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Consensual/Nonconsensual R/ape is Why People Die

Consensual/nonconsensual r/ape Is why people are dying in the medical holistic , energy healing world in politics , religion and science .

People are in contracts with people who are destroying them . But they don't know any better. They don't have the words. They don't have the tolerance. And they won't listen to any new information.

And you can't do anything for them.. Because they don't have the conditioning or the tolerance for climate change. And they surround themselves by vectors of energy and competing microbes they cannot tolerate..

People do do it to themselves.. But they always have someone to blame.

You are a vector. Everyone around you is a vector.

You have to understand how to survive vectors.. Because the environment will cause the force of those vectors to be so influential.. People die suddenly.

Dante's Inferno was all about your corked up colon and the disease within.

The nine circles of hell are symptoms of disease.. They turn into the four humors and then personalities and then addictions and afflictions.. And then predatory behaviors.










Even DANTE A. knew what afflicted people..

Dante Alighieri

Italian poet

Quick facts

Born: 1265, Florence, Italy

Died: September 14, 1321 (age 56 years), Ravenna, Italy

Cause of death: Quartan fever

Influenced by: Virgil, Aristotle, Homer, Thomas Aquinas, Ptolemy, Ovid, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, More

Spouse: Gemma Di Manetto Donati (m. 1285–1321)

Full name: Durante degli Alighieri

Poems: Inferno, Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, Paradiso, La Vita Nuova

Remember all cures turn into another version of that disease.. Diseases never disappear they just mutate.. Then you get offspring that represent that specific disease.. But people wouldn't consider themselves disease unless they antagonize somebody else..

If you have issues in your colon and intestines.. And you can't poop.. And over the counter medication is not working..

When you're corked up like this... You're ripe for a heart attack.

The signs are there when someone is developing a path for a heart attack or stroke.. I probably saved that woman's life on doctor phil because she survived a heart attack that she may have died from if she didn't preempt it before it became so bad.. When you wait for mother nature to do something you may not survive.. Especially in this environment..

This was copied and pasted.. This was from a died suddenly group.. Constipation are indicators of potential future heart attacks and strokes.. You don't want to be constipated.. You didn't want to be malnourished. And you need milk meat cheese eggs.. Cabbage.

Some groups blames everyone's issues on the current therapies on the market.. But you can extend the blame to other things if you can go beyond just one thing. Everything is a factor yes.. But simply not getting a public health therapy doesn't get you out of the woods..

You literally have to stop treating diseases if you want to save yourself and survive climate change. You literally have to redefine your relationship with food air and water.. You literally have to redefine your relationship with symptoms.

If you can't redefine your relationship with the world you live in and energy emanating from your immune system.. It won't matter what you do or do not do.. You can't handle life and change.. You cannot handle evolution.

That's the bottom line.

Why do you think doctors/midwives help women deliver babies, because the strain is

very hard on the body..

Pushing out foreign enemies out of your body is extremely hard on the body..

You need all food to condition for climate change and the hidden hand.

You need to help your body deliver the evil from it..

What's the evil: the demons.. Every bit of waste material that comes out of all the different orifices and pores.. You push that evil back in it will turn into something working against you..

You starve the evil in your body it will work against you and eat you.

Giving birth to yourself means releasing those demons.. And it's a messy fucked up job to do , but it's survival.

You have to be conditioned to deliver yourself from evil..

Now you know why doctors and nurses and all the different health professionals must have licenses..

They are human exorcists handling excrement..

Good and evil is in the excrement.. And you can't be the one to target what is good or evil because you don't know.. Your immune system knows if its supported properly.. But when you disable your immune system.. You host demons and then you destroy yourself.

That's what's going on. People disable their immune system hosting demons within while destroying themselves..

the quote:

"I guess it’s my turn.

A family member took 3 in 2021. Got a br-ain

tu-mor in 2022. Had surgery to removed it. Living with pain in legs and is always extremely tired.

One month ago, could not do bowel movements. Been taking store bought meds that aren’t helping.

Today, was rushed to hospital. Is profusely sweating, cold, clammy. CAT scan and blood work not showing anything. Is admitted in hospital. Doc-tors said they do not know what is wrong.

So very afraid of the outcome.

UPDATE: Diagnosis is a heart attack. I found out later there was chest pain and heart rate at 170 when in emergency room. Tests done were on gallbladder and MRI. Don’t know results yet."

