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You Must Know Why You Do What You Do, So You Do Not Get Leveraged

market correction always happens in a bull/bear market..

I JUST hope you are on the "right" side of the market correction.


Bob Dylan said, the winners will be losers and the losers will be the winners..

and the script can always change when science has infinite arguments/truths..

mark my words..

main take away.. If you are suffering from the aging process cancer disease and chronic illness chances are it is your politics your religion and your science dogmas that caused it..

And then your family genetic lines sustained it and reinforced it and defended cancer to be in your future..

Politics religion and science play off each other and use each other for absolution.. But literally your politics and all of your religions looking for absolution in a higher power as well as science caused your cancer and aging process..

And also the violence in your community.. From lack of tolerance. And of course all the p*** and the domestic violence and relationship issues and the single mom syndrome..

If you cannot evolve and understand new information and change the system will leverage you by showing you the proof of your transgression through your children..

If your children don't survive this atmosphere.. Everyone will look at the parent..

Childhood starvation is represented in malnutrition by broken bones.. And the use of therapies and the holistic system.. I don't care how popular they are.. If you're all about popular you are a follower..

As well as Violent behaviors PORN Drug and alcohol addiction and other pathologies.

This is why you must understand where you got your information from so people don't hold you personally accountable for death, that you understand that you were following somebody a professional or otherwise, who told you to do this and now you understand and know differently..

Remember you won't know until you know and then you have to do changes..

It's a balance of knowing where you got your information from and what you will do differently and why..

Because if you're part of any world out there that has been under examination they will use that against you..

Because once this system turns up the heat. Let me tell you they will blame the parents for why their children don't survive.. And it won't matter who you blame because they will say.

Why would you not follow a professional even though the morgue is the outcome when you follow professionals.. They will slam you for whoever you follow if it's not the system and the system of licensed professions.

That was the main argument in the j world was that I was not licensed and people were following my information.. I never claimed to be a doctor and i'm not giving health advice or taking away your pain..

You don't want to be leveraged because you are resisting change..

Not everybody will understand this but those that do.. You have a way out.. No matter what happens to your kids you now understand what needs to be done so that way you don't let anyone in the system destroy you with an outcome that you didn't have 100% control over..

The system and the journalists are waiting to write those articles against the parents who withheld food as well as therapies during a particular time..

And I will tell you malnutrition in children is the number one reason why they die.. Why they don't have a strong immune system.. From all the gluten free meat free.. And of course the use of antibiotics natural otherwise..

Don't let the system weaponize your children's outcome against your parenting when you were told so many things for many years..

Ignorance is not bliss when it's used against you..

Journalists are vultures out there.. If you don't wake up they will use you as a tool and an example in their article if possible..

When you have kids or an animal you are f****** leveraged you better understand the world you live in..

And so I don't envy anyone who is a parent at all with small children..

Right now babies who are on vegan diets are under examination because parents withheld milk from their children and even soy.

Just don't ever assume the system will not use your politics and religion and science as a tool.. You must know all the angles..

Don't assume the cannabis industry will not be under fire when it comes to maturing and development in this society..

Understand every angle out there..

But why would they do that if they're recommending gluten free diets from the doctors..

While the system wants to starve you via depop they will also punish you for a starvation..

Because they also want the strong people to live..

The system plays both sides of the fence

The system will punish you for being intolerant to food in body mind And spirit..

You better know the angles

If you're not part of a government experiment then they will examine your parenting..

And people who are part of government experiments and don't know it the system will blame the victim and the victim won't know where it came from unless they are willing to uncover their own background of why they believe what they believe..

This is when you must understand why you do what you do so you will not be leveraged by those who know your politics your religion and your science dogmas and why your kid ended up the way they ended up..

If you are a parent with small kids or adult kids in the j world your kids have a 50/50chance to save themselves from the accelerated death process.. Because they either will do the opposite of you or follow in your footsteps and save themselves..


Any kind of parents either to your OWN body or small children or large children you will make a break your body mind and spirit in your genetic line and family..

But if you're in the j world taking the j juice all the time they are no different than those who are promoting death.. Being cured with salt and water will cause loss of appetite and also entropy in a dynamic environment. YOU NEED CREAM AND PROTEIN AND WATER

If you don't understand food then percentage rates of survival will diminish as the atmosphere will accelerate.. Because they have no other choice but to pass away because that's the system out there and that's what you are promoting too, mom and dad.

