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Your Weight Will Make You or Break You

#alonenetflix is all about surviving energy conversions in harsh environments

#climatechange develops HARSH ENVIRONMENTS


Skinny people..pack on the calories

Those who weigh more than others will have a better chance to convert energy to their benefit. Wait/weight will be on your side because you need money to make money and convert it to your benefit.

My husband would out live me If I hadn't discovered the JJ world because he was conditioned for climate change.

He has a lot more muscle mass great fat reserves, And he is a blood type O.

You can't make something out of nothing and so if you weigh next to nothing you have no chance to convert anything to your benefit because you can't convert something out of nothing.

Negative times a positive is a negative which means you have to add more mass to your body so you can handle the energy conversion process, aka thermodynamics/entropy.

Remember weight alone it's not enough because some people don't know how to manage the energy they have, just like some people don't know how to manage the money they make and they still want to make more as if they really know what to do with it to ensure their own survival. Leaving money to your children who will convert themselves out of existence sooner in climate change, is like leaving money to your government. Imagine you are a conservative and your estate is being left to the government, because your next of kin does not survive climate change and the money goes to social programs for all diversity.

Simply taking on reserves doesn't ensure you survival it's how you use the energy you have ensures survival of the fittest.

It's not how big it is it's how you use it..

It's not how much money you make it's how you manage it to ensure your survival and longevity. You cannot eat baubles, trinkets, jewelry and shiny items.

The poorest person in the world who lives the longest is the richest person ever.

What's the point OF insulating your house if you haven't insulated your heart and your VITAL organs and you keep cutting into yourself via surgeries causing more trauma to the body.

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