If this person survives.. And if the person doesn't change the way the do stuff.. And if this person gets treated and told to stay away from food.. The next time this person won't survive if this person even survives this.

This is everywhere..

Gen X is the variable..

thanks mom for not following the crowd. thank you for the freedom. with freedom comes responsibility.

my mother gave me a gift.. she gave me the freedom to develop my own storyline, not regurgitate someone else's..

thank you mom!!!!!

50 years later I understand now.. she gave me a gift allowing me to struggle and save myself.. and I did.. and she gave me the proper tools.. she did not bail me out or catch me all the time from falling.. she did not worship me or spoil me.. she did not impose her way unless I asked for it..

she was hands off later.. and mothers who finally walk away from their adult children, might actually save their kids from destruction..

when you have to strategize your own survival, that is the gift that keeps on giving..

and I am an adult who is accountable for her own choices and i do NOT need to run to mommy and daddy every time the wind blows wrong. I can scale down my lifestyle and change when I need to..

and when you know you don't have mommy and daddy to bail you out or friends and family to bail you out, you can only imagine the innovation and strategy and gift that was given to you..

which is why i am only accountable to my husband and govt.. and that is it.. I negotiate my survival and we don't have mommy and daddy to bail us out..

we are Gen x..

you might think this offensive.. however, all of us were cultures under tests and experiments..

understanding the resources available to you and strategizing survival takes practice along with pain/suffering and falling down, being alone, taking accountability... and finding workable solutions that is not taxing someone else..

I never want to tax others so much for my own survival..

it is a culture.. it is a lifestyle.. but now we can see what kinds of people are developed from the different child rearing practices out there..

we get to see it on facebook.. those who are innovative, had to struggle.. those who are criminals, whining and full of health issues always had someone carve out their problems for them..

Yes I had health issues but I still worked and found a strategy despite them.. Even marriage is not always a surefire way to survive.. Unless you both are on the same page.. Helping each other survive.. Especially with my information today.

But those who are extremely dependent on everyone to give them a remedy a surgery or a recommendation for something, someone always gave them a remedy to take away their pain and suffering and lesson..

So they never learned a damn thing.. And they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over , expecting someone to save them..

we are in a different world now.. so those with health issues need to strategize their survival ... I could not tell you how..

I strategized my survival, despite my evolution among a society who resists change and evolution and it was HELL.

It was pure fucking hell trying to change when many of you were laughing at me..

And if you want to survive you will have to go through hell.. Or you will succumb to whoever it is that is most influential in your life..

Sometimes to save yourself you must stand up to your friends and family..

I hope you have what it takes.

Why do kids die suddenly.. Because they couldn't handle the pain of life and food.. They couldn't handle change.. You can already see it through childrearing practices how kids survive or not survive..

If mother is there to feed into that child's every whim

If father is there to feed into that child's every whim..

They will have no impetus to do s*** on their own.

They don't have to..

Mommy and daddy are there for them all the time.. I mean all the time..

And then their poor wives and husbands have to deal with that bullshit.

That's why you have fifty percent divorce rate because we have children raising children..

When the system or someone is vacuuming out or carving out their problems.. They won't have the strength to survive climate change.. That's died suddenly .

When parents depend so much on their kids to be their best friends.. As children and adults. They just ruined that person. That person has no ability to struggle on their own.. And they will be easily manipulated by somebody because they will have to depend upon someone.. Because they can't even stand up by themselves , much less in a relationship..

Because even marriage partners have to survive each other.. Or one will destroy the other one.

So even in a marriage you have to give them the choice to destroy themselves but not you.

That's why I give my husband the choice of what he chooses to spend his money on and how hard he must work.. But I will not die for anyone. I will not die for anyone.. And I will not enslave anyone.. And I will not let anyone enslave me for their addictions. And lifestyle and belief system.

I will not die for wealth and riches. And religion.. And if I had kids , I wouldn't die for them..

I don't worship anyone I don't even worship myself.

The only time you need friends is when you need someone to take away your pain and suffering and loneliness.. Someone to keep you company while you destroy yourself.. Someone to bounce ideas off of if they even comprehend your thoughts.

Someone to unload all of your problems onto because you can't manage your own problems on your own..

You're not learning anything from your friends and family.. The reason why they're your friends and family is because you all cycle in the same loop together.. And if they changed you would kick them out of the group.. But it would naturally happen anyways.

It's the stranger that you resist and you learn from..

And you're not even particularly close to them.. And you also hate the strangers that you learn from.

