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Microbes Are People, Too. Stop Microbial Trafficking!!

You Don't Need a Probiotic Like a Surrogate Mother

Main take away during this memorial weekend.. Make the life that was sacrificed worth it to those who gave up their life for you..

Not only stay alive indefinitely but take IN evolution and change if possible and don't make people who gave up their life worth nothing because you couldn't take care of yourself and advance your country.

They were the human sacrifice so you can live so why don't you live and stay alive.. Get away from all fermented food because you are the life and you don't need a surrogate mother out there.. You are the mother to the cells in the body.. You also don't need kefir You don't need probiotics..

Fermenting milk takes away the needed fat your body absolutely must have.. Or else what's the point.. Because what your eating is then mostly proteins.. You had converted that fat that you need into something that is going to work against you over time..

You need the cream and it should not be fermented.. I don't eat any more activia probiotics at all anymore.. My body develops its own probiotics.. I don't need a surrogate mother and I am not implying that I am deficient needing probiotics or fermenting anything..

You are the probiotic and you have the mechanisms to ferment your own foods in your gut as needed

You need the Cream.. You need the fat

Nothing is poisoned out there but what is your intention and what are you implying.. And then why are you not allowing your body to work to its fullest potential and capacity.. imo stop buying into the holistic people compartmentalizing even your microbes and selling YOU microbes. And scobies and mothers.. That's microbial trafficking.. You are disrespecting the life out there doing that

Human experiments with babies and families who are specific cultures and are studied and data is collected.. That data gets funneled into a database and then this is how pathologies are discovered and how to deal with diagnosable conditions and or mental issues..

Literally every single family is an experiment all over the world but especially in America..

Human experiments

You must have an amazing efficient release process so someone's natural herbal prescription remedies dont cause FOOD allergies and DISEASE IN YOU

Dont let other people's intolerances effect you

you have an immune system if you have an adaptable balance of fatty acid amino acid prohormones.. use it.. but if you are not aware what your immune system does to will stop the feelings of hell with herbs instead of conditioning your alimentary canal to cough sneeze and blow your nose.. EXCELLENT small intro to nuts daily, light reactions, YASSS

You really do not need Probiotics in the J world because the cream, meat/protein/soy and fruits veggies and salt/sugar/gluten are all representation of the fatty acids, amino acids, prohormones and minerals, your body needs.

You don't need KEFIR you need the cream and you need the fat..

You need the fat.. That's what's missing.. There's plenty of vitamin and nutrition in cream.. And your body will make probiotics.. But what you're doing is starving your body from the necessary fats from the cream..

Both heavy cream and kefir are high in Vitamin A and calcium. · Kefir has 32.4 times less trans fat than heavy cream. · Kefir has more niacin and folate. · Kefir AHHHH

You need trans fat you need fat in your Intake you need the insulation and you will also get your nutrients as well.. But the issue is you need the fat

Some of you are too f****** skinny you cannot afford to keep fat out of your diet especially from the cream so stop fERmenting your cream..

I feel the frequencies today my heart is beating faster and i'm definitely energetic..

And I did hear sirens right after I felt that frequency shift..

Target over here in belden village has been evacuated for a bomb threat..

Stay safe everyone..

salt regulates the life in the body so you can be proportional relative to adaptation.. the low sodium diets was meant to attract infection so the scientists can study your cultures your dna, your growth.

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