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You Balance Your Microbes and the System Will Balance the General Populations

You must intend to know all pieces of the pie to understand what balance really means

Because everything is about balance. And no it's not about balancing vitamin D or sun.. balance is factoring everything in your body and mind and spirit and environment and your lifestyle and belief system

Balance is not being so compartmentalized in your lifestyle and beliefs that you don't factor in your blind spots. I know it seems counterintuitive to factor in a blind spot which means that you must shed light on your blind spots. If you choose to cultivate ignorance that ignorance will destroy you and you will always blame a person place or thing for death destruction and suffering.

But you hold all of that in and some people cultivate suffering and they capitalize on the suffering so they have no reason to release the suffering because it's giving them a lifestyle and a belief system. And then they try to cure the suffering that they cultivate and that's called died suddenly.

And the system can't force you to suffer to live they can only take away your suffering to die because you can't handle it. If you could you wouldn't be using the system and you would be biologically immortal and you wouldn't be around so many people destroying yourself

What gives you or gave you life could also destroy you if you don't understand how to manage the resources and the life in your body mind spirit and environment.

Which is why you see two sides of the argument given to you by the government and by the companies. Because nobody can determine if what it is that you are exposing yourself to or eating or therapizing yourself with would be the straw that breaks the camel's back or give you the life that you needed or wanted and expected.

You have to be the one to determine how you manage that life and then my information are the other characterizations of indicators based upon the environment and the climate and then what you hopefully could achieve if you understood the science because nothing is guaranteed but there's always another argument to consider.

But what is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over again and expect a different result even if you exchanged one addiction for another. The outcome will always be the same. If your intentions are the same the outcome will be the same.

But you have seen me struggle with the vaccination arguments but then I have to remember everybody has a lifestyle of belief system and an intention with a very predictable outcome. And of course all therapies in the medical and the holistic system must legally give you what could happen if you develop too much life in your body and you don't know how to manage it. And then the doctors must make professional decisions and even they don't always get it right which is why they have medical malpractice insurance and they are a business and you are a commodity

But if you're the one that's asking for them to take away the pain and take away your spleen and thyroid because you think it's going to help you with your job and stay in the game then they're not going to say no to you unless it is dangerous for their insurance purposes. But ultimately you were the one that said yes to everything in the drug medical holistic industry and so you can't blame anyone even the people who take the vaccines or don't take the vaccines. You said yes to everything the system offered you.

The environment will always change regardless because you live in an ever-changing ever-evolving universe and yes your peers and then also the government change the environment. To what level of degree well that's anybody's guess. So means you have to be the one to figure out how are you going to use resources in your body and in your environment and will you make changes so that way you can adapt to the changing world.

It doesn't even matter why the system is doing what it's doing and it doesn't even matter what you speculate they're doing because if you can't adapt to even your internal environment there is no f****** way you'll adapt people out there who will activate everything in your immune system that will need to be activated at some point. You don't live in a vacuum and you don't live on an island. You live in a community of people that you must be accountable to and then you must be accountable to yourself.

As I look back on the last 3 years every single time I went out and I had little hatchlings in my body something or somebody or the environment and the energy in the environment triggered those hatchlings to hatch and yeah I had disease and I had to find a way to deal with it and overcome it without compounding the issue and without harming myself or anyone else.

When people are in jobs or with families or are accountable to so many obligations they will choose the easy way out or what they think is the easy way out of a disease. But you will find in this environment taking the shortcuts will eventually shortcut your life.

Those operations and pills and powders and supplements might give you temporary relief if that even happens but eventually that life will metastasize and turn into something that you'll have to deal with later.

And I'm telling you the more you treat disease the more you will treat yourself to death and that was always the systems options because people had to keep up with everybody.

And when you have to keep up with your friends and family they will destroy you. What gave you your life your friends and your family and your politics religion and science will also take away your life.

