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You Can Change the IF-THEN Biological Programming

the accelerated particles during climate change has accelerated the rate of protein replication when your body is exposed to a specific algorithm.. that is why there are fast moving cancers... and autoimmune disorders.. that is why people are NOT coming back from diagnosable conditions


climate change is particle acceleration/harp/cern etc etc etc to ONLY blame the V's is asinine.. understand why the vees are fast moving protection that people get diagnosable conditions..

which is why eating and releasing effectively and feel the phucking pain to get ahead.. if NOT.. smh

We were bred to be wild.. We were bred to act like the wild kingdom.. We were not bred for true civility. We were bred as human experiments..

Now you have a chance to be of higher intelligence and release the old if then programming.. True and false is all relative to perception. Intention and out come

The syntax of IF-THEN is =IF(logic test,value if true,value if false). The first argument tells the function what to do if the comparison is true. The second argument tells the function what to do if the comparison is false. Mar 27, 2022 As kevin johnson would say at saint hope..

There are no shortcuts in life


I think a lot about the world.. In the world of getting caught in the loop of suffering constantly.. The commodification of intentionally causing suffering and then ending something's suffering.. And that is a billion trillion dollar business..

If you're going to breed a dog you're forced to take care of it and all puppies, not sell them.

If you don't take care of that dog and all puppies you brought into the world then you go to jail..

But if you are a bad owner relative to the laws you will also go to jail. Does neutering and spaying them cause suffering. Yes.. That's trauma to the body..

If you can't take care of a dog and all the puppies you let come into existence. It will go to a sanctuary and if you're caught with any more animals you will go to jail.. furever

Breeding any animal for profit in this society with so many suffering and homeless animals and humans..

It's f***** it's all f*****

And my opinion I think we should have animal sanctuaries.. Around the clock staff to take care of them.. And we don't adopt them out..

Unless you can prove you are a forever human to take care of a forever dog cat etc .. But forever dogs will not be in temporary shelters or sanctuaries.. Only the wild dogs..

Forever animals most likely will not drop seeds eggs.. Because the animal will be the best copy In controlled conditions..

It would not be made to be bred over and over again.. Like in the wild.. Wild animals wild humans.. I think we were bred to be wild.. Look at our society today.. We're dealing with caveman and women..

And everyone taking care of forever dogs should be screened.. And if they are forever dogs they live forever.. Which means breeding will be very controlled.. Left only up to biotech..

The animal sanctuaries are for the temp animals. Forever animals will be placed with forever humans.

And so the animal sanctuaries for temp animals will be staffed around the clock to deal with the death and dying of that animal and keep them separate so they don't reproduce.. Putting all the males in one place and putting all the females in another place.. So you don't have to cause trauma to the body b taking away their reproductive system.

IF The humans are temporary.. No animal should deal with a temporary human taking care of them.. Because that human may not be responsible.. Or around long enough to take care of that animal.. And when the temporary humans break down and the animal pays for it.. The animal suffers because that human is breaking down..

That is also the dangers of putting temporary humans with a forever dog..

When a human starts breaking down with a forever dog they could potentially hurt that dog/cat and cause trauma and then cause other issues..

And then the human deals with that trauma with antibiotics and other things that will hurt the dog over time..

Then that dog/cat suffers.. While the human suffers.. And they are both breaking down.. And the dog/cat gets out and reproduces..

That's why we're in this mess.. But it was also probably intentional..

When humans stop breaking down they could be an excellent caretaker to the world.. And to the animals they take care of..

That's the new world in my opinion..

And if you have a child or baby you should not have animals..

Because the animal will take a back seat..

And just become a commodity and disposable and the honeymoon period will be over..

You know the kid will get tired of taking care of that animal..

It happens all the time. Kids cannot even take care of themselves. Much less the parents, because animals require a lot more than that child or that family can give to that dog.. Taking care of my dog was a full time job..

It was a twenty four hour seven day a week venture.. And my dog never got out and no one ever had to retrieve her from the shelter at any point in the eight years I had her..

When the climate change everything got f***** u*.. She was bred to be a temporary dog and I am a forever human.. It was not a match over time.. She was not made to evolve with me..

That's why everything is f***** u* with this transition. Which is why I want no part of the death world if I can help it...

There's so many things I want to change in this world.. But I can't change the world I can only change myself.. And hopefully science will catch up

But jillian what about those who need a companionship and both are temporary..

With any transition there is mass amounts of suffering.. That's the horror of evolution. It's very uncomfortable when you wake up to the horrors of what you signed up for And was born into.

Yea, that will be the suffering in this world..

But we aim to stop that intentional suffering..

Or those who choose to suffer will be on an island somewhere else..

But when the forever people get tired of watching all that suffering.. They get tired of watching all the death and destruction and deterioration and abuse and rampant drugs and medicine used on living things.. They will get tired of the commodification of life and the lack of respect for life..

Eventually they will want to stop suffering and stop the suffering of animals being bred over and over and over and over again

Eventually everyone will get tired of saving things that are purposely being brought into existence to suffer and be commodified for capitalism..

