The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and their perception of positive results achieved though using the protocol and juice outlined on this website. These testimonials are voluntarily provided and are not paid, nor were the contributors provided with any free products, services or other benefits in exchange.  The testimonials are representative of protocol user experience but exact results and experience will be unique and individual.

Here’s the change I’ve experienced on the Protocol! – Jillian



Here are some experiences and  testimonials from different participants of the Jillian Mai Thi Protocol.

Heart Health

“I’ve been doing the protocol for almost 2 months now and never dreamed I’d have a testimony like the one I’m about to share. I started this protocol because I had already had 2 heart attacks and I knew if I didn’t take solid control of my health I was going to lose the battle.
I’ve been on this protocol and drinking up to a quart and 1 pint of juice a day and steadily I’ve watched my health improve.
Last Saturday night I started getting sick and I was so sick all I could do was lay face down on the bathroom floor in hopes I could lift my head enough to hit the toilet as I was having projectile vomiting. I finally was able to crawl to my bed and somehow get under the covers. Within an hour I knew I was having a heart attack.
My husband rushed me to the hospital where I ended up having a second heart attack. A heart specialist came into my room after they ran extensive blood tests to tell me what was going on. He told me that all my blood tests revealed that all of my numbers were excellent! What the heck? Why did I just have 2 heart attacks then? He told me that those heart attacks would have happened regardless of what I had done and here’s why.
I had a heart attack last November almost 1 year from this date and these 2 heart attacks I just had were caused because the surgeon had placed such a huge stent in my heart that basically my body tried to reject it and couldn’t so it did the next best thing, it surrounded that stent with scar tissue and calcium until I could isolate it. This may sound like a bad thing but it saved my life. My body knew what to do in this circumstance. The specialist told me that if that artery was to block 100% it would end this nightmare because my collateral arteries had already sprung into action and was providing enough blood to feed my heart so that artery was not needed. After the 2 attacks it blocked 100%.
I explained to the specialist about the protocol I had been following and he told me it saved my life because just by looking at my numbers he knew my body could fight this and it did. I am a diabetic. He told that he could tell I was a diabetic but that my numbers were almost that of a person with no diabetes! If that weren’t enough I then found out they had lowered my med that I took for Hashimotos disease! Usually when they lower your meds it’s because you’ve lost a lot of weight. I’ve only lost 3 pounds so that tells me there is a real possibility that my thyroid that was irradiated almost 27 years ago is healing! It’s something that I knew could happen but I didn’t really expect it to.
Also they checked my sodium levels and guess what, my numbers were perfect and I use a lot of Himalayan pink seas salt so the people that are running their mouths off about the salt need to stick a sock in it.
Because of this diet and the juice, my body was able to fight what a man had done and saved my life. Before this protocol, I simply could not have won this battle. I’ve been very emotional since this happened and I know why I’m still here to enjoy my family.
Jillian I can never thank you enough for this gift of life. I’ve shared my story on facebook and I’ve gotten so many requests for this protocol that it’s unbelievable. I have yet to response but tomorrow morning I’ll share the link and explain to everyone to read the files and learn all they can.
My prognosis is excellent and I should not expect anymore heart problems. I am looking forward to my thyroid regenerating and who knows what else! Even though I’ve gone through hell and back I’ve never been so hopeful.
Before I end this, I just wanted to pass along something else I’ve learned. I had maybe 15 pounds to lose but had only lost 3 but my clothes are falling off me! It is my feeling that this juice is melting the body fat. My tummy is where I held weight and it had proved very difficult to get rid of but my tummy is getting flatter by the day. How can that be when I’ve only lost 3 pounds? It’s crazy lol! I have exactly 3 more pair of jeans left before I’ll have to buy new ones. The jeans I finally fit into a few weeks ago I can take off without unbuttoning them so soon I’ll be down to 2 pair lol! It’s all good but I wanted to share this to encourage someone else. Thank you Jillian”

Overall Feeling Of Purging, Healing, and Regenerating

I’m about 23 days into the protocol. I eat 100% protocol diet which I am loving. I make a combination juice using kale in both the green and red cabbage. I do half a gallon each day split in 2 sessions.
I have noticed: great weight loss, fantastic sleep, no more hot flashes, no more night sweats, clicking jaw no longer clicks, psoriasis about 50% better, deep intense pain on my right side – possible liver, lots of parasites coming out, earache, swollen gland in front of the ears gone, hair shiny, skin clearer, joints no longer sore, calmer disposition, waterfalls since day 1, more physical strength and endurance, no need for daytime naps.
Still want my thyroid to function perfectly, lose the rest of the weight, clear up my vision, clear the remainder psoriasis, put color back in the few grey hairs and generally feel 28 again which I can, without a doubt, feel as a reality now. I turn 50 next week.”