There is no magic pill or protocol or food or drug or stopping the system from doing what it's doing. You've always been the one to make those choices. And the system warns you behind everything you do there's always a downside. And people like to gamble and they like to risk and they also want to live in a fantasy illusion world that there's always some magic protocol or magic thing to fix them to take away the pain and suffering. That only lasts so long. At some point the devil does take his due. And right now he's taking his due. You have to understand the world you live in. The system gave you your life and if you don't know how to manage it they will also take it away not because they're going into your house because you will choose the easy way and they will give you your addictions your friends and your family and the parties and the travel until you pleasure and Paradise yourself out of existence. Or distract yourself out of existence.

So that way you can't blame the system for what you've chosen to do and what you've chosen to spend your money on and spend your time with and what you've chosen to surround yourself with. And so some people have figured out that they can't blame anyone but themselves. And so they will surround themselves by like-minded people until people start dropping like flies and then the last person standing can't handle it by themselves and then they go as well. That's why if you want to live you have to know how to be on your own or else you will die with your friends and family with your politics religion and science. And I completely understand.

When the Domino's fall the Domino's fall extremely fast

that's why people are so scared

And scared people channel their anger and frustration through whatever it is they were taught and addicted to at the time..

When you know this this is why people pull away from everything and they stay on their own. Because you can't stop what's lurking in other people..

What is that cliche or term if you can't beat them then join them. I don't want to beat anyone but I don't want to join you either..

I just want to be that representation that somebody could survive pain and suffering but it requires a lot of change


Idiopathically fornicated with themself

And so the trinity is you, your significant other, and Incubus or succubus

And now I understand why it is that jumping into cold water or shocking your body with ice cold water could also be deadly especially now. Because you're causing your blood vessels to constrict so much you could cause a rupture and die from a heart attack. You can't do anything extreme because everything is already extreme and the more extreme you get the worse it will be for you

And right now saunas are just as deadly. It's already hot outside and you're adding more heat more incubation and even more energy to be released out of the body. And when your blood vessels are expanding so much they could also break and you can also die from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Because you're literally boiling your blood and you're cooking The Hitchhikers inside your body called human calamari.. also known as cooking your Incubus and succubuses

I knew all those cryotherapies and trendy things of jumping into cold water and sitting in saunas for days non end were dangerous. It was just a matter of how you would explain it and you would need to have proof and right now we have proof all over the world.

The direct energy weapons are an example of what people do when they sit out in the sun for a long time or when they go use radiation or oncology. Or when they sit in the sauna or sunbathe for a long long time

And the fact I understand now temperature is what causes your blood vessels to expand and contract gives credibility to being clean and sober so you can pay attention to what your body is telling you

and when people are resisting the environment and resisting their blood vessels to expand or contract, they take drugs and do other things to try to stop it but eventually you can't cure anything. You can't stop the body from doing what it's meant to do. Even if you get sacrificed..

And when your body needs to poop don't try to stop it from pooping or else you will fornicate with yourself and develop more monsters that will destroy you eventually.

idio fornication is when the person screws himself out of existence

They hold the incubus and the succubus within and they get screwed out of existence. Because they don't release all the demons properly or they don't poop when they need to or they don't release when they need to. Sometimes they get cancer sometimes they have children.

When you rely on all the herbs and extracts and other remedies you will screw your digestive system up. And it will take food pain and release to fix yourself up and it's a long process

So before people have children they actually have a 4some during conception, because they have sex with their husband or wife and with the incubus and the succubus and of course them self and then that child is is the offspring of the husband the wife and the incubus and succubus.

So we create such diverse demons out there and some are worse than others and that's why the system is watching you like George Orwell told you in 1984

And people die because they idiopathically fornicated with themselves out of existence.

The word root idio- comes from Greek idios meaning 'own, distinct', and it usually means personal, own, peculiar or distinct depending on the context.Mar 28, 2017

When you're pruning the energies off your body you're making the disease stronger on your body. You're not getting stronger from cutting off or treating your disease.

