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Your Friends and Family Will Help You Pass, But the JJ World Will Help You Live

The main take way is the J world will support your life and not your death.. Your friends and family community will help you die and gofund your death but I will not

I will be the one to tell you will survive this if you understand..

I will not support your death I will support your life.. But you have to do the work not me.

The reason why your friends are family want you to pass away because your suffering causes their suffering and so when you're not around they're not suffering you until they start suffering and then their whole friends and family will then help them die so they can stop suffering..

It is a domino effect when you can't handle the suffering of life because you're taught only to suffer and die.

She had an active night last night we were both up basically every 2 hours..

Luckily I know how to relieve her stress by releasing her demons.. Anal gland expression.. Food and water..

The night is when things are more active.. The night will make you or break you..

Cell replication happens at night.. That's why zombies and things go crazy at night because the bacteria that are more aggressive are active..

It's also why people die from heart attacks and strokes and aneurysms at night because that's when the body is most active.. When the cats away which is you the mice will play..

So when sugar is up waking me up it means she will live another day.. Feeling energy means you're f****** alive..

Also I noticed that some nights she has to pee a lot more urgently.. But last night she didn't want to pee urgently she held it in until I took her out downstairs..

She had to poop urgently..

And so her body her immune system is using both her urinary tract and her digestive system to release the demons.. Aggressively and I understand what she's going through because I went through the same thing.. I remember being tortured and I had to release my own demons..

Sugar was able to sleep because I helped to release the demons I didn't allow them to become trapped inside her body..

Her surgical trauma from 9 years ago is scabbing up yet again..

This is work this is what it means to actually support life the proper way.. This is what it means in my opinion to be there for someone in need..

The body does not need any more trauma surgical or otherwise.. The body needs food rest release without damaging the skin or anything else..

All of you grandma's and future grandma's you better stay alive indefinitely or your kids don't stand a chance..

We're in f****** climate change and it's g****** aggressive and if you don't survive it grandma and future grandma's what chance do your children have when they have your predisposed issues and they don't have half the life experience or immunity that you have..

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