Understanding Pain is Healing

“I’ve been on the protocol a few weeks and I’m older and I believe I’m more full of sh*t than many of you.
I have gradually upped my consumption and at 2 quarts my brain, deep in the middle, began to burn terribly, the skin on my face went nuts, looks lizardly, is expelling a lot of crap and face and eyes are swelling quite a bit and I’m still grinning.  HAHA it hurts SO good.
I believe the properties in the juice are crossing the blood brain barrier and taking care of biz in there, and killing what’s trying to make me die of alzheimers and dementia in 3 short years, like my dad did 10 weeks ago.
It did get so painful last night I’ve cut back a little and want to push through this but find that balance where I can vigorously treat myself and handle healing symptoms while still being able to  care for my family and work, etc. It got overboard but I’m not about to stop – only cut back just a bit.
Healing is pain sometimes. It’s not all a party. I just try to enjoy the pain knowing where it’s taking me.

She Gets This!!

“I want to give a short testimony to Jilly Juice. I have been on it for a week now. I missed the day after Thanksgiving because I got so incredibly busy due to hosting my first I brainfarted and didn’t make up my batch.

Anyways… I am up to 6 cups a day. My energy level has increased so much my sister-in-law told me she wants whatever I am on. I told her “it’s the juice man!” Lol. She won’t take it though.

I’m leaning up around my waistline where my pants are too big. My infected tooth is 95% healed and so are the sores around my tooth and my cheek. Tooth still loose but better.
I’m using the juice and pulp with pink salt on my face, eyes and neck and last night loads of eggs, larva and bio film came out and off! I honestly have to say that I was tearing up because I’ve been wishing for this to happen for over 4 years. Parasites have been working to destroy my face.

I wanted to make sure Jillian (knew) that I respect you for your service of saving lives. Literally. HAPPY HEALINGS TO ALL!”

Sleep Is Regulating

“What a difference a week makes…7 days drinking the fermented cabbage juice, it is absolutely horrendous to drink but I’ll keep on keeping on.
I’ve noticed a few differences as in my scratchy throat, that woke me up nearly every night from coughing, has gone. I had a scratch across my eye ball from my 5 year old daughter, from when she was about 5 months old, that hurt every morning I opened my eyes and that’s gone. I’m not so bloated and my quality of sleep is amazing. I get into bed and fall asleep pretty much straight away and then wake up in the morning… that hasn’t happened for years. My lower backache/tightness is completely gone and tight calf muscles are no longer a problem. My hair isn’t falling out in clumps when I brush it and my gums aren’t bleeding when I brush.”

Female Reproductive System

An itty bitty titty story – 57 years old, surgical menopause (ovaries removed), JJ for 15 weeks (as of 12/2017)
So here’s the thing, as the years rolled by I became less and less interested in my gynecological screenings particularly the mammogram and pap became impossible. Everything just became too painful after menopause and I wasn’t happy with the radiation of the mammogram and the dexa scan to be honest. I think my final mammogram was about 7 years ago. When I looked at the report and saw my breast tissue was now rated at the highest density as it had progressed denser and denser while I aged. This makes an accurate reading of the mammogram next to impossible, mostly leading to numerous and unnecessary biopsies to err on the safe side, as well as self-examination a joke.
Prior to this hard tissue from aging, I was plagued with horrendously painful breast cysts until the ovaries were removed. I got rid of the cysts and traded that for overall hard, sensitive breast tissue. Oh well, I was also aware that female family members had been having quite a few, and repeated, biopsies once this condition arose because they just can’t see enough in the mammogram. Their descriptions of the procedures were not pleasant. Never was anything of significance found and there’s no history whatsoever of breast cancer in my family so I bagged it knowing full well I wouldn’t catch an anomaly myself with the density of my breast tissue. My choice, I’d had enough.
Well I realized yesterday that my breast tissue was back to normal. No, I will not subject myself to a mammogram to prove it because it’s drastically obvious lol. In particular the base of my breast had an extremely hard ½ inch line of tissue, like scar tissue, I was attributing to the wearing of bras as it followed the underwire line. Guess not! Because it’s gone. It’s all returned to the softness of the tissue from years gone by. Not that I’m worried about find a lump in the future on this protocol, but the fact remains I could if I had to.
So whatever causes this tissue density in my family, I’ve cleared it out after 10 years of it myself, at the age of 57. TY Jillian!”

When You Do Believe So Much You Can Achieve

“More Jilly Juice for the journey. I don’t need science or faith because I have experience and I know myself and my body. This protocol works for me and I am so grateful. We are in charge of our healing journey and we choose and decide what we need. If you don’t like the juice say “It’s not for me” and then move on. Why terrorize and put ideas into peoples’ heads that this is dangerous? Pink salt is not the enemy, fear and ignorance are.”

A Family That Regnerates Together, Stays Together

“I want to give special thanks to Jillian for staying steadfast on pushing the protocol, and not giving in to these blood sucking parasitic enemies that are trying to destroy her love for the people, because it takes love to do this. What God has built shall no man/woman tear down so I thank you Jillian for a job well done.

