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Clearly, I am NOT a Doctor, or Ever Professed to Be One

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Academia, tied in with the corporations and the government, have a purpose. I am not saying their predominant initial intention was wrong. What I am saying is, humans who continuously die and reproduce, their offspring will need to do things differently because some of the genomes out there are over-innovated, and need to "start over again", but not make copies of "damaged" cells. Take that statement however you want.

All children and offspring are made in the best of intentions, but as you see in our society the crime, the bullies, disease and extremism are on the rise.

This is not a coincidence. Chaos happening at the micro-level will manifest at the macro-level.

You do not need a degree to prove another argument. You just need to take the arguments out there and reverse the intentions and reverse engineer them.

I know this because I was raised by scientists, as you will read in my book.

When you were raised by scientists you understand the programming and the scientific concepts are not that hard to comprehend.

If the world of science manipulates people to be open/closed relative to intention with the end result in the morgue, and I profess to be completely opposite of that intention and food is NOT poison and pulling out your fecal plug is something you do for yourself, NOT some stranger (licensed or not), what do you think I am manipulating you into?


It takes a committed person to be able to dissect arguments and reverse engineer outcomes.

The challenge is not to come off as a savior, guru or cult leader. I must come off as matter of fact and give people choices and access to information.

The saviors out there will save you to death and say they saved you.

That is the society we live in.

PS Maybe it is time to save yourselves and if you have a journey worth writing about and posting online, please do it. Give people the outline why your methods are better and why they should follow you vs observing me.

I have found those who will never ever post their journey of self/cellf discovery have everything to say about other people's. I even had to reevaluate my intentions and post my journey without saying you should do what I do. Not everyone can, but each person must make their own choices for themselves and if they need guidance, call a professional.

My journey is not unique. There are others who are also understanding the process. Some are more outspoken about their journey and others are not.

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