You're making that disease stronger.. until the body cant handle another surgery or another treatment. And the system has now a better prototype to work from as you are the human sacrifice.

Parenthood is the same formula. Your children will be used for the system and if you don't figure it out parents you are the human sacrifice

You are the inverse to what they are explaining here

Yes, pruning a tree can make it stronger by improving its structure, weight distribution, and balance. This can help trees resist damage from storms, pests, disease, and broken limbs.

And you see where the branches get cut off. Making Humanity stronger not so much your family

growths, tumors/two or mores means another entity has attached itself to you internally or externally and now you are a host to another life form.. cutting off or surgically taking them off/out just makes them stronger..

you must feed them and release them..

When someone develops ALS the other entity took them over and so now the person with ALS is the entity that doesn't have control over the body.

They become the inverse of a situation when they are fighting a disease within trying to take over.

And so essentially ALS people become trapped in a prison of a body that they can't control... and I couldn't begin to tell you how they could release that demon. They would need help from the medical system if they can handle the pain and suffering. Most people can't so the system is left to just treat them until it's appropriate to release them humanely

The spiritual war is not out there it's within your own immune system and how you react to the spirits and the entities that have taken over your body and your mind and your spirit

And that's why the system keeps developing cures trying to control those out of control entities until the cures become the disease. And then the system has to start over again and hopefully with a stronger population

The world is not what you think. It's a very scary world out there. If you knew what you housed in your own immune system you would probably think twice before everything you're doing. But remember ignorance is Bliss. People who don't know my information are saving themselves from the cold truth. It's probably better. Those who understand my information it's f****** scary what's going on..

And when your body is breaking down becoming gelatinous it's because you hold the demons within and you refuse to release them as they are your identity.. and they will ensure they stay in your body unless you figure out how to strategically trick them into so many things. And I couldn't tell you how to do it..

The strategy of escaping your captors even in your own immune system is something you will have to figure out and sometimes people give birth to their captors.. and so when you finally Free Yourself you'll have to fight your family and your friends and your children. And freedom could mean death or disengagement from everything

Some people are not strong enough for disengagement so they're stuck in the jail of family and friends and their politics religion and science. I'm sorry I tried to warn you but even then warnings are not enough. I can never tell you you can handle releasing those demons and reprogramming yourself to live

Tree of Life

And so partaking the fruit from the Tree of Life you will see the knowledge of Good and Evil and you will make your choices.

Once you bite into that forbidden fruit that demon is hard to Corral

To the Women and Softer/Estrogenic Men

Pressure Building and Gene Editing

Ok, so I was watching America's Sweethearts on Netflix, you know, the series about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I used to watch the series awhile back when it was on terrestrial cable, but now I just stick to watching Netflix and YouTube and Facebook for News and information.

I was marveling how committed the two leading ladies were to the brand and the image and also how they have perfected the process of developing such stellar ladies. I noticed they also only looked at college graduates and extremely fit/skinny ladies with long hair, technical dancing ability and such wide eyed innocence and hunger for "making it" to be the next round of DCC girls.

These women worked hard and they give their lifeblood to auditioning, performing and reauditioning every year. You cannot help but be so impressed by their drive, their hunger, their commitment to be the best and you know, once they do make it to be the a DCC girl, they will do everything they can to be a veteran and stay in the industry for as long as possible.

It is interesting watching some of the women during training camp bawl when they get cut early on, or later on and then all that intense pressure gets let out as soon as they get cut. You can almost feel a sigh of relief because the suffering to "make it" and please the coaches are so intense that you know one day if they do not make it that day, they will try to come back and re-audition yet again.

Some women spend their whole lives trying to make it in a physically intensive industry and when they do make it, they spend everything they have to keep their place.

One day, their bodies will give out and then what is next?

A job, a marriage, another audition for another dance situation, or having children.

All that pressure to graduate college, work different jobs, and audition and make it in the DCC industry eventually reaches a tipping and then the system of the world will pull out the rest of the resources these young dynamic women have to offer until cancer, disease, chronic illness sets in.