I also want to give thanks to the group for always giving your testimonies that keep me motivated and always showing people how this protocol could help them as well. I, myself, never really gave a testimony because I was always on the move traveling. Imagine being on the protocol and you’re on a plane lol it’s not good. Tried that and it failed when I was on it a couple of days and had to fly, it was not nice. I hate using the bathroom on any plane.

 I had many issues in my life but I started noticing my energy levels dipping and bladder leakage due to child bearing. I noticed the 1st day of drinking juice there was no leakage so I decided to douche with it as well. Have not had a leakage problem since.

I make face scrubs, rash creams, put on my grandbabies diaper rashes and also give to my granddaughter when I’m here with her with the protocol for these next 30 days. My mom now has cancer which is what my spirit told me months ago that’s what was going on. My mom is 72 and stubborn as hell. She’s doing the protocol with me but I assure you it’s a battle. I had to ask her like I ask everybody, “Do you want to live or die?” Hard, but simple question.”


“I thought I’d post a few healing symptoms.

I smell. I have a toxins BO smell. I know this is junk just seeping out. I am getting bumps breakout on my face and have a small rash on my belly. I’m passing, vaginally, large amounts of what I believe is candida. My liver pain has gone from a 10 to a 2-3 maybe. Gerd has improved enough to drop Omeprazole from 4 a day to 2. Stomach size has gone down significantly which I know was mostly bloat, inflammation and buildup of sh*t. Hip and spine pain has gone from 10 to 4-5 or so. Nighttime cravings are decreasing. I’m sleeping better due to less pain and my stomach settling down.
I get an immediate headache after I chug but waterfalls make it go poof. I’ve had a constant headache for over 20 years and to not be woken up with a pounding migraine is a miracle!

Happy healing warriors and remember do not let illness win.”

Spiritual And Natural

“I’m not religious I am spiritual. I’ve known since childhood I was different. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned I have a gift to help guide people in a healthy, spiritual direction but since my health became so bad I’ve often felt like a hypocrite. How can I guide people when my own body is so out of alignment?

I’ve know forever that natural was the way. My search has been years and years. I’ve tried everything. Some things definitely helped but did not heal me. I knew the answer was out there and I kept searching. My soul just knew I’d find it. Then my friend added me to the group.

I sat for a few weeks observing, reading, etc. About 2 weeks ago I literally had a dream about Jilly Juice. In the dream I was told this is it, do it. I woke up and made my first batch. This is it. This is my missing link to align me fully spiritually. I’m so thankful and hope no one thinks I’m a nut. Bottoms up guys and peace out parasites, you’re going back to hell where you belong!

If you’re afraid or skeptical, do yourself a favor and just do it! It works! You can feel your cells waking up. I can at least. I can literally feel my bod vibration rising!

Happy healing all!

Lyme Complications

I have been drinking the juice and following Jillian since July 2017 and have improved so much from my chronic Lyme and complications. I have given testimony before but I wanted to share what I have noticed on my nearly 5th month taking the juice daily.

With chronic Lyme sufferers, we have big issue with loosing muscle and becoming very weak. All our muscles hurt and people around us start getting worried that we look very fragile and weak and fear we are slowly dying away.

WELL great news! Not only have I been improving so much since July but also NOW I can see my muscles coming back and no exercises or anything like that. Just following Jillian’s protocol.

I am so happy to share with you this new update. It means the bacteria “borrelia” and pathogens from Lyme have stopped eating my muscles and the juice is building up my muscles back.

Can’t thank you enough Jillian!”

Lyme Suffering

I have been drinking the juice and following Jillian since July 2017 and have improved so much from my chronic Lyme and complications. I have given testimony before but I wanted to share what I have noticed on my nearly 5th month taking the juice daily.

With chronic Lyme sufferers, we have big issue with loosing muscle and becoming very weak. All our muscles hurt and people around us start getting worried that we look very fragile and weak and fear we are slowly dying away.

WELL great news! Not only have I been improving so much since July but also NOW I can see my muscles coming back and no exercises or anything like that. Just following Jillian’s protocol.

I am so happy to share with you this new update. It means the bacteria “borrelia” and pathogens from Lyme have stopped eating my muscles and the juice is building up my muscles back.

Can’t thank you enough Jillian!”

Insight On What It Was Like To Have Been Part of the 60k Person Group Before We Went Private

“I just want to point out an astounding phenomenon in this group in the past week and remark on how happy I am to be with all of you on this journey.

First, to me (and others seeing this) we went through a very difficult growing pains cycle with an influx of trolls within and without the group over the past month and it was really taking it’s toll in my opinion. Then so many of us really had an usually difficult time during the full moon. Suddenly, it’s like a rebirth after the clearing of that full moon.

