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You Are Your Own God

You ARE YOUR OWN GOD You will either make or break yourself and your children

not the system..

The system will always support life but let me tell you mom and dad.

You don't support life because you intend to pass away.. And when that happens so will your children.. You don't intend to change, mom and dad, and neither will your children..

Because they listen to you.. The system with their intentions made you god in their world..

That was all intentional and that was purposeful..

That's why parents make or break their children as well as grandparent.. I don't care how good you think you are.. You're not helping yourself and your kids if you think that all your remedies and surgeries and belief systems are going to prolong their life and yours..

Evidently it ain't happening.. Look around you people are dropping like flies regardless of who you blame it on..

You are your own god and you will make a break your environment..

And if you keep giving away your power then you will be worshipping everyone and you will disappear.. You will pass away from natural causes..

So if that is the case then what are you fearful of and why are you an activist..

Why are you going to the hospital causing more trauma to yourself..

Why are you trying to prolong your life when you intend to pass away anyway, someday???

Why are you so active in the remedies market if you intend to pass away.. Oh you want absolution and you want to pass away pain free.. Well don't pretend that it's going to prolong your life..

One of Us / Lyrics … If God had a name what would it be?

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