It will be inevitable for the skinny women/athletes to deal with certain disease or the body breaking down due to so much intense pressure on everything. If her marriage and career bank on her beauty and fit physique she will resist all disease and weight gain until died suddenly.

Was there a time where she could quit while she was ahead and regain another type of life?

The painful pressure to be something develops a lifetime of programming the body, mind and spirit becomes used to and will capitalize on and will perform for you and the world, until it is forced to change.

That indicator of change is when the person develops a condition or is in pain and using drugs, etc to take away the pain force hormones to come up.

The moment of truth and the fork in the road is when you either use drugs, surgeries and let your body go to stay in the "game"

or you support the changes with food, release, retention and rest. I mean a lot of rest and everything else in your life will change, as well.

The choices people have now today are, will people die for the life someone else gave them and finish out their contracts and obligations, or will they live to develop the life they could have, that they never knew you could have until they walked through the power of pain and change?

My guess is, many women in the industry of Football and mainstream ways will die for the life that was given them.

Others, like me, will know when to go to bed, rest, bow out of social activities, question everything and still find a way to adapt to the changing world.

Yesterday, I took no naps, because the husband was coming home and I wanted to make him a nice dinner and spend a few hours with him. I did make him dinner and spent time with him and about 7pm or so, I had to go to bed.

After eating a nice air fried mustard brown sugar and spice rub pork chop and air fried potatoes my arms and wrists were starting to hurt. I kissed him good night and went to bed.

I woke up this morning with arm pain, shoulder pain, back pain and then started blowing my nose, blowing my nose and went to the bathroom and low and behold wow, yes one large LONG demon was released and no more pain..

Now mind you the last 3 years I have been protein loading on meat and pork and then drinking so much cream and milk and cheese and only occasionally when I need to balance the chemistry I'll have a cabbage salad with vinegar and olive oil

I know it might seem gross, but the pressure of holding onto "demons" of c r a p is what contributes to cancer, disease and the aging process. And, it is not something you force out with medication or even enemas.

Releasing the demons of disease is a LONG process and you must process all the info that was given to you and forced onto you and take on the jewels and release the trash.

Some people cannot handle the process of change, and others can.

7 years of releasing the waste and taking on all food and new info to me was not easy, and it was painful and it still is "painful" but it is manageable.

Every time the climate changes and the wind blows a different direction, the edits happen, the body feels the need, and I eat, rest, poop, sweat and expect to feel the energy of life.

I am ok with leaving the old programming and now I have the choice to program myself and still be a functioning and contributing member of society.

I knew when to "quit" when I was ahead.. At least now, I do not have to impress "two ladies" or any lady for that matter..

I only need to impress me.

That is evolution for change.

So now I understand why people get back surgery and arm and shoulder surgery because the pain of the body trying to push the waste material through the arteries and capillaries are so painful they have to go and get stuff cut out and redirect.

I will never ever go under the knife for anything I will deal with the pain of retention and release..

But the first thing is to clear the pipes upstairs and downstairs. And then the system, the body, must systematically clear the pipes between the upstairs and the downstairs and you have to be able to assist it by making sure the changes you are doing are supporting that process

The sad thing about all of this is not many people are going to get the chance to get cancer and disease and face the choice of treating it or going a different direction.

Some people, many people are dying suddenly. They're getting turbo cancers and they die days later. Or they get heart attacks and strokes and hopefully if they survive it maybe there's a chance they can redirect but even then that takes a lot of conditioning

Finally the day has come..

I finally was able to sit in a restaurant and walk into grocery stores and even helping my husband find some fish bait without feeling irritated or dizzy or heart palpitations..