I’ve noticed not only an influx of positive testimonials but also, when healing is difficult, instead of “help me, what is it” there’s an explanation of “I recognize this and it’s healing and it’s good” with a really solid explanation for others as they travel this path. In addition, the community has become much more enlightened and supportive (no longer just a few answers for those struggling but a serious flooding of support) for those “not there yet”. It feels like a mass awakening, a new level, a critical mass thingy to me and I’m so thrilled for all of us.

Jillian’s video last night addressing our humanity as whole, a new awareness of each other, was the icing on the cake. This exact thought process had disturbed me for some time, that no one else could see it, that we have to open our eyes and see each other without fear.


God bless Jillian, all the moderators and all of you for being here with us, witnessing and testifying to this amazing journey into, not only a higher level of health, but a higher level of consciousness. I can only smile and await the brighter future that is becoming so clear now.”

Liver Stones

“Liver stones testimonial: I go twice a month for colon hydroptherapy and today I saw about 50 or so liver stones that had been released. This is all on the juice. I’m 2 months in, drinking ½ gallon/8 cups/64oz a day.”

Tremors, Waterfalls and Misalignments

“Week 7.5 Testimonial:

Protocol: Weeks 1 and 2 tried to have 1 waterfall per day. Weeks 3-6, 2 rounds of waterfalls per day and weeks 6-7, 3 rounds of waterfalls per day.
Changes: Weeks 1-2, no waterfalls, extreme bloating, swelling right leg. Weeks 3-5, waterfalls in 2-3 hours, right calf and ankle swelling. Week 7 waterfalls in 30-60 minutes every time, minor ankle swelling.
Sleep: Weeks 1-3, no sleep entire night 3-4 nights a week. Weeks 4-6, some sleep on those sleepless nights 2-3 hours. Week 7, 8-10 hours sleep every night!!
Prior to protocol, I was diagnosed with cervical and thoracic misalignment. First week of protocol, I had extreme neck pain disappear completely. After first week cervical spine had corrected. 2nd week, extreme back, ribs, shoulder and arm pain disappeared completely after 3 days. My thoracic misalignment has completely corrected!
Anger flared the first 2-3 weeks but it felt great like I was releasing a lot of suppressed energy. I’m feeling much more emotionally balanced since then.
Physical exhaustion persists I believe because I’ve stepped up the healing process to 3 rounds of waterfalls a day. I’ve set aside time to allow myself to heal but do want to get back into life, living and loving so moving thru healing as quickly and easily as possible.
My tremors persist but I also know that nerves take the longest to heal. I have full faith I will heal and flourish soon!
Gratitude to Jillian, moderators and group for guidance, support and inspiration. Cheers!

The Brain and Neurological Issues and The Protocol

“Yes I got troll for a third time! Jillian, there are people and industries out there afraid of ya!!! The first time I was trolled it was super hateful, the second was super mean (TY Jillian for consoling me) and now I got another private message saying “someone” showed them my message about my brain issues and tried to tell me it was the salt. Ummmm no it wasn’t.

The hole is from an injury, a neurologist explained that to me, and the micro vascular disease is caused by HPB and years of smoking. Plus all that damage was done wayyyyy before I met Jillian and her protocol. So folks keep aware they will try many ways to freak ya out and steer you away but you gotta stick to this.

Read all the testimonials from peeps who have been doing this for months before I came here and they’re still alive. In fact, they’re thriving! Since starting this my sodium levels have been absolutely perfect!!! In fact better than ever! Love y’all! Thrive, love and peace.”

Weight loss and Energy

“Been on the protocol for 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds. I have a lot more energy than before.”

Parasites and The Protocol

“I began this protocol 120 days ago. My body was riddled with stomach pain, parasites, SCI-FI critters, arthritic joints, severe migraines, ichthyosis, candida, stomach bloat, swelling in ankles and overweight at 285 pounds and now my weight is 246.
I now consume 1 ¾ gallons of juice per day. I am trying to increase intake to 2 gallons per day.

Some of you have known me since the beginning. I still drink the first gallon in under 30 minutes. However, it takes me an additional three hours to drink the remaining ¾ gallon. Some days I spread consumptions of the remaining ¾ gallon over the course of the day as my schedule presents.

Now I am full of energy. At 63 years of age, I am riding my bike which had collected spider webs before taking this protocol.

I had been using kale exclusively, however, about a month ago I started using a 50/50 mix of kale and cabbage.

Bottom line!! Remain vigilant!! And drink the juice!

Poison Ivy and The Protocol

“Every year I pick up poison ivy in someone’s yard.

People know and don’t say and other people just don’t know. Either way, I always get it. So I have it once again and treating it like usual and waiting for it to stop oozing. It’s not stopping after a week so I’ll try some Jilly Juice on it.