Suffering in our society is intentional.. Many people make money off the suffering of animals and humans.. And call it saving them..

Why do animals have to suffer to be fixed under surgery Because the owners are not willing to keep their dogs away from other dogs.. Do you really need 5 dogs to the point of having them go under surgical trauma to be fixed..???

The shelter system encourages trauma because it gives allowance for people commodify animals and breed them and then set them loose for someone to pick them up and suffer in the shelter system.. And then the veterinary system..

I want no part of that world.. I will have an animal when the system finally changes away from the veterinary system.. And the commodification of animals.. And their sufferings calling it saving..

I'm sorry if that's offensive.. I'm sorry if that's your job in life.. But i've been questioning jobs and industries for the last seven years..

What if you didn't have to get validation for the suffering of other people and animals..

Validation is A type of addiction.. People eat that s*** up which is why suffering will not end in our society when you're addicted to suffering.. And you're addicted to the validation behind it..

Your diseases came from your politics your religion and your science dogmas.. Maybe examine who got to your parents first, who pounded the fear of god and religion and medical and other issues causing your diseases.. Remember you don't know until you know but you want to know where your beliefs came from..

So. You Don't repeat the same mistakes to your children.. Assuming that's your goal is to not repeat the same mistakes..

If you can't question your own religion your own science and politics.. You're looking for absolution and another thing to blame.. And you will be a professional victim in your politics in your religion and in your science dogmas..

The victim mentality was bred into the population The system wants to give you absolution so bad so that way you don't ever take responsibility and always depend upon somebody else..

That's what politics is.. That's what religion is.. That's what one sided biased science is..

It is the absolution to keep you dependent..

If I were to take the vazzcine knowing that I would have to feel pain

That was the absolution and the vindication the anti vaxxers would have..

The system wanted a biological and intellectual war to happen in two different waves..

Because they were going switch it up and give compensation for those who have been allegedly injured if they can prove correlation equals causation..

Once you take money for injuries you are buying into absolution.. You will be a forever victim.. So will your children.. And they are now brought into the system of victimhood forever they will never be on their own because they will always feel like they can get money for somebody else's potential mistakes when they never take their own responsibility..

The system can keep developing therapies and oops.. Our mistake.. Like with gambling you want to let people win so they come back.. You want them to win a few times.. Because why would you ever come back if they keep taking your money..

Which is why the system wanted 80% of the people vaccinated so that way they could blame that when the climate changed..

And so it would destroy the arguments for the vaccine promoters and it would give people who do not like the vaccines, vindication..

Both sides would be at war with each other taking turns scoffing at each other.

So who would you blame in this scenario.. Especially the last few years.. No one really to blame because when the system was destabilized it brought up people's demons..

The masks were necessary and the vaxxines were not a bad option relative to your predisposed issue..

What people did not anticipate was how much instability was going to happen more than cold flu season..

People did not anticipate wild swings in the weather causing the immunizations to not work the way they used to..

So who do you blame.. You could blame your friends and family for encouraging you or discouraging you..

Cnn fox all the different outlets are tools for the system.. They are the front men they are the parrots.. And they always get changed out periodically relative to the changes..

So when you think about it. You only have to blame yourself if you're looking for absolution someone to blame..

so, if you believe in death and your children pass away, and you also explored holistic/alternative methods, the system will blame you for not gambling in their system of a death culture, so you are screwed..

unless you know how to stay alive and deal with the sickness, the medical industry will force parents in the holistic system back into the allopathic system because all the holistic remedies and the natural abx are prolific and so when it suits the system, they will come down on the holistic system with all the force of the federal govt..

At some point the holistic system will be used as a tool.. Not to be an alternative but as a tool of getting people back into rockefeller medicine..

Too much deregulation in the holistic industry..

It won't be for a minute but it will happen.. just watch.. mark my words.. remember, the system does not want all humans to pass away.. so they will let people do themselves in baby boomers until they see a need to regulate the herbs market, which are just as deadly as the prescription drug market when abused.. shit changes all the time... remember that.. esp if you have children or want children...

the system or market will correct itself..

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