• Jillian Epperly

You Are in A Cult and Do Not Know It

The cults of low sodium diets and mischaracterization of evolutionary pain.

The cults of politics religion and science

The cult of the medical and holistic system and extremely close knit family and friends who frowns on outsiders and frowns on individual thought processes.

Cults are built on love, sex, drugs and death.

Advertising claims is one thing, but logically considering possibility is another.

When you can not have a unique thought process because you are afraid people will attack you.

You're in a cult.

When you can't even talk to your Facebook audience about things that are controversial that are within the lines of the law, you might be in A CULT.

Illegal claims and/or practices such as promoting cures happens to be part of the mainstream, but yet it is accepted. Addiction to pain killers and/or using street legal herbs is accepted, but eating all foods and advocating eating to live is unacceptable.

Putting children on diets causing extreme malnutrition to the point of dependency on nutritional therapies is acceptable, but advocating electrolytes in all forms and understanding energy and prostaglandins is unacceptable.

Just because it is popular and everybody's doing it does not mean that you are not in a cult.

The main issue is, you are in a cult.

When mainstream media and everyone in it attacks you for a different thought process,

you might be in the cult desperate to escape.

When it comes to straddling both sides of the world, You need to talk to people but you must have a clear gut to have discernment. If you have no discernment and are easy influenced, it is easy to get back in the cult.

How do you escape a cult? Work on your boundaries. Stay strong in your decision to leave the cult.

Fanning flames of hatred towards someone who has advocated they left the cult of holistic/allopathic medicine exemplifies cultlike behaviors. Shunning people is another example.

Cults often use behavior modification on followers, such as thought- stopping techniques and instilling an "us-versus-them" mindset,

How do cults change the brain?

They prey on the vulnerable who became vulnerable via medicine and generational participation.

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