After eating breakfast this morning and I made a good breakfast my husband wanted to sit a bit in the morning before we would go out to late lunch early dinner and then do a little bit of shopping

Well my arms and wrists were hurting. So I just laid in the cool bedroom and watched whatever on Netflix and while wrapped in my comforter I felt a nice warmth and then no more pain as if my comforter was raising the temperature to expand my blood vessels and I felt super comfortable and even energetic after feeling that expansion of my blood vessels because of the warmth. I took a tiny nap and then woke up maybe 5 minutes later

My husband came upstairs to take a shower and I knew that was a sign that we were going to go soon and so I said I was going to take a shower and I did and the hot water felt good.

I put on my sunglasses wore a comfortable cool outfit and we went to get the car washed and went to Best Buy and my husband bought a new cover peel off cover for his phone. I felt great.

No dizziness no anything. No head filling up no mucus gathering. And then after that we went and found a place to eat. We sat there and I felt great. I didn't eat all my dinner because it was too hot to eat a lot. But the prime rib was good. Very good.

And then after that we went grocery shopping. And we went to Giant Eagle and I felt wonderful. It was definitely hot.

Discovering how to control the pain of blood vessels expanding and constricting by controlling air and water temperatures is by far one of best realizations yet..

And I think I released many many demons or hatchlings within the last 3 years. Now it's just repairing the damage from those hatchlings

Pain is just the blood vessels constricting while the thick blood is being pushes through and so I must keep the place cool but also know that warmth and growth will happen but also expansion of blood vessels will also happen simultaneously and so I play everything based upon what my body is releasing and replicating and I make sure I release those demons.

Yes, extreme heat can cause blood to thicken, which can lead to blood clots. Dehydration caused by sweating and urination can remove water from the blood, leaving more cells behind and making it thicker and stickier. This can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Drinking water is paramount and understanding the types of foods based upon whar my biochemistry needs at any given moment. It's a minute by minute hour by hour day by day process..

I knew one day I'd be able to sit in a restaurant and go to different places without feeling like I'm going to die or my head fill up and have the hives the next day.. but I cannot be in intensive aggressive heat because it is too much. And with so much diversity out there I am an rh-positive which means probably I take on more than I can release which means I must be aware of the release process. And I make sure I can realease..

The heat causes everything to incubate and then multiply and multiply and multiply and sometimes people have so much that it takes away and takes away and takes away..

I'm finally at a place where I'm not resisting the environment I'm just working with it because the energy of the pain is a huge indicator of what I need to do to release demons expand blood vessels and then know when to constrict them especially when it's cold outside. Especially this winter..

That's why when you're in extreme temperatures your body must be big enough to expand and contract and burn the energy to make sure your body works correctly and then also have enough reserves.. too much resistance causes breakage and not enough resistance cause everything to pool and become chaotic.

My arms feel tight but not too tight and when I do feel the blood vessels constrict, the warmth and a hot shower is a good thing and then you keep eating to reinforce everything so you don't cause breakage regardless if you're expanding or contracting..

Yes I'm eating red meat Pork and I hardly have touched chicken lately unless it's like a chicken salad. Because not only is the body taking on the reserves and releasing demons but I also have to Gene edit based upon whatever nanotechnology was inside of me that is now finally able to fix whatever and release demons.

Biological biophysical Imimmortality is a continuous process Improvement.

Simply by eating all the foods offered in the food supply And I'm not demonizing or super discriminatory, I can develop and convert the food into hormones, bone density, blood and blood vessels, arteries, capillaries, fat and clarity of thought

And if I did have any cancer within or any tumors, the body already dissolved them and I already released that demon

I probably released that demon years ago..

But I'll tell you I earned this day today. I suffered the last 7 years to be able to finally go out to eat and enjoy the time with my husband. It was really nice hanging out with him and even looking for his little favorite fish baits. Laugh out loud and I wasn't annoyed about it. Usually I get very bored in the fish stores. But this time I actually had fun with him

And I have a lot more patience with everything. I don't know how to explain it but I feel really different.. it's kind of nice. My own little Paradise

No hives, or fatigue

I am definitely aware of the energy in the body pushing things through. And when you feel the pain of your blood vessels constricting you need to drink more water because your blood is too thick and go into a cooler place. If it's too cold get under a blanket so you can expand your blood vessels and let the blood run freely through. Be very careful out there in the heat it's very deceiving if you're not aware of what to do and when to go inside.

Too many people stay outside longer than they need to and that's why they're falling apart. My husband has been conditioned for this and he's a man and men have a lot more tolerance for extreme conditions which is why they use a lot of men for slavery and why women were used as mothers and caregivers.

Of course nothing is across the board

Not all men have the tolerance like my husband does to be outside in extreme cold or heat.

But men can also learn how to quit when they're ahead and regain the life they lost but are they willing to go through the pain and suffering of change. Because the environment has changed and so has the genes as people are dying suddenly some genes are getting yanked from the gene pool.

When whole families are eradicated from climate change and all the Therapies many genetics are being yanked from the gene pool. That's why people need to understand how to preserve themselves and that might require a major lifestyle change or else your gene pool will be yanked from the world

All men need to understand that complimenting women on their looks by saying cute or pretty or beautiful well it's time that we don't refer women by their looks.

All women are beautiful. All men are handsome. And everyone has their preferences.. we don't necessarily have to know what your preference is

And all non-binaries are beautiful and handsome and I don't care what you identify as but if I'm in the presence of you and you happen to want to be called a certain name with certain pronouns I will respect your request. Because you're still human. Even though you identify as something else. Politeness will take everyone so much further than resisting anyone or anything..

If people are not hurting anyone I have no issue with honoring their request what they want to be called.

Now when you're in the public school system. Kids will be around so much diversity and one must be tolerant and that will be up to the parents to figure out what they want to expose their children to. And that's kind of how everything goes..

The danger of not exposing your children to certain diversity is then they will become dangerous because they will think they need to destroy something different. But again I can't be the one to impose what any family introduces to their children so I just stay out of people's families and how they raise their kids and just make my observations from far away.

That's why I don't have kids. I'm not going down that road of trying to figure out the best way to raise them. Because it's a battle either way.

As far as public bathrooms. I don't know. That's why I don't have kids. I will not be battling this type of battle with adults and gender and children and social constructs. It's a no win situation

Main takeaway

The act of pressure building and pressure release is never something you expedite or force to happen

It is something systematic that you must respond to your body versus you forcing your body to do something

Your body is tired of being raped through the therapies and surgeries.

Now you must understand how to condition the upper and lower immune system or upper and lower body to take on pressure and release it. And I can't tell you how to do it you will figure it out or you won't. Most will not be able to figure it out because they can't even fathom understanding their body their mind or their spirit. The system has to go in to other orifices and force things to happen until it can't happen anymore

And when you are stuck with a CNA digging your s*** out because you can never do it yourself that's when you're too far gone. When you're in a nursing home having some stranger dig out your crap so you can survive another day of suffering.

That's why died suddenly will be a blessing to those who don't want to endure another suffering

Eventually when people take all their stool softeners and laxatives they will f*** up their system even more

Even doing so much Jay juice will cure that s*** inside of you until it's ready to literally release pressure and you don't survive energy conversion

You have to condition to survive it doesn't come magically

climate change and aggressive heat will either "cure" the demons in your colon, causing constipation (lack of hunger) or develop so much diverse life incubating trillions of colonies of disease/obesity.

It so important to understand the power of temperatures in your house and outside..

cold constricts blood vessels causing pain sometimes and heart attacks, and the heat expands them, causing growth and a burst of energy.. heart attacks..

the more sober you are the more you can listen for indicators and do what is necessary using water temperatures to expand/contract all canals/blood vessels..

During this segment of my own gene editing process, when my arms, shoulders, wrists and hands and back are in pain, after pooping I will take warmer than usual showers and it opens up my pores, relaxes my blood vessels and sometimes demons do get released... I never do baths or swim in pools, nowadays..

People are building up so much pressure in their body that when it does release, it is died suddenly or the "slow" then fast release of pressure is also a died suddenly event..

I understand the pressure of biological thermodynamics and how the system uses heat and cold to stress out your immune system.. You are the one who must understand how the system is doing it and become strategic in your survival..

Now you see why ALL food is important? The Meat (all meat) the milk, the cheese, the eggs, the carbs, the gluten, the sugar, the salt and the cabbage and fruits and even the processed foods are so important to rebuild and release the "demons" of disease and cancer.

The skinnier you are, chances are you are "demons" of disease of anger and other conditions (not meant to be mean lol), and the larger you are, the more diverse demons you are incubating fighting wars in your body..

The more aged you are, the demons who won are eating you out from the inside causing infrastructure breakdown and intolerance.

The more narrowminded you are, chances are that one demon or unit of demons you hold within are making sure you keep them alive, not you, over time.

Which is why it will be hard for children to come up in a world crawling with demons...

This info is not to scare you or come off like I am an asshole, it is to remind you, you hold the demons of projection in, and those "demons" will blind you or make you see what they want you to see until you give yourself the gift of sight and battle those demons and I hope you win.. If not, death is when the demons of disease won.


And by the way holding on to Demons of crap is what develops sexual reproduction. That's the incubus and the succubus.

The programming in your crap develops your sexual reproduction and then develops a signals for you to go and find a mate and screw and have a child and then also cancer and disease

That's why I release the demons. I'm not turning into an incubus or succubus or providing a space for Incubus or succubus

And can't force those demons out it must be done systematically through a process that most people don't have the patience for or have the lifestyle for

They called me a poop cult for a reason.. yes it was pejorative and mean spirited bu I understand the power of feces and it could destroy you or make you and right now people's s*** is destroying them

Some people's crap is giving them intellectual capability until the wind blows and they have to change. You can still keep the power of intellectual ability but your vital organs need to be updated and many people are holding on to old old programming. Which is why they're dying suddenly

At some point you have to change out the programming and it's a long f****** process.. and many will not survive the process..

South Park knew the power of Mr Hankey

tight bodies during climate change develop such resistance causing breakage.. why do you think athletes are dying on the field.. too much life/growth and then muscle resistance and very little fat = died suddenly

universally, gpm, or growth per minute could be too much for the conditions.

you could have not enough resistance or too much fat and have breakage, or too much resistance, not enough fat..

excessive growth per minute is deadly during climate change.

growth comes from the diversity in your social/occupational endeavors coupled with feeding the growth, because you need food, and then the heat and cold relative to the situation can cause massive replication in the microbes and the cold can constrict blood vessels.. died suddenly..

so imagine, it is hot outside and then super cold inside, that climate change could also be deadly to those dealing with conditions.

they say keep your thermostat at 82, but excessive growth can also cause death.. but excessive going into extreme conditions like the heat outside and cold inside could also be deadly..

constantly going in and out of the heat/cold is taxing people's immune systems and then climate change changing from heat/cold tornadoes, etc is also taxing people and then their predisposed issues are compounded by their lifestyle..

If you're going to be an outside person you better be feeding for that heat and getting cool occasionally without so cold that you constrict blood vessels. If you're going to be inside then only go outside occasionally so you can get the growth but not the constriction

And no matter what everything is going to wake up in your immune system. You really have to manage your environment personally. You have to know how everything affects your blood vessels and the rate of growth in your body of Mind and Spirit

And then the pain of the body adjusting is what you must manage to save your life or eventually it will take away your life. The genius is understanding how to manage everything minute by minute. And understand every indicator in the world. And you have to be sober and clean to do that. Or else you're under the influence of something else telling you what it wants not what you need

hypocrisy is a strength to understand both/all sides of any argument and lifestyle/belief/politics/religion/sciences but NOT condemning people for what you are also doing yourself..

To understand how to you use hypocrisy as a strength is to also acknowledge and be contrite about your part in the pain and suffering of humanity and also the endless death and destruction of humans and society.

Hypocrisy is also the magic when used correctly.

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