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MK Ultra Trauma Based Programming of Society=Surveillance Society

All that trauma based programming must now be under a surveillance society.. Because look at the monsters we have been developing.. We must have artificial intelligence to predict future behaviors..

what is the system developing:

1. pretty/cute fragile children (must be in a bubble or wither away) breeders/influencers 2. hard fighting children who are physically tough but not mentally tough (picking fights with people/bullies in our society) (antibodies) 3. academic children (programmers) 4. the saviors........(love antibodies) (the politics/religion/science dogmatic people)

and then combos of all 4 types..

just look at your facebook.. look at yourself.. Physics.. Can prove there is more than just one truth.. You can have facts.. And then a truth about how people see the facts..

Context.. Is an ever evolving fact and truth.. There is a market and a future in beating death from natural causes.. but yeah, you must put in the time.. Life is glutton for punishment... Punishment is all relative..

All that programming The trauma

Then the swelling

And if you start swelling then people do the opposite and withhold food.. Starvation

The swelling are the memories of the trauma.. Look at those who did plastic surgery. Swelling Right afterwards.. The magic takes hold.. Also known as being cured.. Then later on the swelling returns.

Then the cancers in the different areas..

The cancers in the different areas are where the body was most used.. The most Kinetic energy..

Your politics your religion your science dogmas are based upon trauma around that area.. When you have been traumatized around that area whatever it is in politics religion science and your body.. You will see the energy flow.. The memories the trauma.. Even the empathic love love love people.. They have been traumatized.. Highly traumatized..

Both of love and the hate people.. Have been highly traumatized. Because it's a coping mechanism to deal with the trauma that is deep within their soul..

The only way they can channel it is through their hormones called love and hate.. Everything is emotional to people who have been traumatized.. Just look at the children crying with no way to channel that energy.. They become adult who cry out for love and hate and attention

Now you see the programming of society..

Circumcised men have the potential to be hypersexual.. Nature and nurture.. And of course all the images and societal constructs develop the rest. The highly sexualized girls have been traumatized.. They turned into very sexual women.. Look at hollywood

When you've had religion the bible any version of it traumatize you.. This is why people can't get away from religion.. It was traumatized into them

When you experience trauma.. How that energy gets channeled is what develops the person.. If no one is there to channel your energy in a specific direction.. Chaos.. Then something will trigger you and then people destroy.. If you can't channel your energy in one specific area that is beneficial to society..


Look at all your politics.. Your religions.. Your dogmatic sciences.. Now you see the trauma around everything.. Even the conspiracy world..

Then look at all the alchemists out there.. Who claim they can heal your childhood trauma as well as your current trauma.. They're just capitalizing on your trauma.. Because it's not something that you can externally go and have somebody take out even spiritually..

Releasing trauma is an individual venture.. Because not only do you have to release that trauma.. Your body must also be built up And reconstructed..

Therapies take away food.. Even those who do all that woo woo s*** on you

The key to surviving trauma is all food.. If not you're just replacing one addiction with another.. And then you end up passed away.. But it's not just food it is intelligent release..

And when you hire mercenaries.. They're just taking whatever they can away from you..

When you have been traumatized.. You will be looking for a savior.. Someone you trust one hundred percent..

You will fill them with love so much love.. Worship adoration.. Again you will trust them one hundred percent without question.. They are so high upon the pedestal they can't do wrong.. That's also known as offspring.. People worship their children.. Their animals.. Even their friends and family.. What scary is people worship strangers on the internet they watch every day traumatizing them with love.. Fear.. And that person becomes their saviour.. The one they trust the most over everybody else even themselves.. That's what scary..

And then they are looking for a demon.. A satan.. A vessel to put all of their angst and blaming and everything else.

That's the programming of politics religion and science..

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