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Your Silence About Your "Disease" is What is Perpetrating a False Sense of Security

And I would think twice before going out there and hanging out with people watching the eclipse.

And if you are in california or new york and all points in between on either side.. Prepare for some aggressive atmospheric wave action , tsunamic infranado..

Who is going to be compromised . The elderly.. The children.. Weak children. The immunocompromised..

How many people watching my transmissions have felt pain, suffering, getting treated for a condition and are silent about it?

I know myself and a few others are NOT the only ones in the world who are feeling EVERYTHING!! I know the died suddenly groups are not the ONLY people in the world experiencing loss, pain and suffering.

I know my friends list of 1k people with others who watch peripherally are NOT special, pain free and the "chosen" ones who feel absolutely NOTHING!!

I know!! Are you remedying away your disease? Are you under the influence? Are you so distracted and completely oblivious that you would rather put off a false image everything is OK.. when it really is not.

I cannot be the only one in MY world to be feeling some crazy ass shit, that most of you are in heavy heavy heavy denial about..

What is it about NOT warning people that makes you think NOTHING is going on???

I really do not understand my facebook friends, my facebook friends list and your lack of facing the reality of what is here, and what is to come.

I do not understand those who still are traveling and ignoring all warnings and those who are planning to join the masses and watch the eclipse after reading my info...

I really do NOT understand my fellow human who are so far removed from reality willing to walk/lead themselves and family and friends into the lion's belly..

It trips me out..

like seriously..

Which is why it will take a significant event to wake people up from their "fantasy" land that everything is Ok..

Everything is NOT ok.. and I do not pretend it is...

I don't think ohio is only placed that feels stuff. I know california has to be feeling some shit.. I know people across the usa , canada and the united kingdom feel something.

How can you live in that much denial.. I don't understand it..

But then I look at my husband.. And he feels absolutely almost nothing..

And I sort of understand it..

But there are women that are my size.. My nationality.. Even similar blood type.. And you feel nothing?

I could understand someone like my husband. But women.. You have a uterus..

Are you that in denial?

Don't those defibrillators scare you in the school system..??

Mothers aren't you at least a little bit concerned for your kids..??

Grandmothers.. Aren't you concerned for your grandchildren..

I'm just floored.. Either the frequencies you're getting are not that aggressive.. Or so many people are under the influence of alcohol, drugs and remedies and every other distraction in the world.

But five of us on facebook in the j world aren't the only ones feeling shit.

And we're not keeping it to ourselves. Even if you use my platform to voice whatever you're dealing with.

It's fucking nuts out there ...

If you did voice what was going on in your world, maybe your friends and family might wake up.. And maybe they might see a pattern.. And maybe you can release some demons.. Because keeping all that shit to yourself can't be healthy..

I don't understand the silence.. Have we had the fear of god put into us not to speak about anything uncomfortable.. Putting off an image like everything is beautiful and wonderful..

With everything around you and all the different videos and warnings and articles . And you still think it's beautiful and normal out there..

People dropping like flies all around you with diagnosable conditions.. And I don't care who you blame it on.


Just wow..

That's why the conspiracy world can't wait for shit to drop..

It's very tough watching people pretend everything is okay..

It is very tough watching people put off a false image..

It's very tough watching people run away from the reality of the world they live in.

Because I know you have to be aware of something. And even though you can't change what's going on, the first step is admitting there's a problem.

If you can't even do that..

Then I can't wait for this fucking axe to fall..

And that's exactly what the system wants.. They want those in the conspiracy world wanting the axe to fall because they are tired of watching people live in fucking fantasy land..

I don't know how you can't feel anything.. I just don't know how.

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