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You Have Been Leveraged If You Cannot Evolve

If you are a constitutionalist touting the first and second amendment you have been severely leveraged..

If you are a civil rights leader you are and have been severely leveraged..

You're trying to convert people that cannot be converted. You have to change yourself and leave the rest of the release process to the government..

If you cannot evolve regardless and you believe people should die someday you have been leveraged..

If you can't change your mind at all about anything.. You have been leveraged.. Your presence on the Internet and your following and the people that you depend on to give you validation has leveraged you..

Your activism.. Your occupations.. your children and family friends associates.. Your lack of evolution..


Your dependency on drugs regardless of what they are where they came from has leveraged the f*** out of you..

Your intolerance to pain and symptoms has leveraged you..

Your lack of tolerance to criticism.. YOUR fear of invalidation.. Has leveraged you..

Your occupation and the amount of money you make has leveraged you.. Those who are wealthy have been leveraged even more so.. Those who are poor really poor have also been really leveraged

Your criminal record if you don't understand why things happened.. Has leveraged you..

The media and the government leverages peoples mistakes.. Until you learn how to face them..

Your presence and degree of influence on the internet will leverage you If you don't know how to change and evolve and take in new information and be right one day and wrong the next day and right the next day. And wrong the another day..

If you're so invested in being right or wrong you will be leveraged..

Remember al bundy.. He was successful in high school and then became a shoe salesman..

Some people can't change.. Because they have to be right..

Some of you are al bundies right now.. Just watch those who are highly invested in their audience and in their activism..

They are the government tools and they don't even know it.. The necessity of coffee and cream.. Why it's such a staple all over the world.. You' will get to a point where you're not mad at those who don't understand you... You will be mad at the system for limiting their evolutionary capabilities..

Then you move on.. I went to giant eagle to go shopping with my husband and wow.. After eating breakfast at bob evans with him and I ate everything cause I had two entrees.. I was not looking forward to shopping because I was full and heavy..

But I had so much energy at giant eagle zipping around.. Even felt slight anxiety and hot cause yes I was wearing a sweatsuit.

But yes I do feel the frequencies and they are aggressive and it's very oppressively hot out there..

Please stay cool..

Have a good day

It is eighty four degrees outside.. 84..

Distributing the va<<ines during the climate shift from particle acceleration was genius..

The system was scientifically right by censoring those who made correlation equals causation..

And they never had to address particle acceleration.. But they've always addressed aggressive climate change and global warming..

Everything is in plain sight..

I've never had the va x x , but I felt every bit of this climate change ever since day one. At first I blamed..

Then I realized..

Then all I could do was just being impressed by the strategy..

They want the children's power of their mind... they seek the "special ones", those who fit certain characteristics.. Everyone else.. #TheDarkTower Imhotep..

I have to respond to this.. Because many people feel the same way... The person whom i am responding to I already blocked..

You don't need to have children to know how to raise them..

It's not difficult to have children.. And if it is and you can afford it you can get I v f or surrogacy..

What the issue is we have so many people having children and what are they releasing into the population.. What kind of morals and values and lack of tolerance or tolerance are they exhibiting and what are you teaching them..

Those who don't have children have to experience those who have children and all of the belief systems that go along with that child's upbringing and what they are projecting..

We are forced to deal with what you are bringing into the world and we have no control over what morals and values you teach your children and if you have weaponized them against people..

Absolutely those who don't have children have everything to say about those who do have children and we need to be heard as well..

You don't live in a vacuum..

And might I remind you.. We all used to be children.. And we were forced to deal with other peoples children just like we are forced to deal other people's children today..

It's not bad or wrong but do not throw that argument in any one's face..

We have children having children..

It does not make you an expert..

If anything I was raised by a psychotherapist who understood behavior modification and child rearing.. I was raised by a licensed behaviour modification person..

I'm probably better qualified than most people out there but I don't want kids..



But this is not the end for him.. he will have more events and will continue to attack his evolution with all the medical holistic available to him until there's nothing left..

This is why you can't get used to being cured

not in this environment..

Being one hundred percent cured is a de@th sentence..

I can guarantee you someone who weighed less than him probably would not survive what he had.. His weight was his insurance policy.. But he will exhaust that.. His loved ones will make sure of it..

That's why they promoted the family unit.. Who is they..

The system of control..

Closed immune systems..

All death and disease are based on white blood cells not allowed to release in the proper way and then the development of more using therapies, herbs drugs, etc..

How these white blood cells interact in your body in a highly influential way are the basis of diagnosable conditions..

Instability in the environment causes parts of your body and immune system to become more numerous than other parts which is why you feel disease.. Growth

When it comes to access of foreign invaders you have an immune system to protect you... However some are not as strong as others..

But when you're by yourself and you are in an unstable environment, which is causing growth and replication.. Your body will develop white blood cells to keep other microbes in line kind of like the police force..

Which is why you could be even by yourself around to no one and still becomes sick.. Being a hermit out there in the jungle or off gridding If you are subject to the conditions of the environment which you will be you can't get away from your own microbes.. You can become disease if you don't know how to release.

Eating food keeps your immune system strong but if you don't have efficient release process.. It won't matter..

Which is why people have been demonizing food for centuries.. It's not the food's fault it's the fact they don't understand open system versus closed system.

The crux of it all is having an open system not a closed system..

You want free energy.. You want access to unlimited free energy..

It will cost you.. Many of you can't handle the growth and release process that is involved with unlimited access to free energy..

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