But your friends and family don't give you anything more than what you already hold inside..

They are your remedies.. They are your addictions. They are your security blankets..

What happens if they're not around anymore.. Could you survive on your own..

I bet not.

With that said could my husband learn from me.. No. We're too close.. No different than you can't have a surgeon operating on their own family..

Could I learn from my husband. It just depends. But I wouldn't become christian for him. No different than he would convert to judaism for me. We wouldn't change for each other like that..

So when you are related to someone who is innovative in their own right.. You'll be the sacrificial lambs because you can't see the forest for the trees..

I wish my husband would understand my information .. Maybe he's not meant to.

And so yes, I know this system is "raping" mother earth with all the lasers.. And so how is that any different then raping the earth for oil.. Probably less messy .. I couldn't say less invasive because developing Earthquakes and continents to split might be a little invasive..

Injecting the atmosphere with salt to cause rain and cloud seeding and even cloud brightening.. Well.. It only harms those who don't take the cover of darkness and stay inside..

Well. Pardon the pun.

A well is a deep hole or shaft dug into the ground to access natural resources. Wells can be used to access water, oil, gas, or brine.

It's not your call to make. You were invited to this world.. You weren't entitled to this world.

Survive it.

Engineering is all about force.. It's all about energy conversion..

You can engineer yourself and assimilate to the engineering out there..

If you don't like the world you live in.. You can depopulate yourself but not others..

No one is forcing you to be here.

By the way, friends and families and pets and animals you surround yourself with are also vectors..

Force equals matter times acceleration..

The laws of motion dictate that your friends and family inject themselves into your world and attempt to take over..

So even the people you hang out with are like vectors.. Your husbands and wives and children are like vectors.. Your pets too

And it will be a fight to the death.. Even the diverse crowd you inject yourself into when it comes to concerts and movies and fairs.

During particle acceleration people's spirits are extremely influential and that's why turbo cancers.

a type of alien/ailing possession.

Then people are forced to get r/aped by the medical holistic energy healing world because they have to carve out the opposing spirits out of their body.Sometimes they give birth to ailing/alien possession..

That's the Caesarean section..

Unless they can purge that baby out naturally and it's painful.. Some women don't survive childbirth.

The equation F=ma, or force equals mass times acceleration, is Newton's second law of motion. This means that the force acting on an object is equal to the object's mass times its acceleration. This means that the more mass an object has, the more force you need to accelerate it. It also means that the greater the force, the greater the object's acceleration.

And so those who are smaller have to be more strategic against those who are larger with more force..

The revenge of the nerds.. Against the brutal barbarians of our society.

Men and women who throw their weight around fail to use their brain to strategically survive in our society.. Because they always forced themselves onto everyone..

That's not going to cut it anymore.

Yes the scientists rule the world.. Not the beefy weight lifters.. Who deflate over time. Yeah the sports stars.. The olympians.. footballers.. Are dying suddenly on the field.

That should be a clue.

And so if you're using your strength and your weight to intimidate others.. That's raping somebody's spirit. using your brawn to intimidate somebody else..

Oh joy.

Remember you always have a choice. But if you have to take a vaccine chances are you have issues with the environment so it won't matter what you do.. But if getting a therapy gives you peace of mined, who am I to get in the way of your peace of mind.. It's not my call to make.

But if your friends and family die suddenly.. You can blame whatever you want.. But you didn't have it in you if you have to take a therapy. If you have to take a holistic therapy you didn't have it in you to survive the environment..

If you have food allergies.. If you have diagnosable conditions.. And people die suddenly.. They didn't have it within them to survive the environment. They were not equipped for climate change.

So don't even blame the people who are not vaccinated or the people who are vaccinated..

If you can't survive your environment , it's because of your practices and developing a case for a future died suddenly.. And all those remedies not only thinned your blood but forced your body to do things against its will..

Choose your own adventure. But don't blame anyone for the choices you make.

Then you have the starvation artists.

So if they are not raping their body , they are starving it.. Those are all the people who are political about food or think food is poison or can't handle the pain of life and food

The system made you all or nothing.. And then they programmed you to destroy yourself and call it healing.

And so when people have raped their body and forced the body to close up using the latest remedies.. Then they start gaining so much weight..

They deny themselves food or run themselves to death. And then their blood vessels and vital organs are so weak they don't survive climate change..

But hey they feel great. They feel on top of the world..

Starvation does that.. Starvation makes you feel good. Until it doesn't anymore.

