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Atonement is Suffering Part of the Rosicrucian Order

Atonement is when you sit and face the transgressions you committed against your body your mind and your spirit.. Transgressions could be the medical the holistical and the surgical system.. It could also be putting yourself in violence exposing yourself to aggressive elements as well as put yourself in danger like being an adrenaline junkie. It could also be drug abuse And other types of abuse against the body..

J world Be the one to represent someone who survives their suffering and still can be pain free..

I earned the right to be pain free today.

I earned bragging rights to be clear-headed mobile and pain free

I didn't ask anyone to end my suffering and I didn't end my own suffering, The suffering left the body.

I just gave it the exit point without using aggressive substances.. I gave it the space to leave..

So in reality the J world doesn't end their suffering they just give it the space to leave.. We sit and face every single physical transgression we ever violated against our body mind and spirit and we atone for our sins of the past Do you know why you never want to be the one professionally or unprofessionally to end somebody's suffering

Because you will be blamed for their death

Look at how many people are blaming anyone who has some kind of remedy or surgery or therapy that they agree with or disagree with and then somebody dies for whatever reason and guess who gets blamed.. The last person recommending something or doing something to end their suffering..

And if you're not licensed and you administered something to somebody, not make a suggestion or a recommendation, but you acted like a doctor or a nurse without a license Even with the license, that's when you have violated the law..

When somebody is suffering wanting you to end their suffering they are trapping you into making a decision for them that they already made but they don't want to take responsibility..

And so when that person dies you will be the one to blame not the person making the decision to end their own suffering.

Jilly juice world So stay out of peoples health and wellness world because you will be blamed if that person dies even if it was never your fault and it never was your fault.. When a person dies from something that is relatively safe barring any kind of h0micide suicid3 and infantic!de,

it was already set to go.. The person already laid the groundwork for you to finish them off..

Even massage therapist can break open a pod of Antibodies and trigger a chain reaction of events..

Literally people have set their friends and family up to take the fall for their lifestyle and beliefs.

The person wanting the suffering to end just didn't want to take responsibility.. You see it all over Facebook.. So many people have professed themselves to be the one to end people suffering even using my juice..

Mischaracterizing the microbes in their body.

And I will tell you I am a minority in the world.. I would rather be a minority .. It's not even about thinking for yourself.. People think for themselves all the time..

I just have different intentions than most people.. That's the difference with me and the rest of the world and the Jay world..

My intentions are completely opposite of the medical and the holistic energy healing world veterinary world.. And I do backup my claims and I put my money where my mouth is even if people think I'm a monster I don't really care.. I could afford to do what I had to do because I'm not the kind of person who will give away the responsibility when it comes right down to it..

I faced every single decision I made without blaming someone really..

What happened to my dog was developed in the veterinary system but I took responsibility for The Choice at the end..

I allowed the veterinary system to finish the job that they started..

Now you know that's where suffering begins when you start using the veterinary medical system..

In this world.. I will tell you, you can survive your suffering if you react to it differently not traditionally..

That's why you have to be a licensed professional in order to end somebody's suffering so that way you have the power of legalities to protect you from lawsuits.. But even then malpractice and other investigations come up when people die under a doctor's care..

So in the Jay world never ever recommend Jay juice to end somebody suffering.

Tell them I hope you survive the pains of life..

But I will never end your suffering because I will not be responsible for your death..

Not that I was ever responsible but you know how people are..

You alone are responsible for your own life-and-death..

So at the end of the day I never destroyed my dog.. S*** was already set in motion way before.

I had the pleasure of giving her the life that she had and then I had to face what was already set in motion..

So at the end of the day I never destroyed my dog.. S*** was already set in motion way before.

I had the pleasure of giving her the life that she had and then I had to face what was already set in motion..

What if we never had to rely on the veterinary medical system.. The outcome could be quite different..

This is why I don't give money to those who want to end their suffering..

Principally and morally I'm against it.. That dollar could be the thing that destroys people.. I do not fund the death of others..

In my book I have to cover my a**.. And so yes I do condemn people to the medical system in my book if they don't want to do what I'm doing because at this point they don't know how to survive their own transgressions and so they must have some absolution and have the medical system end their suffering even if it means rest in peace..

In reality only listen to yourself and no one else..

I did

which meant that I was ready for whatever..

I made The Choice when I needed to make The Choice and no one else.. And so I proved that the medical and the veterinary system end peoples lives.. When you've already programmed people to suffer exponentially that's what happens unless you teach them something different..

Remember everyone will be in your ear..

But you alone have made a choice..

At the end of the day you will deal with whatever choices you made in your life.. I hope you survive The Choices you make

That's the new world order that's the Georgia Guidestones.. That's the Rosicrucian order.

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