christian gnostics are part of the jewish mystics and the hermetics.. And the greek system and egyptology.. To balance out the positive and negative.. And develop an advanced working society.. That could rise and fall relative to the intention..

F****** brilliant

Basically they all tagged teamed each other... Played everyone against each other.. Divided and conquered..

And now co existence.

So you will have segments of society who will be immortal.. And you will have those who are mortals.. And you will see how that will develop..

And developing countries are going to be annoying because they will be tagging you in all of their m l ms and wanting to get you into their religion..

It's already f****** happening and it's annoying.. I'm getting many people from ni geria trying to proselytize their new religion.. i l l u m i....ugh

now that you know all humans are actually immortal.. watch all the gods/demigods sell each other a lifestyle and belief system of workout routines, yoga and tinctures and operations.. and meditation.. and then death calling it life..

watch all the mommy and me groups selling EVERYTHING under the son/sun to manage their child's attempt to evolve and the mommy stops the evolution, so quick with elderberry syrup and herb or whatever.....

that is why it will be difficult for parents to save their children...

the parents can only save themselves because they already have a mostly developed immune system, but their children do not..

that is what is scary.. once the parents goes, the children will follow close behind..

IN the vampire diaries, once the "lead" vampire BLOODLINE is destroyed their offspring/humans who were turned into vampires by that vampire and their offspring, will all die..


If you want to explore immortality... you must get away from those who are actively talking you into cures, herbs, extracts, surgeries, death, destruction and the afterlife, that includes yourself.

if not.. good luck.

some of you are surrounded by the walking dead throwing dead languages and belief systems at you and your kids..

those who are suffering and dying must participate in groupthink and events because the dying and suffering need other people to unload on.. misery and death need company...

the immortals must actively stay away from the group think mentality because they could be easily converted from life into death..

it is that easy.. because the walking dead could be your kids, mom, dad and best friends. It is that easy to cast spells of death and destruction on other people... it is that easy...

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