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I Don't Live in the 14th Century and I Do Not Worship Dead People

If you're going to argue with me on any definition, you'd better take the most current definition through government sanction resources.. Not history . I don't live in the fourteenth century.. That's why all food and medicine is fda approved based upon the general populations adaptability.. Using 14th century definition shows how much you don't evolve.

And I'm not going back to the middle ages of definitions and even lifestyle. Because i'm not trying to go back to draconian torture and resist evolution.. I'm not going back to bleeding people using leeches and whatever.. If you want to go back to BC days back to the Sumerian pantheon and torture people through your lifestyle and belief system and definitions. You do it in your own world by yourself to yourself. But you better look at the dates of these definitions, you think are relevant to today because i'm not taking fourteenth century definitions of viruses..

I choose to evolve even if you choose not to.. We have so many people living in the old world who refuse to evolve.. And they are having children who cannot handle the environment.. That is why we are in a great reset.. I would trust scientific definitions based upon 2016 research, NOT 14th Century research, thank you very much. Viruses need a host carry out replication, therefore cause upset of homeostasis at the micro-macro level.. Poison is only if something is used not for the intended purpose, such as drinking things intended for industrial uses like window cleaners, etc.. Viruses are NOT poison, but a programming...

and you and your friends, family and animals are programming that you will adapt to via releasing the demons via symptoms, or carve out a cancer from them.. and still die anyways, later on when the possession is more than you can handle..aka aging process.. and you are finding people are suffering from viruses from their friends, family and animals trying to possess them esp when the person takes remedies to trap them in the body due to their dislike for symptoms..

I Don't Live in the 14th Century and I Do Not Worship Dead People

hello. The dead have such a power and a hold over the living.. And they've been given a lot of energy to go and take back their children.. I hope you survive your ancestors.. And traditions.. 😳😳😳 regardless of what you think is the "most correct definition".. If you intend to stay alive, survive your friends, family and lifestyle.. survival is my world.. good luck humans.. Because no matter how much we hash it out as far as definitions and the right kind of life.. Will you survive your belief system.. That's the bottom line.. And if you're not in pain or suffering then more power to you. If you are in pain or suffering, you will determine how you will react to that energy If people die suddenly in your world.. Hopefully it wasn't painful. That's it.. Everything else is irrelevant.. But I had to pick everything apart and now I understand what viruses are.. Even if we have to argue what it actually means because it doesn't even matter. Will you survive the dead world and the alive world. I guess we'll find out. I know the power of the dead HAVE over the living.. Extremely powerful.. People worship their grandparents who are dead.. People worship dead people of the past.. That should be a clue. I don't worship anyone even the living because they could be dead tomorrow.

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