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You cannot practice medicine or behavior modification without a license

Remember you cannot practice medicine or give therapies and remedies and recommend behavior modification tactics without a license..

Beauty and sex has been weaponized...

i remember intense feelings as a child.. very intense.. and that is NOT organic.. that is programmed.. am i mad or upset.. nope.. it led to the J world.. and I released the demons..finally grew up.. lol you can see the programming in pictures of me in the 90s.. i was gorgeous.. that was the programming...and then the programming eventually wore off.. I am not ugly, but I also am not selling sex and love, either.. I am selling intelligence and longevity..and hard work.

I discovered a way to counteract the programming of weaponizing beauty, sex and love by converting it to life and longevity, and facing the demons..

And life does not have to be ugly and miserable or under the influence..

thanks mom.

My pms/pmdd probably saved my life..

Because I didn't drug it out and I let my body release the demons. I didn't develop so many aggressive demons from trying to remedy my evolution..

I dealt with it and I suffered..

But the suffering saved my life because it could have gone in a very different direction.. If I would have tried to end my suffering with the newest thing on the market like prozac at the time,, I could have became something very aggressive..

And so my advice to the world.. If you want to save yourself.. Get away from those who want to develop more demons in you. If it is all possible.. Now you see the split in our society..

beauty/sex/love vs shame/religion/jezebel accusations

and then the mixture of sex/religion/money used as a tool...

which is why the south is always having issues with the liberal/left wing because of the manufactured split between chastity and promiscuity and then children make it ok..

once you are mom, now you are a saint.. as if becoming a mom was not frowned upon as "promiscuous".. it was shameful to be sexual until a baby pops out.. sigh..

wow. which is why sex workers find god/chastity after finally leaving the life..

this is NOT organic.. hello.

that is human programming...and what causes so many wars...

but that is/was America.. and will continue to be until the system finally releases the demons.. however, now sex without bearing kids is marketed used as a weapon to drain the life out of both men/women/nonbinaries..

the more you spill the seeds/eggs, the less of you will exist..

by the way, i have had no eggs drop since last February..when my dog passed away..

am I the best copy?

evidently, mother nature seems to think so..

i cough sneeze and blow my nose and release demons without ovulating.. and I am not too big or too small/skinny..

either, be the best copy of yourself or drop pixelated proteins of yourself to keep the genetic line going..

you choose..

Our society..

Sinners becoming saints What if you didn't have to be either..So the j world is about lessening those intense feelings so they don't run you and turn into ammunition..

The rest of the world is about bringing up intense feelings as an anecdote/antidote against evolution also known as pain..

Which is why all the activism because the intense feelings people don't know where the feelings come from..

Beauty love sex and hate are all about intense feelings and they get exacerbated when people get triggered..

Those are the demons running people.. Which is why therapies try to go in and cover them up with other intense feelings or drugs.. Or they surgically they take out those feelings..

any new life is intense.. But when you have so much new life coming in all at once. People don't know how to handle those feelings..

So they attack it..

This is why cannabis was weaponized against america and most of the first world..

Which is why russia does not allow anyone coming in with pot and tainting their population

By the way you will see aggressive beauty in some northern European Countries. But remember they don't have half as many frequencies and crime that we have..

And they are developing an influential presence.. To be used as a tool to guide the rest of the population..

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