I had to learn, in order to develop an argument against the rape of the immune system via the vaccine industry, then all therapies in the medical/holistic/energy healing world must come into question.

If you question one therapy, all therapies must be held to the same standards.

Every therapy is vector therapy.. Someone or something is forcing themselves onto/into you regardless of permission. And there is a very specific expectation of hormonal response that is programmed within that therapy.

Technically.. everything you do to take something as a therapy to modify your hormones and behaviors and feelings is the rape of your body mind and spirit..

So if you see a doctor or a naturopathic on supplements and herbal remedies and cannabis.. Your argument against the vaccine industry will be very shaky.. But if you do win.. It won't matter anyways.. The people who take vaccines never had in them to survive climate change.. So the system just threw money at the problem to appease people..

It was never about their life.

It was about money..

What's the point of winning money if you don't survive your environment.

I don't care about making lawyers rich.. Go for it if you have an argument against the vaccine industry.

I hope my arguments can help you.. Because at this point it doesn't matter.

People who have to take any therapy will have an issue with climate change regardless.


In physics, a vector is a quantity that has both magnitude and direction, such as velocity, force, and displacement. Vectors are often represented by arrows that start at one point on a coordinate axis and end at another, with the length of the arrow being proportional to the quantity's magnitude and the direction of the arrow being the same as the quantity's direction.

Examples of vectors in nature include: momentum, force, electromagnetic fields, and weight.

Vectors can be added and scaled, and these operations led to the concept of a vector space. A vector space formed by geometric vectors is called a Euclidean vector space, and a vector space formed by tuples is called a coordinate vector space.

A quantity or phenomenon that exhibits magnitude only, with no specific direction, is called a scalar. Examples of scalars

include: speed, electrical resistance, and hard drive storage capacity.

AI Generated above

When you're using supplements. When you're using medication. When you're getting surgeries. When you're using drugs. Herbal remedies.. Vaccines. even imbibing spirits. Alcohol or liquor.

You are forcing the body to do something against its will. The rape of the body , mind and spirit through the medical , holistic energy healing world. Even the massage therapists..

all therapies are the rape of the body , mind and spirit.

Therapy = the rapie

Your body will rebel against you when you continue to keep raping it of its resources... When you keep forcing it to do things it was not conditioned to do..

That's why people die suddenly.. They were NOT conditioned for climate change. They kept forcing their body to do things against its will until it finally gave out from exhaustion.

People are so disrespectful to their body.. And then they have the gall to blame somebody else.. And they keep selling their friends and family things to force the body to open and close.

Passing on that rape of the body, mind and spirit..

Immortality is conditioning to live.

When you carve out, suck out or force out or force something in the body, or force an organ to do something against it's will, you won't have what it takes when the climate changes.

The ra/pe of the body mind and spirit is through the medical holistic energy healing therapy world.

You are essentially forcing the body to do something against its will using alchemy and scalpels. And then starvation to boot.

Just think of a human as one large cell when it goes through senecense and it triggers sexual reproduction, a new life is formed that will destroy the prior life if given the opportunity. That's called a programmed cell death.

Apoptosis. or parenthood.

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is a process that involves cells committing suicide by activating a death program. It's a vital process that involves distinct morphological changes and energy-dependent biochemical mechanisms.

Granted it is slower if a person it's relatively healthy and can raise that new life.

Some people have so many programmed cell deaths that they actually do commit suicide.

At the micro level.

When cells must evolve it has to shed the old programming so it can develop the new programming. Things get purged out..

The goal is to survive the great purge..

Which is why people die from blood clots because they hold a lot of the offspring that aren't fully developed in their colon and lymphatic system.

And when their immune system becomes so activated from CLIMATE CHANGE and the body holds so much underdeveloped offspring, the body will then try to purge out what doesn't belong..

The goal is to survive the great purge.

Not everybody does. Because they were not conditioned to retain or release the literal organic way..

They had everything carved out or sucked out or forced out through medicines.

Even the massage therapist are forcing the body to do things against its will..

Anyone doing anything to you is doing things against you even if you give permission.

But everything is contractual. Your bodies are in contract with different people places and things..

There is an offer. Consideration. ACCEPTANCE

just make sure that contractual agreement serves you and benefits you more than it doesn't.

When people die.. They sold their soul.. And they did things against themselves more than for themselves.

And they couldn't handle the energy conversion..

