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You Are In A War to End All Wars Right Now

the Jworld give birth to yourself and end all the wars in your body, mind, spirit and household.

You are in a war to end all wars right now..

You will starve/remedy yourself out of existence or you will assimilate and stop fighting..

you will only go in one of two directions..

You are in a war that will end all wars..

may the odds be in your favor.

Oh, the 1960's Was the World War 3, but the groundwork was laid out in 1895/1924

which is why pot is so prevalent.. it was the mother to the hippie/religious generations and it will also be the grim reaper to them and their offspring. and we know the reefer man was popular during the roaring 20s.. the jazz age..

drugs/herbs/remedies and chakra manipulations and marijuana developed many cultures in the west and will also be the downfall of many cultures in the west..

now you get it??

which is why i stay far away from that lifestyle and belief system because it permeates EVERYTHIING right now..

i mean everything.

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