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You Have 10 Days to Get Your Infrasound Billionaire Bunker on a Budget Made

You Have 10 Days to Get Your Infrasound Billionaire Bunker on a Budget Made

April 8 Tripledemic INFRASOUND



3 rockets

Which is why i'm going into my billionaire bunker on a budget basement..

it was always the infrasound that woke up your demons..

If you didn't know this then you would always be so compartmentalized blaming a person place or thing or whatever activist stance you were given at the time..

You were never truly safe with your choices.. Because you didn't understand how big this picture was until the last minute and it's too late.. For so many people..

I spent seven years uncovering this picture little by little..

Some of you have been following my information.. You might have a chance maybe..

Others are jumping into this information at the last minute and they have not even figured out their own bullshit .

It's too late for too many people..

I'm not even watching the eclipse. Well I never was anyways. I'm just gonna listen to the fall out.. And watch it on facebook weeks later.

This is to those who actually respect physics and science..

THINK of the ionisphere and the jet stream like a huge POND.. And then some kid THROWING a huge boulder at least three times in that pond.. And you see the wave energy of each ring as it goes out further and further and further and further and further until it hits the shore..

What do you think the fish feel like when people throw boulders into a pond.. They feel the wave of energy.. Some survive some don't..

That's april eighth.

That's why you're going to see a lot more car accidents at the epicenter.. And then another pandemic.. As those waves of energy move people's monsters.. And of course more heart attacks and strokes..

You see , i've already felt the waves of energy and i've dealt with it..

I know what to do when they come around.. I don't resist them..

I've been sick this whole last month. Because someone threw another rock in the pond.

I've been conditioning for this the last three years.

Many of you have been in denial and resistance. Either starving yourself or under the influence or remedying away your disease when it was convenient .

Yeah , that's going to end for so many...

April 8 Tripledemic INFRASOUND



3 rockets

Which is why i'm going into my billionaire bunker on a budget basement..


There was no way to "really" prepare people for what is about to go down April 8. Compartmentalization, comfort levels, lifestyles, belief systems, and level of pain tolerance was programmed into human ever since the system knew how to isolate resources, manipulate psyches and control immunity.

Of course, knowing me, and humanity, I was projecting that most people were like me, they could change the way they did things, be open to new information and then become tolerant, evolutionary and accommodating to change and be open to the disputable plans for the future.

Why are the plans disputable? Because, even though the system has been telling us what they are doing and why, people thought by resisting change that was implemented way before their grandmas and grandpas era, they could stop it, therefore, change wont exist. They thought they could just go about their daily life as if nothing has changed, even though the system told them their daily lives would inevitably be interrupted one day to face the cold and harsh reality people so "cleverly" tried to avoid.

People had friends, family, co-workers, kids and strangers, tell them, shizz is going down, but denial, which has been categorized as just another run of the mill disease, was definitely so underestimated. When all the deniers are faced with the cold harsh reality their comfortable predictable world will be interrupted, not only will it be too late for many, but those who were in resistance will finally pay respect to those who orchestrated it all.

I am already paying my respect to the architects of the system. I did that 3 years ago when I watched the Netflix version of the Boston Bom bing. I knew exactly who and what I was dealing with and I got right VERY QUICKLY. NO, I did not sell out. But I recognize the govt is the higher power, the highest power and they are NOT your local officials, who are just "puppets" part of the architecture. They are people you will never ever ever have access to and they change positions all the time. They are a collective of people who will make sure NO ONE has absolute power, corrupting absolutely and they are the ones who are showing you just how bad your own peers can be to each other.

The system is the mirror many cleverly have avoided for centuries..

When I finally looked at the mirror of Facebook, I threw up watching my reflections all over the place. Denial, hatred, intolerance, so much suffering, and pain.

And so, we are finally wrapping up this decade long storyline of "conspiracy" that is so relevant, but not the official narrative, and in less than 10 days, everything will be revealed and all truths will become true.

April 08

Those who feel nothing, fearless, unafraid, mocking those who are omg, good for you, you were "right" based upon your immune system, you get to "live" and mock another day that you were spared and others were not or were "hiding" away..

Those who die suddenly behind the wheel, you were right, you had issues and it was your time, the rapture, you will go to heaven and be with the other 144k people.

Those who get diagnosed with diseases following the Eclipse, you have air, food, water, therapies and your friends to blame why you have turbo cancers and other issues.

Those who stayed home and stayed safe, even found the most remote part of their house/basement to hide away in, you will miss the fire works, and you will never know if was "worth" it or not because you will never know the other prong of outcomes in the fork in the road.. You had to trust science and be thankful that even though you missed the greatest show on earth, you still have a chance to live and thrive another day..

You see, there is something for everyone...

I just hope your lifestyle and belief systems are worth it.. but what does that even mean? Death to those who are suffering is a blessing to those suffering so much, and life to those who are suffering must choose if death is the only outcome, or find a way to support the suffering so one day, the suffering will be less and less and less..

correction: cubed not "corked"..

basement NOT attic

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