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Not Only Do You Have an Immune System But Also a Filtration System

To the gentleman who emailed me.

Thank you. I pretty much know most things and why.. And being right is great but what i'm advocating is surviving the transition and being right.. Were you actually correct universally or did the system allow you to believe you were correct universally..

Now you will see the system give you absolution by finally saying you are "correct" About something you made correlation equals causation... Were you right and were they wrong and vice versa? It doesn't matter if you have no control over your own genes and you can't release demons.. It won't even matter..

.. But it doesn't matter if you're right or not if you're not going to reverse the situation on your own...

Absolution doesn't fix anything if you don't have control over your own microbes..

Even being wrong was right because it was set up for you to be right later on ..

It Won't make a difference for many people.. They will feel vindicated and still die anyways.. Which was the intention as well..

Absolution was never gonna give you the freedom... That's contrived freedom..

That's psychological operations.. But at least now you feel better.. Even if you and your family still die anyways..

I suppose paying people to pass away is better than not paying them.. When it's all about the money it doesn't matter where it comes from..

The reason why there's trace minerals in the vaxines is because it amplifies the immunological intentions, which are the development of antibodies..

Nothing is poison even in the therapies..

What's sad is those who are taking aggressive supplements and detoxes Essential oils and tinctures, that ARE also a form of the demonized minerals campaigns against the ingredients in the va<<ines.. Are literally destroying themselves..

Blaming it on somebody else..

Your friends and family have BEEN weaponized against you.. The system capitalized on your intended ignorance..

The system will let you be right.. Because you would never ever admit you were ever misled..

Sooo Basically, the ACTIVISTS are taking large amounts of heavy metals in their body.. Defeating their whole purpose behind the anti va<<ines

Yeah you've been had.. And you are too invested to even say that you were misled..

All by design.. Psychological operations..

Frequency shift

I started sneezing blowing my nose..

Yeah the frequencies caused the instability. And then the replication.. Releasing demons..

I can now see correlation equals causation.. The frequencies are what makes people evolve and yes sickness.

UPDATE I woke up from a nap.. Heart is still racing but good.. I ate some food before the nap.

Nothing is poison out there

it's just how you deal with the instability in your environment.. Obviously anything not FDA approved is literal poison if you eat it..

Today is Sunday and it's very AGGRESSIVE.. Many people are too distracted to notice..

In this environment you literally have to fight to keep everything open in your body so it doesn't close up and suffocate you..

I have a question for the chemtrail activists out there.. You don't have to answer.. It's a rhetorical question..

If you know those chemical particles AMPLIFYING THE WEATHER also have very specific elements that would also be in your detoxes, supplements, tinctures such as herbs extracts, essential oils, zeolite and other powders like bentonite clay and diatomacious earth AMPLIFYING ENTROPY

Why would demonizing your food supply be the answer and telling people not to eat certain foods or all the foods? Why would starvation be the answer..

If you know the haarp, cern, wifi might contribute to the AMPLIFICATION of entropy and ALSO excessive negentropy (CELLULAR GROWTH) of our society because electricity can do that on a body that doesn't respond properly, why would you respond with starvation??

I mean you've studied this information for at least ten to twenty thirty years ever since somebody dropped a seed in your lap about the changes in the future..

Why would you think starvation during this highly evolutionary transition, be the answer?

You have a filtration system.. You have an immune system.. If the government wanted to destroy you would be dead right now.. Anything fda approved has never been poisoned.. Maybe you have the deficits that you never learned how to respond to efficiently.. Because you already know that we're in a depopulation agenda but you're given a choice how to respond to evolution..

Why is starvation on the table.. I will never understand that in the activist world.. Regardless as to whatever platform you stand on..

This is why.. The jay world is not the same as the activist out there.

We have an immune system.. We have a filtration system.. Pain is for a reason.. The food supply is not poison.. And starving your children and yourself of food is not really the answer if you want to live..

If you don't care about prolonging your life and your children's lives because you're with holding food from them, why are you an activist to begin with if you're only going to starve your family and your audience anyways with the fear of food, coffee, cream, meat, milk, etc etc etc..

When all there is left is your ORGANIC garden to eat from.. Do you really think you will survive if you already think that the chem trails have tainted the gardens with all the heavy metals.. Please examine your logic..

I really don't care what you do but I also know there are some people who I respect a lot who have fallen victim to all of this. They were in the jay world. I'm not trying to save them..

But maybe you need to be waking up from being woke.

Covid was AN algorithm that caused whatever you had inside to wake up.. Not only do you feed it but you have to release it in such a way that It doesn't destroy you..

And you're right about the chemical trails but you're only destroying yourself by starving your body mind AND spirit From the necessary foods your body needs to survive This huge accelerated change..

Nothing is poison when you open up your system and fees and release the demons without destroying yourself and deteriorating with age and fear..

Closed minds.. Closed mouths.. Close immmune systems..

Bye. self fulfilling prophecy..

That's why we're not the same that's why I left those groups but still observe them.. Just like they observe me..

Double down.. