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The 4th Turning in an 80 Year Cycle

The 4th Turning in an 80 Year Cycle

Not only are you in it but some of you make sure there is death and destruction in your friends and family.. Because you are repeating history.. And you have no incentive to change.

So, finally, I was able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that not only history repeats itself, look at your kids/grandkids copying mommy and daddy and gramps/gramma, but with that constant "replication" could turn into all out human extinction.

It is NECESSARY, to change and evolve and STOP COPYING MOMMY AND DADDY AND GRANDMA AND GRANDPA, because they will lead you down a dark road of death and destruction!!

Why? Because they were trained by the system to react to energy and believe certain stories that inevitably cause all out human/animal extinction within that genetic line and even a whole civilization.

I even did the Math when I first discovered "turnings" meaning generations from a show on Netflix, written by Guillermo Del Toro, Cabinets and Curiosities. I would go back 80 years from each major event and the Math came out relatively correctly in History. I would then go back 20 years and look at all the major events and innovations developed during that time and examined each generation, including my own, Gen X.

You are in the 4th turning of crisis, death and destruction and WW3 is like WW2, but you are the one gassing your own friends family and causing them NOT to want to save themselves and change. If it was not for you and your "soft" heart, they would not be as co-dependent as you are.

If you want to survive climate change and the 4th turning, you must change yourself, therefore, force people to find a different co-dependent or maybe the person might have no choice but to survive their own bullshit.

But when people feel they have no other choice but to repeat history, there's always that religion to justify everything they do and they have someone to blame it on..

I don't care how much you like my information.. If you don't change your behavior my information means nothing..

Paying lip service to information that is foreign to you is nothing more then blowing kisses into the wind.. It's used to placate people..

Then you become another notch on someone's bedpost..

People collect people.. And it's disingenuous. But every single religion and spirituality makes it okay..

That is the 4th Turning



YOU want "justice" for yourself for what you think are transgressions committed against you and your culture? that is called self induced died suddenly, to end your suffering.

And you'll get justice for your children by giving them to the medical and holistic system.

You'll get all the closure you want..

The system will close you up and you will self implode.

Because you gave your john hancock.. You signed on the dotted line..

And you also refused to change anything about your life..

And people are having seizures.. They're bleeding from their nose .. From their mouth .

Because they don't know how to chill the fuck out They think they live in nineteen eighty five..

High aggressive exercise energy will destroy you.

A seizure.. If you survive it.. Is a fucking indicator.

And when your blood vessel start popping.. That's indicator you haven't conditioned for the environment and you have weak blood vessels.

To survive you must rage it out.

The ones that yell and shout will outlive the quiet ones..

Especially during these times..

if you cannot rage like me and be so energetic, an asshole and loud, i question your survival..

if you dont have the strength to yell and scream and be a nasty asshole, you won't have it in you to push blood clots through your immune system


And do not hurt anyone in the process.

assholes might outlive the "nice" kind people.. Nice kind people are deadly and I knew that. All the love love love people are deadly. Because they will destroy your ability to survive.. They will repress all the trauma and keep it in you until you explode.

long live the phucking assholes in our society.. and steer clear of them.. they are releasing some pent up energy.. and they are desperate to survive..

long live the phucking assholes.. the "nice" "kind" gentle people wil fold up and die because they have NO strength to survive.

. they act like doormats and the system will treat them as such.

i told you.

I knew the love people were deadly.. That's why I kicked them out of my groups

Because they will sit on you.. And strangulate your ability to release.. And they will surgically take out every single defense mechanism you have. And they will tell you to shut up. They don't want to hear your pain and suffering..

They want you drugged and under the influence.. They want you a robot

And if you try to emote and release energy..

they will destroy it. And take away your ability to release .. They will even take out your voice..

They're the f****** deadly ones that's why I don't hang out with love holistic spiritual people..

And they are everywhere.. And they are dangerous..

fucking dangerous.

And mothers do that to their own children..

That's how fucking dangerous it is out there..

It is okay to release.

Just don't harm anyone in the process..

But if you drug your release and you carve it out.. It will be worse later.

And that's why you have to eat all food to repair any damage from the retention and release process..

You must rest.

WW2 is proof the system doesn't give a shit about the people if the people don't give a shit about themselves.

When retribution is millions of civilians for a military base and GIs

That was not justice.. It was closure. It was the most devastating closure ever..

That's also the midwest , those who were pummeled by the tornadoes..

