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Demonology is based on trauma developing the need for Oxytocin Generators (animals, children, drugs)

Demonology is based on trauma developing the need for Oxytocin Generators (animals, children, drugs/sex)

Demonology is based on trauma.. Which is why the promotion of drugs and the war on drugs are supported simultaneously by the government..

Your society is based upon very specific demons that give us the lifestyles the belief systems the arts and entertainment the beauty and the ugliness in the world.

The Love and Sex Demons Are At An All Time High (release the demons once you faced them)

Oxytocin junkies chase the dragon

What is the term chasing the dragon mean? Chasing the Dragon – expression given to the pursuit of the original or ultimate but unattainable high, which can lead to a dangerous spiral of legal and health consequences. Dope – slang for heroin.

this is also why love turns into hate..when all the oxytocin is used up..

even in dogs/cats/animals you have bonded/bondaged with, the oxytocin eventually gets depleted and they fall apart when all the condition are right and if the owner has not found a way to redirect or stay away from more trauma like the medical system..phucking sucks, the animal suffers and so does the owner..

OXYTOCIN junkies are why there is so much suffering..

Watch for people who cast spells on you.. and they do not even know it...

I am not trying to be a dick, but I also must understand why I feel the way I feel and I want YOU to understand why I react the way I react..

Cannabis also opens up flood gates of the love hormones.....even drugs vasodilate certain hormonal releases... and surgical/ptsd trauma also causes the body to develop oxytocin painkiller needs to numb the body from the trauma and also trigger sexual reproduction..

J world.. check you emotions.. we are in some pretty crazy times.. oxytocin is oozing all over the place, at an all time high...

the frequencies right now are opening up the flood gates and wow..

Take care.

trust your gut

Extreme oozing of oxytocin is about dying and reproduction...

So many people do not even know how much oxytocin they are generating and it comes out in the way they speak, their language, their words, their emojis and feelings...

it becomes excessive.. when you are dripping of oxytocin in the way you interact with your politics, religions and science, someone who is not dying/and wanting to "reproduce" will be sensitive to those hormones and will find a way to stop the excessive oozing of that hormone..

you cannot convert people, but you can call them out on their behaviors directed towards you, even if they are not aware of it.. ONLY if they are directing their spells onto YOU!!

I had trouble expressing this the last couple of years and now FINALLY I AM ABLE TO ARTICULATE MY GUT FEELINGS ABOUT covert energy conversion using words and feeling and spirituality with the intent to destroy.

There are many religions who use words to elicit that hormone of dying and reproducing called oxytocin... which is why many are bonded/bondaged by their politics, religion and science dogmas..

How I remain free, I recognize the chemical manipulations from humans and will call it out every single time.

Excessive oxytocin generation develops demons.

Oxytocin is a hormone that's produced in the hypothalamus and released into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland. it is called the "love drug" or "love hormone."Jul 20, 2021

Where do you think crimes of Passion comes from.. You love somebody so much you're willing to destroy them..

Now you know why the Diamond MK ultra victims are always carting around little doggies because that's a control mechanism..

Hollywood Starlets.. All the beautiful people in Hollywood with their animals..

Handlers who want to control their victims will also destroy their favorite pets/stuffed animals in order to traumatize their victims into submission..

That's how you control people to through the things they are so attached to.. Bonded via bondage..

The destruction of your pet and animal is the ultimate trauma to develop demons in people

And then the children... The ultimate control mechanism..

When you give up your life to save your children, that's the intention..

Your children will do the same thing until they can't have kids..

There goes your whole genetic line..

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