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You Can Actually Be a Genius Without Being a Sex Offender, Not Dying from Either

You can actually be a genius without being a sex offender Not dying from either..

The world is full of geniuses and sex offenders and genius sex offenders..

You have a chance to redirect..

You can actually be a genius without being a sex offender..

Remember the system programmed you to be this way.. The system programmed you and then you chose to take on and sustain the programming.. Now you can get rid of those demons.. But you must understand what it takes..

Unless you redirect.. Your children will be little geniuses who die anyways..or they might become sex offenders who die anyways as victims..

And there are different degrees to genius and sex offense..

You have the power to choose now..

You parents have the chance to redirect the future of yourself and your children..

Just because your kids are performing excellent academics at such a young age.. And you're doing the best you can to get them into the programs earlier and earlier.. So the system can take their resources earlier and earlier... What will happen to them when they're twenty and thirty.

When you see athletes die on the field in high school.. It means they realized their potential way early on. And maybe they won't survive their twenties and thirties .

Because they realized their potential earlier because the environment was that aggressive as well as the remedies .. People are so desperate for success.. They sell their soul .. They sell out their own children.

Maybe it's time to slow down.. When you have to keep up with your friends and family and with your neighbors.. You will sell yourself to the nearest bitter/bidder..

A bitters (plural also bitters) is traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavored with botanical matter for a bitter or bittersweet flavor. Originally, numerous longstanding brands of bitters were developed as patent medicines, but now are sold as digestifs, sometimes with herbal properties, and as cocktail flavorings.

When Imhotep was the first physician and architect and engineer before twenty.. And you think you're grooming little geniuses out there and pretty girls and boys..

Will they survive their thirties and forties.. Will they survive their twenties.. You're not looking far enough ahead in the future mom and dad.. You're too busy worrying about today..

What happens to you and your children twenty years from now..

Did you really prepare your children for the future . Or are you like the system just taking their resources now. If you think the enemy is out there like a democrat, republican or some religious or atheist person... Maybe you're the enemy to your friends and family.. Maybe you're the one that's destroying their ability to change and evolve and save themselves..

Maybe you're the one that refuses to give them the options. Because you can't do it so you say.. Maybe you're the one that's destroying your own children..

It's not the government

maybe it's you... Maybe it's you that refuse to help your friends go through the process of releasing and feeling the pain and helping them if you can.. I don't mean that monetarily.. I mean that supporting somebody spiritually by saying they can survive..

Maybe you're the one that's reinforcing and imposing the death sentences that was imposed on you on to them..

Maybe you refuse to set up your life and change to help the people that want to change.

Maybe you're the wife and the husband that refuses to modify the lifestyle so that person can save themselves.. Maybe you backed your significant other in a corner financially..

Maybe you refused to find a way.. Some people need help.. I'm not talking about monetarily.. I'm not even talking about giving them remedies.. Will you cook for your friends.. Who can't walk.. But there are in the process of releasing demons.. Will you make sure your friends have food in their house with the money that they give you to help them making sure they can be okay if they want to release the demons.

Or are you constantly trying to get them to go party with you.. Giving then remedies and surgeries.. Telling them they shouldn't change..

Maybe you're the one that's doing that to your family..

Maybe you are the destroyer in your family and friends.. Maybe you are the one.. Not the government

Maybe you're the one that's punishing your children for what you have done. And what your ancestors should have done to you.

Maybe you are the karma to your children and they are the karma to you..

Maybe the families are punishing each other for what the ancestors have done to society..

If you can't even look at what you have done to your children and what they are doing to others.. You will always blame the government.. You will always blame someone or say that someone saved you from something..

You will never take personal accountability..

Now look at your facebook. If you think there's a bunch of pedophiles in the government.. Why don't you go and look in your community.. Do you know how many pedophiles are all over your community..

Do you realize how prevalent sexual abuse is when it has to with children. You don't even need your government to blame when we have produced sexual predators in our environment.. It happens in families and in neighborhoods.. Strangers grooming parents..

You don't even need to blame the republicans or the democrats.. It's in your community..