Eventually people will wake up to how destructive the veterinary system is because of breeding and overbreeding warranting crazy f****** surgeries

Eventually people will stop having children who will become homeless ADULTS in the future mentally ill full of issues on the streets..

The people who have animals today eventually when they pass away stop buying new animals..

You are supporting the suffering of animals by buying animals all the time or giving them away.. for others to breed..

Buying any animal or adopting any animal today supports the black market and the breeding of animals backyard breeding all kinds of breeding

Humanity literally has to change the way they do things so they deserve to have a forever animal that will be forever..

Not just a conversation piece or a cute thing.. To be in deep relationships with whatever is forever.. But given i'm in a world of death and i'm a person of life..

My suffering is dealing with the inevitable deterioration of loved ones so if I can mitigate that much death close to me. I'm going to do that..

I have the relationships in my world I can handle passing away if they choose..

Animals don't choose to be in this world..

Somebody bred them and brought them into existence for capital for money.. And they had no intention of taking care of them..

Children do not ask to be in this world.. They were either an accident.. Or they were planned.. Or they were by product of a temporary relationship..

I know people run pet stores orphanages and zoos.. Eventually that will even go to the wayside at some point..

The downfall of any society is the deterioration process of the human and the animal..

In the wild how do you control Reproduction.. That's the circle of life..

Humans can control the circle In their life.. They don't have to act like wild animals..

But we have to bring humans up to an adult level.. And right now the world is full of children having children breeding children

Right now during this transition process we could have forever humans taking care of temporary animals because they're dealing with f***** u* genetics giving these animals a good life until they die..

I couldn't do it but I give you props if you could do it and it doesn't get to you..

In my opinion I would rather have forever humans taken care of temporary animals until we stop developing temporary animals.. But that would mean we'd have to have more forever humans than temporary humans.. Or else were just again, supporting the commodification of animals for the temporary people.. To make a quick buck And escape responsibility.. That gets old..

I get tired of taking care if other people's kids and animals.. The world will also get tired of that as well if not already.. Ykw Is you know what.. Meaning v a x

When people still hold IF-THEN programming from an old world from an old environment before climate change..

And then the climate changes and they don't change their lifestyle or belief systems..

They won't survive.. That's why you're seeing so many people drop like flies..

You must have substance to you so when you blow your nose and sneeze and poop. You have something to release the demons and also keep on reserve.. You must develop mucus protein carrier forces to carry out the excessive particles in The atmosphere..

That's why you have to release and feel sick especially if it's really aggressive.. Like it is right now with all of this haze from the canadian wildfires..

That's why you can't afford to starve yourself or be really skinny in this environment. You need the extra substance.. That's your insurance policy.. And you need to eat..

everything can be simplified down to computer codes/characters/ and strategically developed syntax..

if you choose ignorance, the easier it will be to control you..

Microsoft Excel allows you to perform IF-THEN equations strategically developed scripts for specific algorithms.

That's also another brain washing.. That's programming documents people proteins and machines

When you're using positive and Negative reinforcement.. That's programming people.

That's behavior modification... That's protein behavior modification..

That's all f****** religions all science and definitely all politics

And then parents brainwash their children And animals into destruction.

Yeah once you give your time to the system you could potentially release the programming if you survive..

But if you're a h*** of skinny or extremely obese it will be a process.. If you are resisting change for f****** get it.. If you resist change at all

forget it.. You won't have what it takes.

I hope you survive

Trigger warning.. I will be offensive.. I am offensive towards the end of this post..

simple uncomplex proteins in a petri dish you can probably attribute correlation = causation..

You are 69 trillion microbes with infrastructure made up of infinite proteins..

It is NOT that simple.. You are far more complex and adaptable than led to believe.. That's why dropping the correlation equals causation is paramount to those who want to be complex and adaptable..

The system of control using you has made many people extremely simple and so to them, correlation will equal causation, and potentially those who are skinny might experience that concept, but those who have more substance, do not need to starve yourself to make that concept be "relatively" true..

however, you are far more complex than you even know..

bring on the substance, and then you have the power..

big/obese are all relative to so DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF AND CATER TO THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR BECAUSE that person has issues with food.. Relatively balanced people listen to skinny phucks taking health advice from them thus starving the relatively balanced people and i phucking hate that..

sorry.. skinny phucks, please gain weight and stop giving health advice to people with substance such as starving them..

phucking stop it.

it is like a type O person taking advice from a blood type A/B person.. ARGHHH..


IM animated right now because my hubby was mentioning fasting listening to some phucked up holistic dude ON TICK TOCK and I WILL BE DAMNED IF SOME trendy skinny ponytail wearing GURU WILL STARVE MY HUSBAND.

HE OR ANYONE in his job and in this environment can NOT afford to phucking starve themselves, at all..


take a shit if you need to rejuvenate your cells..


i let my hubby know how dangerous that is, but he will choose.

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