The Possibility of the Protocol

The Possibility of the Protocol

1. Will this possibly reverse all cancer, disease and chronic illness from A-Z? 

2. Will this fermented drink you promote, produce probiotics?  

3. Will following your “protocol” offer the “possibility that maybe you can reverse the aging process;” 

4.  Your fermented drink “recipe” is what humanity needs to regenerate cells at a very expeditious rate?” 

5. What is the science behind your “symptom healing management program;” 

6. Will using your “protocol” have the potential to “regrow limbs and regrow organs, even if one was born without them, reverse autism and Down’s Syndrome;” 

7. Is an LGBT lifestyle a “possible mutation of the reproductive system that sends mixed signals to the brain” and that in following your protocol “the body will figure out what it’s supposed to be based upon the original design of the human being?”