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You Must Be in the Medical System as a Patients to Petition the American Medical Association

Main take away.. If you want your life back.. And you can't do it on your own.. You need to request the AMA to develop a life refeeding clinic..

The American Medical Association needs to be petitioned to give people the option to get off of the hospice path..

If you can't do it, you need to ask a lawyer to take you on if you're first request was refused...

You can't change a system outside the system..

You must be in the system to change the system.. The system was purposely set up this way..

Outsiders would not survive.. If they couldn't do it on their own..

If you literally do not fight for your life.. Then you would be proving to the system. You don't deserve to live that the weak don't deserve to live..

If you don't fight for your life and ask the system to help you get off the palliative care hospice train.. Then you have proven to the system. They are doing the right thing by destroying the weak.

And so your activism is bullshit.. Fight for your fucking life And set a precedent.. If you're too fearful to do it on your own.. And you refuse to ask the system to help you get back to life again.. literal life.. Not slavery life.

Depopulation was built into the Judeo Christian culture. At your own hand..

Correction: World war one not world war two.. But they all run together nowadays.

Would you st@b or cut into a person/animal when they're awake..

No you're not allowed.. It's not only against the law but its torture to that animal or human..

If you knew something was anti life.. Would you still take it? No because it's against life..

But guess what.. The medical and the holistic system.. Not only does things against life but they also cut into you..

I had a dream last night.. That I was running away from the holistic people.. The medical people.. The energy healing people.

And something told me. There was 5 things to stay away from. But I don't remember what the other 3 things were.

The world is not what you think..

Once you actually wake up humans.. You will be so ashamed for accepting everything you have accepted. the actual solution.. Always came from the perceived problem..

You just had to know how to ask the question..

People assume the medical system cannot bring them back to life and take them out of hospice.

You never want to get to that point..

But when you finally decide to quit the system because you're ahead.. They can bring you back to life..

But what happens is.. People get greedy.. And they don't want to quit.. Until they die.. If you don't want your kids or you to beg for the system to bring you back to life.. Maybe rethink all the antibiotics and treatments as soon as possible..

Maybe find a pediatrician who will introduce all the food allergies back into that child's world and monitor the process.

Remember, the path to cancer starts the first time you use a remedy against any symptoms..

Children don't have a choice.. Because it's up to the parents..

And so you hope these children survive their childhood.. But they will definitely have to beg for their life back from the system.. Assuming they survive.. Nothing is poisonous if it's fda approved.. But in a very accelerated environment.. Growth is astronomical.. It is also accelerated. crops are growing faster. Children are maturing faster.

Adults are aging out faster.. And some adults are getting major diagnoses.. Myself and my husband who are not under a doctor's care can feel the frequencies. And we definitely eliminate in different ways...

The first indicator that someone is going to be afflicted with accelerated growth is the fact that they had to get a v.. But even those that don't get VEES and use remedies also causing major accelerated growth..

When you use an antibiotic against you as a probiotic, you get offspring.. And people have closed immune systems and so those offspring metastasize.. Some people get chronic conditions.. Others get fast moving cancers.. Others have bone breakage..

If you want to survive this environment.. Maybe it's time to stay away from the holistic people selling you all their remedies.. Telling you to fast and starve yourself.. Because that's a sure way, to not only die suddenly, but also allow cancer to take over. I wish I could save all the animals.. I don't have it in me anymore to be punished with suffering and death after getting close to an animal.

The veterinary system needs to change.. Everything in the medical veterinary system needs to change.. The system is built on suffering.. Setting people up to fail.. And children traumatized..

People need to stop breeding animals and commodifying them...

I'm done with this old world.. I don't volunteer to suffer. Because it's trendy..

It's not fun anymore. I'm just waiting for the world to mature..

A World full of adult children.. ACA defines an adult child as “someone whose actions and decisions as an adult are guided by childhood experiences grounded in self-doubt or fear.” All the remedies and herbs and extracts and pills recommended for people's issues today.. Will tomorrow's died suddenlies in these died suddenly groups.. If people reacted to all of the symptoms with food and release..

People could survive all the vees and climate change..

But what happens is.. All the remedy recommendations lays the groundwork for future died suddenly posts..

refeeding clinics... some of YOU activists need to redirect your energy... save yourself, but also your family.. and there are ways to do it.. but that would require EVOLUTION. #landmarkworldwide #SELPProject

It is time for the patients to ask the doctors and the nurses to help them #refeed by petitioning the medical system to develop a #refeedingclinic. Another wing in the hospital system to give people the option to get their life back and get out of hospice.. Or get off the path to hospice..

If the system refuses.. If the insurance companies refuse to pay for this..

Time to bring in a lawyer.. Time to get litigious.

Your life and your family's life is on the line..

This is the project I give away to people.. You can hire me as a consultant if you need..

But this project is for all of you..

This is for humanity.. I attended many different classes back when I was nineteen twenty.. And in my mid thirties..

I even did the leadership class.. Offered at the time..

But I took their programs a step further.. It wasn't just changing the mindset.. It was also releasing the traumatic memories in the body..

Once you secure a lawyer who will take your case, you can then hire me in to help you figure out the final points of it.. If you choose..

But at this point, people have to figure out. They have a chance to turn their life around. But they need this system to help them.

If the system refuses to help them.. Or prices them out.. And the insurance companies refused to pay..

Then a lawyer.. could potentially help people..

This is their moral duty.. The world has changed..

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