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Your Frame of Reference is NOT a Fact

When the timeline is far enough back in the past, you can modify it. Timelines are a frame of reference and yes, a programming tool.

A million years ago could have been 10,000 years ago.

The events of a billion years ago could have happened a million years ago.

The programming algorithms had to be set up so that logic and reasoning would flow in accordance with the pattern previously developed.

Only using narratives, algorithms, and programming provided by academia and government can we interpret geological strata and frames of reference at the time. This provides a structure or framework for people to work with.

If we are intending to work from frames of reference like AD BC or modern times, carbon dating must have a logical and clear foundation from which to start.

In fact, the claim that humanity arrived on this planet 100 years ago makes little sense because 200 years ago there were so many people. There are still people alive today who can corroborate their story, as well as their next of kin, who come from the same generation.

The time lines and what we currently know today and what we refer to as the past must all be logically arranged. This is so that everyone understands what came first, second, and next, thus giving us an order of operations.

Hospitals follow a timeline literally and metaphorically from the nursery to hospice, as well as the surgeries and treatments in between, leading to a predictable end result such as hospice followed by death.

What if you no longer believed in that order of operation?

As an example, my husband took a picture of the moon the other day. He saw the other side of the flat Earth theory. Not that he believes it 100% but he sees some of the arguments. His phone takes amazing photos, so the moon looks like a reflection in a pool of water.

Any written text contains a great deal of facts, truths, and perceptions, regardless of politics, religion, or science.

We must question it all and not come from any absolute, whether it's a text, an old written text, or a new modern text

With our current frame of reference, everything has to be left open to allow for evolution and to take in the latest information. This is all on a standard platform of life and adaptation plus allowing those who wish to pass away to do so. Additionally, we must experience it within our own world based upon our lifestyle and belief systems

In terms of guiding humanity, we should not be going by a universal text. In contrast, we must establish a framework of scientific reasoning based on a frame of reference we are willing to use in the future. The framework must incorporate aspects of the past, but not exclusively.

The reason you need to change is because what used to happen in the past isn't necessarily what needs to happen in the future

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