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You Want My Truth, If You Cannot Handle My Truth, Stop Tuning IN!!

Main take away.. You search out a truth and you insert yourself in someone's world, you can't f****** get mad at them for the way they live and what they believe.. If you do you purposely wanted to suffer and blame someone else for your suffering.. Which is why you have cancer disease chronic illness auto immune disorders and seeing therapist on a string of drugs.. Depressed and angry out of your mind..

You want the truth.. You f****** can't handle the truth.. A few good men.. Thanks jack nicholson..,by%20Rob%20Reiner%2C%201992). So I feel amazing and I didn't have as much of the blowing of the nose last night because I released most of the demons yesterday..

You have the choice to be blinded and be ignorant and you chose the knowledge you can't get mad at it..

Even my information you have the choice to understand it and when you do and you read it and you don't like what I have to offer.. Don't get mad at the messenger.. I'm still an amazing human being.. I'll still think you are beautiful and nice and I'll like you for who you are..

But we live in a f***** u* world and it is time you understood the world that we live in and if you don't want to understand then maybe you have to protect yourself from the truth so you can stay ignorant.. Because ignorance is bliss.. I f****** get it..

I respect self preservation..

Can you still respect someone who says okay maybe your job maybe your lifestyle maybe your belief system is what's making you mad about the world, causing the looping of suffering..

Can you so respect someone who says hey you don't have to die.. Can you still respect someone who doesn't agree with the main stream out there.. Even the alternative mainstream..

F*** I understand if you don't respect me I f****** get it.. There's always consequences to your actions when you speak out against the mainstream and the alternative mainstream because they will blackball you they won't like you because you're not playing the game..

You seriously must be in it for yourself not for fame and fortune everything else because.. When you go against what people are used to.. They will find every way to shut you down..

Even If it means they ignore the f*** out of you.. Or they call you crazy..

To speak out against what's going on takes a f****** strong person who doesn't rely on social capital and people to get them by..

Again it's easy to circulate in very safe homogenized groups who found a demon.. And will use that demon as their center piece.. Don't get mad at what you find out because you choose to know because you opened your eyes and you used your ears..

The reason why societies are secret because they were trying to protect you from the truth..

Until the truth can't be protected anymore.. Then the information is out there and then you choose to either. Turn your cheek turn away or listen to it.. But when you choose to listen to it you cannot get mad at the messenger.. You chose to listen to it you chose to read it you chose to participate in it..

You developed the secret societies when you choose not to learn something.. Maybe they were not as secret as you thought they were.. Secrets always have a habit of getting out.. Nothing is secret forever.. And if it is it was never meant to be divulged to the world..

Some secrets will be buried forever.. Other secrets were never meant to be buried forever..

With the Rosicrucians, they operate publicly.. But there is always Plausible Deniability.. This is their mantra to tell you what they're going to do even if you don't understand it because you decided to believe a different truth to the same action..

Plausible deniability is the ability of people, typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command, to deny knowledge of or responsibility for actions committed by members of their organizational hierarchy.

The two thousand and twelve london opening ceremony should have told you.. The church of england london.. Europe the mother country.. Where the appalachians came from.. Scotch irish german built america as well as the chinese and other indigenous folk from different countries.. Hispanic people.. So many different cultures converged onto a land..

Looking for opportunity..

We are now.. Evolving into a very different society..

Nothing was ever really secret.. Just hidden by layers and layers and layers of people and meaning and groups and ideas in activism..

Everything was set in motion a hundred years ago and more..

Remember you can have five hundred different truths to one action.. Just look at your social media pages. Everyone is all about the truth their truth..

Based upon their biochemistry

Secret society= What you purposely blinded yourself to. What was purposely kept from you. What you choose to disbelieve. What you chose to shield yourself from for self preservation..

Some people read about things they didn't know about because they were secret.. Maybe there is a reason why.. Those who force themselves to read the information and get p***** about why they were secret.. When you force yourself to read things you don't want to read and then try to stop it.. Well it was a secret for a reason.. It doesn't even matter the reason now that you know what will you do with the information..

No reason to get mad.. That information will be useful..

Save yourself

if anything you read the information so you understood the world you lived in and then you figured out how to protect your family but you can't save anyone out there..

Save your own kids save yourself.. Let your government deal with how f***** u* the world is..

But you protect yourself because there are 2 sets of rules of our society.. The ones that are on the books and enforced and the ones that are on the books but are not enforced.. But will be enforced later when it's appropriate.. I.e. Epstein Weinstein R. Kelly..

Use the rules that will protect you and your children.. And realized how your society will enforce the rules based upon your status... Know your place in society..

When you have secret societies circulating in plain sight.. They were never ever secret..

Secrets are hidden in discrimination, spirituality, Politics, Religion, Science, all beliefs All traditions..

People Who uphold secrets.. Have the inability to evolve or handle new information.. Then they think everything is secret..

No "m0ron" you just chose not to open your eyes..

When you purposefully close your eyes to the world you live in, you blame those who presented something to you that you couldn't handle by keeping it secret..

Acknowledging Conspiracies are uncovering what you thought could never be..

Conspiracy theories.. Is acknowledging another possibility..

Those who have trouble with conspiracy theories.. Will also be the ones to blame those who traumatizes them because the rug was pulled out from them when they didn't want to acknowledge another truth..

So when you think about it.. You are your own worst enemy blaming the f****** world..

Everything is hidden in plain sight you just choose to close your eyes and be blind to it all except for what you choose to believe in.. Then you can't blame anyone for the position you're in for anything..

There goes your politics your religion and your science when you can finally take self accountability..

The whole point of all politics spirituality religion and scientific dogmas is to always blame somebody else.. Again you keep yourself blinded when you pigeonhole yourself in your culture..

So when you think about it your politics your religion and your science dogma is an Illuminati secret society because you chose to keep yourself from everything but what you chose to believe in which means everything else is a secret because you don't know anything but what you choose to know..

However on the other side of it..

I would rather not know certain things in the world and so I have no problem with secret societies because I don't need to know everything..

I know what humans are capable of I don't need to see what they're capable of cause some of its rather destructive.. And gory.. So in all actually.. Be thankful for secret societies because they're shielding you from some s*** you don't want to deal with..

Secret societies are not half bad..

And so if you are demonizing secret societies it's because you are not acknowledging your own blindness to the world you're living in..

Maybe you are the society people need to be shielded from..

Maybe you are the one contributing to the destruction of the world..

Maybe people should be questioning you..

And your beliefs and practices..

Sometimes knowing things will protect you.. Sometimes not knowing things will protect you..

Do you have the discernment to know which one is appropriate for you and your belief systems..

When you purposely hide your eyes from human trafficking and the dangers of using herbs and antibiotics for sickness over time, do you seriously have any room to blame the system for your demise and your deterioration or why your child got caught up in something that they could have been protected from if they knew how the world worked..

Willful ignorance can be very dangerous.. Poking your nose in other people's business and then being mad about what you discovered is also dangerous..

What do you tell your children about the world they live in.. Will you let them find out the hard way..

Will you give them a clue and they will still make their choices and some may survive their choices some will not..

If you keep tuning into my information to keep finding a reason to hate me, maybe you are looking for another Satan/Devil and you "secretly" hate yourself, but I am your scape goat..

That is very World War II.

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