Which is why I stay home more than not so I don't have to burn my retinas. And wearing sunglasses is paramount.

The all seeing eye.. When light is so strong it burns through your retinas..

Photo toxicity is a thing.. But since people don't have pain receptors behind their retinas they don't know the damage they're doing until later on.. And so much light can also cause immunological disturbances..

I learned that during the eclipse.. That's why IFLScience said don't be caught out there.. They know.. They knew.. But you can't tell people anything.. they will just call you a conspiracy theorist and dismiss you.. They will read an article and only believe that perspective of the article. Which is true relative to your perspective. But there's always another storyline.

I get dismissed for so many reasons anyways.. Not just for being an unapologetic conspiracy theorist..


Think i'm entertainment.

But I always knew there was another storyline. I didn't always take everything for face value. Sometimes there are footnotes you have to read.. If you do not read the foot notes , you lose most of the story.

Which is why those who don't have education behind them don't fucking understand a damn thing. And they will dismiss you. Call you a liar. Say that you are a monster. And feel sorry for you because you had a "bad childhood".

And on and on and on..

Even the educated ones forgot their education.. They lost their ability to critically think.. lost in hormones family pleasure and paradise.

Until one day. People get rude awakenings. But they were warned..

Well that day is here.

What's a footnote.. So many books hold footnotes because there's always storylines embedded into storylines.. And you have to be focused enough to understand how those storylines intersect with the main story.. one can't just be so biased and one sided that you lose perspective.

Footnotes are small notations at the bottom of a page that provide additional information or cite the source of a passage in the page's text. A footnote is marked in the page text by a superscript icon, usually an asterisk (*) or number (¹), which corresponds to the matching footnote at the bottom of the page.Dec 29, 2022

The system will carve out the smart cities through weather and lasers.

You can't resist or stop this. Just be prepared to lose everything and rebuild somewhere else if you have to. assuming you prepare and survive climate change. Assuming you get down to the basement or somewhere safe in time. Assuming you don't put yourself in harm's way.

Was the Titanic switched for the Olympic that was already damaged in a prior incident and used and then destroyed collecting insurance for the destructiin? If they looked almost exactly the same it would be easy to do a very quick switch.

I told you harsh light will cause a lot of issues in people. Which is why I blacked out the places I live in my house.. And I won't look at any eclipse.. And it's time to wear sunglasses all the time outdoors if possible , especially for long periods of time..

The soft wattage bulbs are better.. LEDs are extremely harsh on the biological immunological system.

Your eyes are gateways to your soul and Internal immune system..

You can see psychosis in people's eyes.. You can see lack of empathy in certain people's eyes.. You can see potential serial killers in some people's eyes..

The eyes are the window to your soul..

The all. Seeing. EYE.

People with heart conditions driving at night must be extremely careful.. Sudden flashes of LEDs while you're driving will cause temporary blindness and who knows what else.. Just think of all the reflective particulates that are also LED influenced.. All the water vapor chemical trails.. Chemicals aren't poison however when coupled with sun and light and energy.. They have a photo toxic effect..

Blue light, common in LED devices, has a phototoxic effect. This means repeated exposure can make our skin and eyes extremely sensitive to light. The ANSES report also linked LED lighting to retinal damage.

For clarity purposes.. All religions are government regulated.. The government gave you your religion

So when you only listen to your religion you're basically only listening to the government with no discernment.

I just want to make sure I clarify that.. Those who think there's a separation between church and state.. No there isn't .. Just like the justice system doesn't deliver justice.. They just give you a closure..

To be anti government and highly religious is irony.. Oh really.

I'm not trying to be an asshole.. At some point new information must penetrate.. Somebody has to be the one to give you new information..

Change must start somewhere.. If you can't listen to your government..

At least consider one of your peers..

If your told your peers are crap.. Only listen to government in hollywood.

It won't matter what you do because you can't discern between your peers and the government..

It's all or nothing to you..

That's not how life works.. Real critical thinking does not throw away the baby with the bathwater..

One example. Around the eclipse.. If the government says stay home and stay safe , don't be caught out there.. There's a reason why.. They know. But I already knew.. But they know why it's dangerous out there. They know why staring at the Sun.Even with little stupid glasses is dangerous..

If you laugh at government when they warn you about stuff.. You set yourself up.. If they make a recommendation please get a vaccine and you don't want to. You made a personal choice and that's fine. But then turning to holistic remedies makes it even worse. So you might as well have gotten the vaccine..