A swabbing on the affected areas made it stop oozing almost immediately once dry. I swabbed again and let it dry two more times then applied a very light coat of calamine lotion over it. After that my arms didn’t itch all day long and I slept without covering my arms because they weren’t oozing or itching anymore.

Next day, still all red but almost cleared up. A couple old scabs from the last calamine application fell off in the shower and now it’s straight Jilly Juice. If it itches I just slap it.”

When You Trigger Your Immune System Correctly, Oh the THINGS You Expel

“Jillian you have done me well. I was pending surgery before with an ENT expert because I’ve been experiencing nodal blockage for the last 5 years. The doctors told me that my nose is clogged and the only way to deal with the clog is to operate.

Today after sipping on my JJ I felt this urge to blow my nose. OHHHHH God what came out of my nose is unbelievable and I’m now breathing so well!

Jillian you are such a blessing to humanity”

Your Overall Well Being Will Be Addressed and You Will Manifest Clarity, Calm and Peace

“Wow, I’m not sure if it’s too soon to say that this is a permanent change. I feel like it is but today was one of the best days on the protocol.

I didn’t have any intense muscle pain or I did have pain maybe slightly but barely noticeable. I felt more control over my emotions. I wasn’t upset that my mom was making me late to work and things don’t annoy me as easily. My mind can think more quickly, I respond faster and I feel more confident with my answers.

I can breathe so easily!!! I would have to consciously think to breathe even normally before because sometimes I would just stop or have short, fast breaths.

Best of all I don’t get anxious in certain situations which I noticed most obviously when I met this cute guy today. I didn’t get racing heart or act shy but I was so confident during our conversation. I even smiled at him which is so hard to show when I’m into a guy sometimes haha. I remember thinking afterwards “who AM I?” haha. I really feel that the flair up of anxiety two nights ago truly gave me healing. Oh and also I’m getting my sense of humor back. Or actually, I’m finding more things funny now than I did before I got sick so I guess it’s more like my humor is changing?

But, wow I’m about to cry right now writing all this. I just feel so deeply at peace like less thinking about the future but really taking in what’s present as cliché as it sounds. It’s so effortless. I used to feel anxious about something I didn’t specifically know of in the future. I just had the feeling that my life would screw up or something but now I feel like whatever might come I will be okay and overcome.”

Comprehensive Report On Someone's Journey Using My Protocol

“3 weeks completed – report:

Soooo…lol…I knew this was coming too easy for my level of health issues and I actually was starting to get concerned if I was doing enough. No worries, my body and it’s hitchhikers have begun to speak up. I won’t sugar coat this, it needs to happen and I’m glad it’s arrived.

Monday was the first day back to work after being off for the prior week (where I focused at leisure solely on the protocol with no outside pressures) and it took a toll just as I was reaching the next level of healing so it’s been a rough time. Monday night no waterfalls for the first time (and hopefully the last). Time to up my game (but apparently the parasites were having the same idea). It’s a struggle to make them let go and I’m exhausted (many pains resurfacing but I recognize them all) in the evening and just want to go to bed but I can’t, I have to push through. The abdominal pain during the struggle is horrible (I’m trying to massage the spots that are kicking while waiting and drinking more juice and water). It is all relieved nightly when I win with the waterfalls and I wake feeling fine. But interestingly, the worst cramping is in my ileocecal valve (junction of small and large intestine) and I swear it’s locking up on my drive home before I even get the juice in me.

THEY KNOW! LOL! Thankfully it’s the weekend so I can start in the morning and hopefully do even more juice during the day (as opposed to what I can do on a work day).

My gains are small this week but I am still WAY better than I was 3 weeks ago and I know I have to push through. I can’t wait to see what I may be able to report after I get through this phase (next week PLEASE!!)

TY Jillian and everyone here for all your contributions that continue to inspire and encourage me on this challenging journey!!


This past year after a lifetime of normal to low blood pressure I have been running dangerously high and just before starting this 3 weeks ago was getting readings that were worthy of an ER visit (I was a CNA for a few years btw – 188/110). I just checked it and I am normal! 126/88!!! Heart rate 72 (no tachycardia I’ve had for the past 3 years). AND this just manifested today! (Take THAT salt fear mongers!) I’M WINNING!”

Lymphatic System Being Addressed

“My testimony: I was told I had a rare lymph disease and I needed to get a specialist outside of my town because not even the top cancer specialist nor my gyno(cologist) nor the special disease doctor could tell me why or what it came from and nothing in my blood work. After the 2nd surgery my gyno turned me away and said it’s either cancer or lymphoma. After surgery the cysts returned the same day as it did with my first surgery.

Now that I have started Jillian Mai Thi juice and protocol all my cysts and swollen lymph nodes went down the next day! After a week of the cleanse I saw more results and keep seeing more every day. Truly is a blessing from above! I survive on the juice alone when I’m too broke to buy produce and still manage the day with the same energy as I would with soluble food.”