I think now it's time for humans to take a look at what they are producing in this world..

Because when you live on fertility and altering your immune system with so many different drugs.. Guess what you're producing.. All those herbal remedies and concoctions f*** up your immune system and then guess what? It gets passed down to your offspring.


That's what you're producing when you keep trying to silence your children's immune systems. And your own immune system.. You get aggressive fertility and victims and most of all..


And now you want your kids to be sexual all over face book beckoning the predators ... You want your young girls to be a target.. For all the predators out there.. Are you fucking kidding me..

You want to turn your daughter into a wife and mother? To be brutalized by some predator who looks good on paper.

Are you fucking kidding me.

You want to turn your sons into some slave to some woman. Who will eat him alive.. Are you fucking kidding me..

Let me tell you.. The power of sexual urges is like a spell. And some people don't even know who they are when they're doing whatever they're doing, they're just acting on their hormones and programming.

We, as humans have done this to our children who turn into adults who don't understand their hormonal urges.. They don't have control over them.. And when they're shown that it's wrong, they do the best to keep it inside, but I'll tell you. It's a f****** Battle for some people...

We did this to our kids.. We treat women and men like sexual objects.. We did this to our children.. And now we have adults who are suffering astronomically... And you have the gall to blame the fucking government..

You bought your kids playboy.. You let them watch all the movies that are so suggestive . You allowed yourself to be tempted by the fucked up society we live in..

That's why these girls are victims and targets as well as boys.. Because we did this to our kids. We did this to our children

Religious people, make it okay, so they say get married and have a baby.. And now you have credibility.. The mother is still suffering. The children are suffering.. The fathers are suffering..

Even many religious people can be sex offenders.. But nobody wants to talk about that..

When's it going to fucking end humans.. When you stop sexualizing everything..

And most of all, when you stop sexualizing your daughters and sons and selling them on fucking facebook. Advertising how beautiful your children are is just making them a target.. And then they become shallow.. And then victimized because they think that's what it's supposed to be..

All with your blessing..

That's why these kids don't stand a chance.. And that's why there's only fans.. And instagram..

What are these kids going to do when they have no future . They sell their body.. They sell their soul. This couple clipped their children's wings.. That's what's so unfortunate for these grandchildren out there.. Grandma and mother don't have what it takes to actually raise a fucking child in this world.. That kid was set up to fail.

Many children are set up to fail..

And of course all the antibiotics and surgeries also clipped these children's wings..

Some kids will be programmed Academically temporarily.. Until their predisposed issues kick in..

That's why the system wants to program your children.. Because look at the kind of parents out there.. Don't want to stress their kid out.. Afraid of food.. Completely intolerant to diversity.. And even the parent is so stressed out about the world. They can not even handle the world they live in..

They have to protect themselves from everything.. While simultaneously starving themselves because they think food is poison And grandma has a huge hand in it.. And of course she doesn't give a shit because she's going to die anyways.. And take her whole family down with her.

How many grandma's out there in the jay world already said they're going to die someday.. Already told their daughters and sons that all the food was poisoned.. Eat only organic. How many grandma's in the jay world already set up their family to fail You know who you are..

How many of you are recommending your children and grandchildren, natural remedies, and herbal remedies and supplements.

You know you fell off the j world wagon.. Cause you couldn't handle the pain.. You couldn't handle the stress . You couldn't handle the change and you were so desperate for your family. To follow you over the cliff.. And since they have no one else to listen to but you.. You clipped their wings a long time ago. You're to blame . If you're gonna blame anyone. Blame the matriarchs AND the patriarchs of all families.

They set the tone..

That's why the government wants YOUR children..

Since you really don't care what the future is for them.. It's all about intolerance.. And gallivanting..

And so the system will program your kids at a very early age.. Take their resources and then you will feed them all the antibiotics and surgeries.. And of course, you won't stress your kids out because they won't have what it takes to deal with stress.

At least if you condition them to deal with stress and symptoms and teach them how to release those demons.. And feed them all food.. And help them get over all the fucking allergies without using antibiotics.. And actually give a shit and take the time.. Instead of chasing your fucking dreams.. They might actually stand a fucking chance.

