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Your Fight or Flight System Has Been Abused With the Constant Fear Campaigns

Yesterday my husband and I hung out and watched some of the documentaries around the Vietnam War and then I showed him the movie Born on the Fourth of July.. And we also watched The Breakfast Club.

The height of the drug evolution on the streets in the nineteen sixties and seventies.. The gangs and the drug wars.

When you have so many drugs proliferate on the streets with draconian laws then children get employed to sell because they're not subject to the same adult laws..

Why do we have so many drugs..

We have people reproducing on bodies at deficit along with PTSD from Avant Gard childrearing practices from religion politics and scientific beliefs.. Basically avant garde is normal nowadays..

Watch The Breakfast Club.. Everyone is suffering from their childhood regardless..

Some are better at hiding it..

Why are people reproducing so much?

Their bodies are in deficit..

Why are their bodies in deficit..

Because of PTSD antibiotics Starvation and more reproducing babies..

The antibiotics and remedies and painkillers are because of p t s d from reproducing so much.. Causing diagnosable conditions..

You can have micro cellular reproduction at the micro level and it is minimal based upon minimal evolution in the environment like changes.. You cough you sneeze you blow your nose you defecate you're excrete no big deal.

You can have macro cellular reproduction at the macro level based upon aggressive evolution in the environment triggering reproduction the sex hormones.. And the climate can change aggressively on people who are already predisposed in deficit..

The diagnosable conditions are major reproduction.. like major

Right now we're in it.. And people have to be on drugs in order to deal with the reproduction in their body and some people don't survive it.. The pain is too great and they're in starvation mode because they can't handle food..

America the last greatest experiment Fear is the weapon.. However you're supposed to be in fear because you don't want nefarious people to hurt you..

But how has your fight or flight hormone been abused..

Politics Religion Science dogmas

And now people don't even know the difference between what they should be fearful of and what someone has told them to be fearful of..

They absolutely have no discernment

So they are foolishly brave and unfearful.. And this is why we are where we are..

And yeah I'm aware of those stalking my page in my past in California. And I am focusing on how easy it was for you to think the worst of me seven years ago.. And you knew me as a child..

Just fyi, please do not be sympathetic to me or feel I am suffering.. lol, so far from it.. I totally figured it out and I am beyond all the suffering people who are perceivably projecting onto me..

I figured out immortality, or lack of dying from natural causes..

there is nothing to feel sorry for me about.. If anything, I am suffering for all of you, but I will not let it destroy me..

You choose or chose your own path now that you are aware of how to release the automatic responses and the programming..

If you are in fear of symptoms.. well.. talk to your doctor on how to eat all food in the food supply without turning to their remedies when symptoms come up..

and if they cannot help you because their licenses tell them otherwise..

good luck


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