Animals On The Protocol

“I am writing to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and do for us Jillian.

Two weeks ago my German Shepard dog “Saxon” could hardly walk, was not eating, constipated and we truly felt his days were numbered. Everyone was in tears at his demise. I think even he had given up. I’ve been following this page very closely though so quickly got the protocol going and waited three long agonizing days till it was ready. I started him on it last Saturday. I knew this was his only choice.

Well over the week I have seen so many improvements. He is eating very keenly again and passing it through no problems. His coat is improving. His eyes and ears are improving. He’s sleeping soundly again and just seems to be getting better and stronger all the time. Every day we have him with us in good health is a bonus in our lives as he is such a loved member of the family.

I bought a 5kg bag of Himalayan salt now to go with my own cabbages that I grew. I know we are ready to combat anything now. I really cannot thank you enough.”

Average People Harboring Tapeworms Is Not a Myth, and You Don't Have to Be In an Exotic Place To Contract Parasites

“VICTORY! Week 6 up to 5-8 cups a day. Part of a tape worm relinquished it’s hold on my body last night. I’m not one who sorts through my excrement but it slid out in the bath!! This is the first time in 19 years of cleanses, restricted diets, colonics and enemas that I have actually seen ANYTHING like this come out of me though I suspected.”

Fermented Cabbage Is Not New, It Is Just Not Realized and Given Enough Credit

“So there is this old men in the Andes of Peru, a friend of my grandmother, Bolivar, La Libertad Peru, he is 107 years old. He can see so clear, walk, does everything perfect and even has the energy to do everything himself. My grandma knows that my mom and family are on the protocol so she is like you know what my old friend told me today? That he has been using cabbage fermenting in everything since he was a baby boy with a recipe passed between generations. This to me  and my family is big proof, besides the result that we are already getting. Jillian’s juice has been in our ancestors diet. She just put it in a wonderful recipe she made and very good with diet she added. I’m amazing and wanted to share this with everyone.”

Knee Swelling

“Here is the last update on XXXX’s knee. So after going to the hospital because the pain was so bad and the doctors finding absolutely nothing wrong…he went off the juice for 4 days. The swelling did not go down and the pain did not dissipate so in frustration, he decided to go back on the juice. He drank a half a gallon, and within a couple hours, he was waterfalling and his knee was starting to feel better. He could bend it slightly and was walking better. His waterfalls were a deep, dark yellow and was the same color as the fluid they took out of his knee at the hospital! He has now been back on the juice for almost a week and he is almost back to normal. He pushed through and whatever toxins were stuck in his knee, are almost gone! Yay for the juice!! Thanks Jillian!

Can You Relate?

This week is beginning of week four for me.

Issues I’m looking to heal:
– topical steroid withdrawal & eczema
– swollen lymph nodes
– sinus and throat infections
– pancreas not functioning correct
– underweight
– can’t control body heat
– many other small issues
Healing symptoms I experienced:
– sweating through the night so much I have to switch clothes several times and wash sheets daily
– sensitive to noise
– bruises all over my legs for no reason
– boil and small zit like rashes
– most days fatigued and take at least one nap
– clumsily dropping everything. We were at a party and they probably thought I was drunk. I couldn’t stop dropping my plate and other things all night. Weird!
– Overall I have better energy and my skin is starting to improve somewhat. I can tell change is happening. I can wear sleeves shirts for the first time in years and I went to workout last week for the first time in years. Even though I am tired because I sweat all night I am feeling well enough to freshen up and put on a little makeup. And this is so early in the game still. Keep pushing forward everyone!”

Observations: Be Grateful For The Smaller Benefits

“A small testimony. Started w/1 cup last night, 1/5 cups of the protocol juice tonight. I had been waking up every morning for the past week and a half with huge bags under both my eyes, thinking kidneys were struggling. After drinking my first cup of ferment, I woke up this morning with really small bags under my eyes, then noticed mid-morning my urine was almost clear, rather than the dark amber color it had been for the last couple of weeks, not matter how much water I drank. Then, tonight, a flat mole on my upper chest was really itchy. When I scratched it, it began to peel. Very interesting goings on with this juice. Thanks Jillian.”