Because no matter what, your immune system was activated by the environment and you developed offspring microbes , that will metastasize at some point.. And those holistic remedies develop aggressive opposing forces.. Along with your lifestyle and belief system and particle acceleration..

You might as well just gotten the vaccine..

Because you have no discernment between anything any more..

And are easily manipulated..

Your whole world is synthetic.. There is nothing organic about your world.

If you don't believe that.. You'll fall for every single resistance and manipulation known to mankind..

those who ONLY read the bible and revelations and NOTHING else blinded themselves to 99% of the valuable information out there and it will be easy for the system to "take them out" by their own hands.

if that is your only allegory and story, the system reinforced your own blindness..

You won't consider my info because I am not govt, or religious person or Hollywood star..

i am nothing to most people out there who have blinded themselves to only read one doctrine and that is it..

sad sad sad to me because I value your life.. But it's not sad to you .

Thank you for your service.

i am sorry.. the bible and revelations is not the only storyline, unless you plan to pass away, someday....

most do.. which is why they only stick to revelations..

ok.. godspeed... Then there's no reason to resist the government .. There's no reason for you to resist what their alleged intentions are.. You already told the system you want to die some day.. And probably sooner than you expect..

That's the irony of the resistance.. They already believe they should die someday.. The government is giving them what they want .

But the people are resisting that..

Why is that..

Because they never understood how programmed they truly were..

And I can't change you.. You don't even think you can change you.

So resistance equals mutually assured destruction..

The government will just manipulate the environment.

You will resist the information or symptoms and cure yourself to death.

And then claim you never wanted to die.

When everything else spoke to the contrary.

You were given so much information and you spat in the face of change and evolution..

And you called me a monster.. When you have put your friends and family in hospice and starvation. When you give your kids away to the medical system.. Because you can't handle pain suffering and coughing and sneezing..

And so you condition your kids not to sneeze and cough and blow their nose.. You just rely on vacuums to suck everything out of their body , mind and spirit.. So they have no conditioning for release.. Or retention for that matter.

Then of course , those food allergies will be the death of them..

Because they don't have the proper nourishment to reinforce their vital organs.. And so when the climate changes , they don't survive.. That's the tenth plague .. Food allergies means that you are starving..

It's happening now.

And you bullued those that try to give you new information.. You ridiculed those who tried to give you new information..

And now at eleventh hour maybe maybe you might consider new information..

It might be too late for your children , but not for you.. It might be too late for you and not for your children.. It just depends.

Adults have a better chance in adaptation than children do.. Children do not have a fully developed immune system.. Especially with all of their food intolerances.

DEWs = direct energy weapons in the hospital or the military


people in poor health are ailing/alien attacking themselves with DEWs and herbs, and starvation

then they attack others who are not ailing/alien.. until they have consumed everything in their en viron ment..

And they relish in other people's suffering regardless of why.. And their intention is to destroy.. Not only do they believe they should die but they also believe other people should die, as well.

But they don't want to die today. But they believe you should die someday.. Those are your friends and family..

And they have every intention to take you down through love and hate and intolerance.

And they hate for you to change.. And they will ridicule you until you fucking submit to them.. Or they will love you to death.. They will also gift you to death..

That's the alien agenda.

That's the ailing agenda.

Misery loves company.

attack = love/hate/biases

this is yet another storyline that some will take extreme offense to.

And it's in a plane site. Just look at your beliefs.. Look at your behaviors.. Look at your religions

That's the family..

Charles Manson was the proxy to that belief system..

He was the representation of the future.. Sharon Tate was the human sacrifice..

She represented the future and women today..

Hollywood is the hologram..

Now you know. Can you survive this storyline.. Or will it be something else you can resist and destroy.. While you think the system is destroying you..

No you have destroyed yourself.. and your intention is to destroy others until you stop destroying yourself..

How you treat yourself is how you will treat others.. And if you are destroying yourself.. And you are intolerant to your own immune system..

That's how you will treat the world around you.. You will cure yourself to death.. You will allow a government proxy to cut into you. And you will stay under the influence until you don't exist anymore.. And you will expect everyone around you to be on the same wave length.. And you will enslave people and animals until they're not useful anymore.. Then they're discarded.

And if you don't think of yourself as important or take your life seriously.. How could you possibly take any other life seriously.. Because you have said you are disposable.. Which means everything around you is disposable as well..

The future is sustainable.. But you will dispose of yourself not others..

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