That was an ending that will continue to happen until people wake up.. If you keep rebuilding in areas that were devastated.. You will be taken out one day.. Because you'll be too tired to fight.

History is written by the winners.

It's not justice

It's closure

It shows you how far a system will go to prove a point and then end something...

Yes you want to be afraid.. You want to be very afraid.

This is not about scoffing in any one's face..

This is figure out how you're going to fucking survive.

Both arms were in pain today..

It was survivable.. But I had to sleep to deal with it.

And eat..

These frequencies can even change personalities.

Why am I using world war two references.. Because they are telling you..

We're in the fourth turning.. History does repeat because the system repeats to keep the balance..

The system doesn't care about you or your family..

You either understand how to care about yourself.. And in turn your offspring might have a chance..

But there is no guarantee .. Because once you're offspring have a mind of their own and caught in the system.. They're done..

And even then you cannot make any child suffer to live.. You can't force feed a child the food it needs if it will refuse it..

You have to care about you..

The system could give a shit about you.

The system doesn't give a shit about your children either..

You either take care of your kids and yourself.. And you figure out how to suffer within the confines of a law.. And fucking survive this..

Or you let it be disintegrated... By treating it to death.

Because it is illegal to make something suffer unless it has explicitly said it was okay.. Or

unless there's nothing you can do.. Except put it down humanely..

And treating disease after the fact is not taking away the suffering.. It just makes the next time THAT much worse..

And treating disease after the fact is not taking away the suffering.. It just makes the next time THAT much worse..

Treating disease after diagnosis doesn't take away the suffering..

It just makes it worse the next time around.

Until you are untreatable.

And either you die suddenly or you look like a conc/entration camp victim..

But this time you do it to yourself.. You gave the system permission..

The culture of dependency and deficiency is going to the wayside.

I really don't think those of the opposite sex and those who could be sexually attracted to each other could actually be friends without the sex part.

The sex part gets in the way.

I really don't think it's possible.. Acquaintances are one thing. Even friends can cross boundaries.. It sets the stage..

Especially married people.. That's playing with fire.. You add in alcohol and drugs and that could be very bad..

When they tell you all great love start off as friends.. You're playing with fire. Especially if you're married..

It's socially acceptable and even preferable that everyone becomes friends before they get married.. Or even have sex.

It could even make a great story in the future..

I wouldn't do it..

I never liked the fact that women talk to other men about their problems in her current relationship.. And if that friend is a drinking buddy.... That just opens up a lot of weird things..

I wouldn't put myself in position for anything like that..

Well what about a group setting.. Single people of the opposite sex hanging out with married people.. Could they be friends..

In a group setting absolutely.. People do, but shit also happen in those situations.. When married couples hang out together.. Or when one couple is married and the other one is single..

When you're hanging out with the opposite sex as friends by yourself.. And you are also heterosexual.. That is playing with fire..

Too many blurred lines..

Women are emotional creatures and if somebody is emotionally available for her it can also turn sexual.. It's too easy to talk to another male in a group situation about her current husband..

Hell no.

So many stories start out with it was never like that in the beginning.. It just happened..

No.. There is no excuse for that.. Nothing ever just happens.. All relationships start off with time spent with people and some people take it further

Why even set the stage?

So then you're saying people shouldn't hang out because something might happen.. You're saying you don't trust yourself or other people..

Why don't we ask this question.. Why are you hanging out with people..?

What are you getting from them that you're not getting at home..??

What are you getting from other people that you're not getting from yourself or your partner..?

Ask that question and then you'll see why..

I can understand why women might have other women friends.. Shopping commiserating whatever.. I can understand why men have other men friends.. shopping commiserating whatever..

I don't see the reason why two people of the opposite sex or who could be attracted to each other hang out together and be friends.. It could be gay or straight.. I wouldn't be hanging out with any single men since i'm hetero.. Or married men.. And if I was gay I wouldn't hang out with other gay men or women relative to my preference..

Too much room to cross boundaries..

As far as somebody asserting that women could control themselves much better than men because of patriarchal norms..

Men are wired to respond to the interest of women , regardless of her intentions.. She's just manipulating him.. And she doesn't understand the biology around sexuality.. She's not living in reality.. She's living in mind control.. She's mind fucking him... Any woman who says women have better control over men hasn't met the woman who will cross boundaries.. And SOME women will manipulate men..

Because men are taught to respond in a specific way.. And some women know how to use her powers..

No they can't be friends..

And women do send off signals and they don't know it.. It's wired into both men and women.. Especially if they're all attractive.

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