I Love My Overseas People

“Wow, 6th day complete and what a difference on the Juice Protocol! I stalked for a few weeks, reading the files and a few of them over and over, reading all the posts and testimony’s and I jumped in after vacation. I put away all the supplements, was taking anywhere from 20-30 a day just to have maybe up to 6 hours of a good day, but always dragging. Born Celiac, didn’t find out till I was 38, now 53. Also at the same time finding out being celiac the guy told me that was behind the counter at a vitamin store in England also said I needed to candida cleanse so for 15 years have been doing so many different cleanses, I also contracted West Nile 11 years ago, very sick for 3 years and being in a study for the past 11 years it’s living on my kidneys, hoping to kill it off with the Juice! Also thyroid problems. Fun times, after just searching on FB for candida I found this site and immediately knew it being food to help and NOT a supplement, that I had stumbled gratefully onto the real deal. I researched hours a day and tried them all!! Now more energy then ever before, and hoping to wean off thyroid pills in the future after doing months of this Protocol and of course curing the celiac, but the most important is hoping not to get any more diseases and working to get many more years extended to my life and not being on the couch, but out and about living life! I have lost 3 pounds, was much more flexible in yoga today, had many compliments on my skin looking healthy and wonderful, acid reflux long gone, and aches and pains diminished. Drink the juice, it’s real food and it’s healing, and we have Jillian to thank for her house of research and being kind to share her finds with us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Animals Need The Protocol Too

“One of our cats got attacked the other night by a dog, opossum, coon or something.. He was very bad.. Almost thought he wouldn’t make it. The wounds were very deep & he couldn’t walk. I decided to go against ALL of my previous skill learned w natural medicine this time, which was a difficult challenge for me. Out came “Jillian’s brew” as we call it.) I took a syringe & flooded his wounds & gave him a big oral dose 3-4 x’s a day.. 3 days later & his wounds are miraculously healing beyond my expectations! I told my DH that he was my lil guinea pig once again I am CONVINCED!! On all levels! We’ve been using the juice as minor first aid relief… 4 kids under 11.. So u can imagine the cuts, bumps & scrapes are of plenty.. Lol. But this is the time a detrimental issue presented itself. “Cheetos” is up & walking around & coming back to his normal self! My DH was worried about bacteria & possible rabies being we live in the boondocks. I went on my faith of this protocol & his healing has far surpassed! Praise the Almighty for His good deeds! Normally this time of year I would be neck high in herbs to make into tinctures & salves to try & accomplish the above.. Not this year. Now I’m wishing & planted more cabbage & kale in the garden.
*edit. I forgot to mention he’s been on the juice once a day, over his food, for several weeks now.”

More Skin Problems Reversed; And A Story About A Beautiful Healing Toe

“Day 7 on the protocol! I have been drinking 2 cups on an empty stomach each morning. One day did 2 cups in the afternoon too but since I’d eaten earlier, didn’t get waterfalls until the next morning’s juice. At first, the juice tasted like sour super salty yuck. And even getting down 2 cups was a struggle. A couple days ago, I decided to leave it out overnight so I could try at room temperature. From what I was reading of Jillian’s comments, it was ok to not keep it constantly refrigerated. The next morning, I drank my juice with ease. It was almost pleasant. The taste seemed much milder and went down smooth and easy. When I was drinking it cold, my body was struggling to get big swallows down. This was a huge breakthrough for me! Plus, waterfalls, every day. Yay! Before getting on the Jillian Juice and diet, I was dealing with liver toxicity, from a drug I had been on for about 6 months. A friend recommended I try SAM-E as it helps liver detox as well as other beneficial stuff. Around that time I started getting blisters on my big toe. These got worse and worse. Athlete’s food, eczema, allergic reaction? Then they spread to my hands. Nothing helped. When I started the protocol, I started a daily foot soak as well. I am thrilled to say that my toe is healing beautifully and my hands are almost completely healed! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jillian and all of you here for what you have made possible! That’s all for now! Sending warm waves of gratitude and appreciation to each of you here willing to take responsibility for truly healing. You inspire me and help me keep my focus on this journey to true health and wellbeing.”

A Gallon A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

“Jillian, I think the reason for my dizziness just revealed itself. I had about 5 cyst like lumps
that felt attached to my gall bladder or liver. I felt they were fatty tumors. You could feel
them at my waist. Well 4 of them are gone and the last and biggest of them is now half it’s
size. When I press it, I feel dizzy. I just passed a toilet full of liver flukes – hundreds of
them!! Everyday a new testimony! It sounds like fireworks going off in my gut now. Back up
to 8 cups of ferment today. In a few days I’ll be up to a gallon a day. A gallon a day keeps the
doctor away!”

Purging Out Hundreds Of These Bastards

“Up’d my dose this evening and developed the worst headache, couldn’t get my head comfortable at all.
Then came the violent waterfalls and hundreds of these bastards – white stringy worms.  They’re segmented and I bet that’s how they multiply.   I feel relief and utter disgust but the headache is gone. Pain really does mean healing with this
protocol and it’s not scaring me like pain has for years.”

