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You can't afford to be cured in a dynamic ENVIRONMENT

You can't afford to be cured in a dynamic ENVIRONMENT

People who sold you pain free lifestyles set you up to fail..

Next week when people drop like flies.. Remember my words if you are a survivor and you ARE suffering.

You can continue to resist and treat disease and then die suddenly.. Or learn from the people around you who did not survive climate change.

You couldn't resist pain and suffering and you had to eat all food.. And you had to stay away from diverse people.

Next week all of us will be forced to learn the hard lessons..

We did it to ourselves..

I gave you the science but you decided your social life and bullshit was more important than science.

I did try to warn you many times.. It's all about physics and chemistry.. And biochemistry..

You couldn't get away with your lifestyle without paying the piper.. Pain and suffering.. Or die suddenly.

I paid for it the last three years . I stayed home and stayed safe. And I was in pain the last three years..

And I treated no disease..

I was in pain the last three years.. I gave up

social occasions..

I barely traveled if at all..

I was in pain and paid the price for being out there..

I was in pain and it was a lesson.. I was in pain.

I'm sorry you weren't..

Again, you couldn't get away with being pain free and cured in this dynamic environment..

And that should have been a clue to you when you didn't feel anything. And you still hung out with your friends and family. And you didn't cut down your lifestyle ..

You would eventually have to pay the piper..

The laws of thermodynamics aka ENTROPY, says you can't be cured in a dynamic environment and escape death suffering and potentially died suddenly..

And if you felt nothing and you feel nothing.. And you're always looking for the latest cure .

You will pay the piper.

You're always in DEFICIT.. The more your body reproduces microbes , AND KIDS the more in deficIt you will be , especially when you are malnourished with food allergies.. always taking remedies around diverse people..

Hanging out with people takes away from your resource.. Causing more deficiency..

You had to take on more resources and release diverse microbes through food and water and air.. not your friends family and animals..

They are causing your body to reproduce more microbes taking away from your principle.. Until 1 day you pop..

Pain and suffering is like labor pain.. Your body's trying to push out the offspring that you're trying to hold in.. like holding a baby in your belly beyond its term..

You couldn't afford to be around so much diverse people in a dynamic environment..

That's why I know many of you who are gallivanting in the j world entertaining everyone and their mother..

You are developing the ultimate microbial baby.. And that baby will want to be free and it will destroy you.

Before everyone blames the air food and water.. I told you how to deal with pain and suffering at home.. And take on the public a little at a time as your release..

Pretty soon you'll be forced to be at home and I hope you survive it.. Because you will be in mass amounts of pain..

You were warned to stay home and stay safe.. And it was up to you how you treat disease.

people who did NOT feel a thing in the J world the last few years/months/days think they are magically healed..

nope.. you just were given a "reprieve" and not subjected to the harsher ULF we in Ohio and other places have been subjected to...but then again, most people in Ohio are built like brick shit houses, but the ones who died were smaller fighting conditions..and I am small, but not fighting disease, I am feeding it, here..

that is why I could not understand you going out to dinner, traveling, flying on airplanes, hanging out with people, places and things..

like Canadian people in the J world.. you are not healed,... the system set you up....

i cannot understand how you do not feel a thing.. how you are still "functioning" and gallivanting around like nothing is going on..

i was confused.. but now.. not so much anymore...

ULF is different everywhere... once you actually feel how aggressive ULF can be..

o m g.

and I am NOT doing the JJ at all..

and every time I hung out with people, I blew up and had hives and felt like complete shit afterwards.. which has also confused me those in Canada and other places how you do not feel a damn thing hanging out with diverse company.. you are taking on microbes that ONLY sickness of release could potentially give you some relief, but then your whole lifestyle would change.. you would stop hanging out with people and traveling..

asymptomatic people in the j world hanging out with people now are being set up for a major fall, just like those who are NOT even in the Jworld..


You had to be punished through sickness being around diverse company..

If you don't learn how to stay home and stay safe through sickness and evolution.. Eventually you will. You might not even survive it..

Every single time I went out I was punished with sickness and evolution and hives and pain and suffering..

Because i'm always taking on somebody else's microbes all the time.. Animals.. Children.. Customers.. Clients.. Friends and family.

Everybody in the j world should have activated their immune system.. But I think many have put their immune system BACK to sleep..

If you're not being punished hanging out with diverse company..

Eventually you will be and you may not survive it .

You'll have to pay the Piper, and it might be with your life.

And that's what i'm afraid of for most of you.

You had to condition for change and that included major pain and suffering.. And you're not special.. You couldnt escape being around diverse people and not feel the pain of release..

Because once you feel the pain of release of being around people.. You'll stop hanging out with people and traveling and And skipping around like nothing exist.. Thinking that you're immune to everything..

Oh no einstein you're not.. Once the climate changes all bets are off.. Which is why many of you are suffering looking for another fucking remedy or operation. That's not a coincidence.

Being around people develops offspring and microbes.. And your body wants to eventually push them out.. But people don't let their body push it out.. They remedy away their pain and suffering.That's why they're out there.They haven't learned their lesson.