The programming of the system could give them a future and you could give them a future.. working hand in hand with the government..

But if you can't even work together with your government, give your kids half a f****** chance. You will blame the government for destroying your kids when you never gave them the platform to begin with. Your kids never stood a chance because you were too afraid of everything..

That's what the future is about infertility.. The future is not enslaving your fellow man to work forty plus hours a week and crack the whip on your friends and family. That was the old world.. When you were shaming people into working life like a fucking dog.. Working your animals to death.. Like those horses in new york city forced to work for all the tourists.. Like those animals in the zoos who could be out there roaming free if they weren't injured.. Some animals die in captivity.. Some are able to be set free.

When you keep so many people in your world in a stable, forcing them to work for you. You are a slave owner.. When you purposely don't set your kids free so they can spread their wings.. But also you had to give them an amazing foundation so their wings could fly. Or did you clip your kid's wings way before that even knew how to fly.

We are entering into freedom.. Many people have not earned their freedom. They don't even know to do with the life they have.. Oklahoma, 1939... Children of agricultural day laborer who was picking up potatoes. The father, an oil field worker, had deserted the family. The shack was near Vian, Oklahoma...

Source Farm Security Administration (Russell Lee photographer)

Probably why the system needs to program the children.. to become amazing adults in the future, when all the conditions are right.

Questions you need to ask yourself.. What are you programming your children for and what are you programming your children to do.. And in the future, becoming a wife and a mother may not be in people's cards..

How will you give your kids an amazing future without looking for prince charming.. Or princess charming..

Infertility is the future.. The future is immortality.. That's the new wave of the future..

Or you become a drone and die a drone..

When fertility was in.. Immortality was out..

If immortality is in.. Fertility is out..

What's the future for your offspring..? Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879.

If large amounts of money is a is equated to intellectual capability.. The "poor" will always feel like they're stupid..

What they're saying is if you have a dollar, you will worship someone with a dollar fifty..

Does that really make sense.. cents..

If it's all about money to you.. You will always be poor.. And potentially even intellectually incapable.. When the system has weaponized your friends and family and cohorts against your longevity..

The war you are fighting is in your house.. It's in your lifestyle.. It's even in your body..

The war is not out there though it could be if you foolishly engage yourself outside of your home..

The war is trying to survive your lifestyle.. Your friends and your family..

That's the war you are up against.

Don't hate the players.. Hate the game..

Because if you don't learn the game.. You will always lose the war.

Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

Survivorship tells you everything..

Just make sure you are a hundred percent accountable giving people around you choices and you don't take advantage of their position..

In my opinion.. Everyone should have wiggle room.. Don't ever ever paint yourself or anyone in a corner.. Always give yourself options.. And give the people you respect the most plenty of options..

Everything they do must be their choice.. I don't believe in enslaving anyone.. That's why when you become a bean counter.. You figure out where you're responsible..

sur·vi·vor·ship google the definition of survivorship

The moral to the story here..

Defend yourself without provocation.. WAR!! is all about defending your position even if you did not witness the "first" provocation..

Many of your children are not prepared to fight the war inside of their bodies..

which is why I say, parents must find ways to save themselves. If possible..

the war is brutal.. and the groundwork of warriors against your internal body, mind and spirit was developed more than 6k years ago from your ancestors..

if you believe you should die someday or feel the need to take away your internal pain and suffering and take away the pain and suffering from others..

you already lost the war..

remember that.. the war starts in your mind..and in your beliefs.. manifesting into lifestyles and cultures and politics, religion and science dogmas..

we are in the age of lessons..

all of us are being taught a lesson... i mean all of us..

we have choices now.. and we did not have them before.. and now, and now, we do..

our parents and loved ones who have died in prior battles, whatever they are, are teaching us lessons.. if we can open our eyes..and learn from the lessons..

i'm sorry if my info offends many of you..

i just hope you all survive your beliefs..

Honor all the "opponents" in your world..

They are the lessons.

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