My 5 Year Old Son Fell In Love With Her Too

“Day 90 – Hello dear people! Well here I am at Day 90 and I wanted to give you an update. I am one of those that had to choke every single sip down from the beginning. I had diagnosed, long-term Lyme, extreme joint pain that had been diagnosed as arthritis, extreme skin sensitivity (Morgellon’s, traveling rashes) and long-term toxic mold exposure. I have high stress, as I’m a single mom that provides 95% of the financial and emotional support in my son’s life. I have experienced 12 deaths this year, including my mom passing unexpectedly. I have moved 4x in the last 2 years in an effort to get away from the vaccine mandates in California. So, needless to say, I was NOT WELL when I stumbled on a suggestion to this group posted in a thread on another candida product’s page. I was actually trying to get together $250 to do that product again (which I’ve done yearly) because it would help manage the candida for a little while.
I watched a video of Jillian and that was it, I knew she was my kind. She’s hilarious, smart, extremely well-educated in what’s really happening in our planet and I love her take-no-bs way.

My son fell in love with her too and would listen to her videos hanging on to EVERY SINGLE WORD. He now speaks about candida and is aware of every food in our house that does or does not feed candida (he’s 5 yo). So anyway, I started with 1 cup and slowly added as I could. I have had WF’s from day one. In the first week, I had my hypnotherapist friend tape me a guided recording that suggests that I love the taste because gagging it down was feeling pretty traumatic to me. I wasn’t sure it would work but the next day (after ONE listening) it tasted effervescent and do-able.
I’ve passed many, many parasites and globs of candida, I’ve had pain in my head that I believe is a master parasite that I’m still killing. It manifests as extreme neck pain that winds around my neck and up over my left ear. I did have days of tiredness, coldness, and stomach grumbling, but really only in the first few weeks. My skin has cleared considerably and two large sunspots are diminishing. I wash my face with the pulpy juice daily and spray with strained juice as a “lotion”. I need no other skincare products besides some organic Shea butter from time to time.

I had a period shortly after starting the Protocol that smelled like old rust. It was a very freaky odor. Now my periods have been much healthier and better and better through they’ve been shifting around a lot, so that’s probably my hormones balancing. My joint pain is diminished by 60%. I have lost 20 lbs. I sleep 4-7 hours a night and wake up refreshed and energized. The traveling rashes are non-existent. I live where the fires happened in Sonoma and I have been coughing up tons of stuff, I think my body is expelling what otherwise may have settled in my lungs. I cut my thumb deeply and there was glass deeply imbedded. Instead of stitches or an emergency room visit, I gave a LOT of conscious thought (I am a massage therapist and Rolfer so I really need my thumb!) and I soaked the cut for 3-6 min, 3x/day. The glass exited and the cut healed completely… in a week! I also had Pink Eye last week, healed in 52 hours with JJ on a cotton ball. My hearing and sight have been sharper and better than in the last 3 years.
All I can say is that I will never stop, and that I am eternally grateful to Jillian for her tireless devotion to healing herself and helping all of us. I was really beginning to lose hope, which was heartbreaking to me as a mom that has a young child so dependent on them. The relief knowing that I have the knowledge and power to heal myself with this for the rest of my life is TRULY PRICELESS.

What A Wonderful World It Would Be If Everybody Is Healthy And Happy

Hi everyone, it’s been a month since I started the Protocol or as we fondly call it “JJ”. In so many things I want to say, I want to summarize it in one word “AMAZING” The juice is a Godsend to me and I think to everybody else too who are healing and who believe in it. I am feeling so great and I can feel my body is healing. My arthritis pain is slowly fading and almost gone. I know it is a lifetime commitment to achieve my goal and I am ready to do it. I am religiously following the diet to the best I can and it’s very rewarding. I now have enough energy, good sleep, mental sharpness, nice skin and many more benefits. I would like to thank again Ms. Jillian for being a lift giving person to others. Please continue your dedication in spite of so many challenges. It’s part of life and healing process. What a wonderful world it would be if everybody is healthy and happy.

Arthritis Gone For The Whole Family , Plus Mom Lost 75 Pounds In One Year

“Hubby was just diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. He’s been dealing with so much pain and was given a 90 day supply of pain killers. I gave him a cup of the ferment last night and he said today he only took 1 pill which is major for him. I am giving him 2 cups tonight but I’m hoping he will do the full protocol. Going to keep giving him a little more every few days and work to remove items from his diet until he’s eating from the acceptable list. I’m on the protocol as of today. I introduced my mom to it and never did it full on myself. She lost about 75 pounds since starting the protocol earlier this year and had pain in her arm and hands for years which is now gone. She looks amazing!! Her skin is so bright and she looks younger.”

7 Years Of Suffering – GONE!

“(I’ve been on the protocol) 2 months 15days today:

Depressed moods – gone
Muscle aches – gone
Anxiety – gone
Eyeball pain – gone
Imbalance – gone
Insomnia – GONE
Stomach cramps – gone
Fatigue – gone
Itchy scalp – gone
Nose bleeds – gone
Bleeding gums – gone
Muscle spasms – gone
Red itchy eyes – gone
Restless legs – gone
Jaundice – gone
Pin worms – gone
Constipation – gone
Crawling skin – gone
Nausea – gone
Excessive sweating – gone
7 years of suffering – gone!

I have nothing more to say.