The great fall when people put their immune system to sleep and refuse to feel pain and suffering.. And it's the invisible war that you're not aware of.. Because once the climate shifts.. Those CFUs get activated very fast and they burst blood vessels. Colony forming units..

You couldn't treat your pain of suffering the same way you did before..

You had to face it and feel it and condition for it..

I hope you're ready for pain and suffering.. Most of you are not.. Even the early ADOPTERS

You guys.

Put your immune system back to sleep.. So if you happen to pass away this year.. It wasn't from the j juice.

You couldn't feel pain and suffering and your body rebelled against you. You didn't condition for release.

You never.

Learned your lesson.. You thought you were better than everybody else.. You still hung out with people.. You still took your remedies . You even used jay juice to stop your body from releasing.

You had and have no capacity for pain. And pain is the lesson of public exposure..

I tried to fucking warn you..

You had to stop using j j.. Even the remedies.. And you had to stay home and stay safe.. You had to change your lifestyle..

You couldn't be exposed to diverse people.. And survive it in the long run..

Your kids couldn't be exposed to diverse People and survive in the long run..

They hold just as many diverse microbes that you hold and will their body be able to handle a forced release process during a major frequency change..

You guys keep posting all the places you go to and travel around..

Setting yourself up for a major fall.. bragging to everyone how you have a great life and we should be lucky and envious of your lifestyle and the food you're eating..

I tried to warn you.. I stayed home and stayed safe the last three freaking years. I understand going to work.

But many of you are just playing around out there. Skipping around like nothing is going on..

So this year when people die because of that frequency change and they're in the jay world.. And they've been around so many people.. traveling.. Drinking.. Doing drugs.

I don't care what you blamed it on.. I don't care what people blame it on.

But i've been staying home and staying safe the last three years.. I'm on no drugs. I have not drink a drop of alcohol. I dont treat any disease..

And I stayed home..

I stayed home..

I stayed home.

I stayed home.

I stayed home

I stayed home

I ate all food..

I felt the pain of release.

I can't imagine you didn't feel a damn thing.. Maybe you are not lucky enough to get the ULF frequency that I did..

And so if you didn't feel it physically.. Then intellectually should have understood offspring.. Microbes..

I don't know , maybe you were never meant to get it.. Maybe this system released just enough information for you to get it at the last minute when it's too late.

When we are faced with our choices of what we've made the last three years..

That's what I feel for you and your children.. The fall will be so great..

And so the j world was also another major experiment for the architects.. And they were watching all of you how you reacted to disease.. And they gave you pleasure and paradise and painfree lifestyle.. You thought you were healed.. No you were cured for a minute..

No you were being set up..

Major set up..

When that time comes for you to pay the piper for your lifestyle and belief system.. And you hang it out with diverse people . And animals and children and everything else

I seriously hope you survive . Because it will be extremely painful.

Welcome to the new world order..

I tried to fucking warn you.. I don't

understand how you could be traveling and hanging out with people and not be punished for it..

Because the system didn't let you get punished for your lifestyle until they were ready for you to be punished.. And chances are you may not survive it..

I just hope you do.

Just remember.. Salt is not poison.. Cabbage is not poison.. Water is not poison.. The air food and water is not poison..

You couldn't handle the diverse microbes forced out of your body during climate change..

You could not condition yourself or your family for pain and suffer.. And you didn't stay home and stay safe. Because either you couldn't afford to.. Or you were not conditioned to Or you didn't see danger for what it was.

Microbes are not dangerous.. But when they are influenced and catalyzed by aggressive ultra low frequency , they become dangerous and aggressive..

That's what you never understood..

Which is why expect to have heart attacks and strokes and people shit in their pants and throwing up .

And died suddenly . Expect that next week

it is your immune system that what will be the "enemy" or "savior" to you..

cfu or colony forming units of microbes in the body are little "time bom'bs" that will get activated by ULF .. and some won't survive..

every time you treat disease, it develops more opposing cfu's in your body to activate when the system flips the switch..

that is why many of you have NOT felt what I felt the last few years.. the system did not give you the luxury to feel stuff, lest you fall over dead right then and there.. so the system is waiting for an event that you are NOT prepared for.. lulled under a false sense of security and then the hammer goes down..

omg.. which was why I have been so confused as to why many of you are still traveling and hanging out with people planning for the future completely oblivious to the reality...

when you feel shit.. you understand how much danger people are in..

when you feel nothing.. it is like being "dead".. walking into died suddenly..

that is why I am mad at many of you for NOT feeling stuff.. i am mad at many of you for traveling and eating out and hanging out in large groups and gatherings.. you are being set up..

and i see it.. and I am MAD at your for not seeing it.. i am mad at you for setting yourself up for a great fall..

i am mad at your love love love toxic positive bs..

yes.. i am mad at your drug use.. and cannabis use claiming how peaceful you are but doing drugs..

yeah.. im mad at many humans..

i will get over it.. and i am still mad at you for being so blind..

nothing i can do.. but i will still be mad at the outcomes..

im' ready for more pain.. and I can handle it.. and I know many cannot handle it..

that is why i am mad..

i am mad I won't see you on fb again.. i am mad and scared for all of you.

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