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Feed the Children: People are Starving: Replication is Based on the Predominant Available Copies

Death comes from trapped pathogens in a thermodynamically closed system and the body is also malnourished because food was used as medicine.

When food or any other elements on the periodic tables are used as a targeted medicine (attacking the targeted proteins) or inhibiting the prostaglandins to release the offending proteins, the human/animal body develops antibodies or makes continuous copies to go after the programmed offending proteins and neutralize that food source rendering it ineffective to you as a person needing that nutrition and food allergies develop causing anaphylactic responses.

The body literally closes up upon exposure, like a mimosa pudica, a fern which closes up upon contact. You are HYDRA, 69 trillion of them.

As a result, those soldiers stays stuck in the body converting the stem cells to attack the same proteins causing internal starvation.

This is why people die and deteriorate by mischaracterizing the symptoms of release. More importantly when the body is totally weakened over years and years of remedies, anti-inflammatories and medicine along with extreme food discrimination, the body finally says it is time to release those aggressive antibodies trapped in the blood stream attacking the vital organs/heart disease and purge. That is why people die from heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms.

In other words, the trapped antibodies in their immunologically closed system had no choice but reproduce (sexual orientation) and attack vital organs and the body even in its weakened MALNOURISHED state, the parents cells collectively has had enough of the attacks and then that final energetic release is executed, and people do NOT survive their own body's defense systems.

Those are the died suddenly people and this practice with the predictable outcome has happened for centuries, not just during this pandemic.

However, climate change seems to accelerate this process.

Maybe it is time to evolve, humans.

And all of you critics have the gall to blame me for your issues when you were the ones who disabled your body's defense mechanisms. NOT me.

Also, the reason why no one has proven they can regrow limbs and organs is because when humans trap damaged cells in their immune system from taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers, the body only replicates the predominant "damaged" copies that are available. Once they allow themselves to become whole again, watch people bloom and then anything is possible.

In My Opinion:

It is now it is time to eat. I pulled out my own fecal plug over the last 6 years, as that fecal plug was the cause of my issues and I also fed my body all food, and guess what, here I am.. on my 3rd book.

When you are using food as medicine, no wonder you have politics against FDA approved foods. By the way, McDonalds has the most balanced form of nutrition if you understand what YOU need. McDonalds has fatty acids, amino acids, prohormones and minerals. So blending a Big Mac in milk or a milk shake to make the proteins more bioavailable, is strategic.

Bill Gates is a genius for developing an alternative meat source to save animals from the torture of slaughter. My body can handle all food in whatever forms it comes in. If you cannot, that is not my issue, yet again.

By the way, salt, water, and food proteins are NOT poison and they are FDA approved.

That is the body needing to release. You disable the release process, you trap the enemy in your immune system.

Maybe it is time to cough.. humans.. If you are too weak to cough, sneeze, blow your nose, pee, poo, sweat and release, well.. good luck.

My journey is, I had enough strength to release.. My book is my story.

NOTE: Pineapple juice used as medicine, like a cough suppressant causes those offending proteins to stay trapped in the body, and that is also why a hospice patients cannot afford to be remedied any more. If the body needed to cough out those proteins, it should have been allowed to release, but people are afraid to cough, sneeze, blow nose, pee, poo and diarrhea.

Note: Newly developed antibodies from the exposure to new microbes are the "children" in the body needing to be fed "baby food". The aging process is the body harboring starving children munching on the parent cells memories: dementia, etc.

Why do you think horror stories on the news and horror movies/TV series around children are all about destroying the adults, and/or terrorizing the adults?

All diseases are beta catenin transitional beta cells torturing the parent cells because they lack effective guidance and extremely hungry. Do you see a pattern?

The children are starving.

Feed the Children (obviously a baby cannot eat a steak, they need pureed steak)

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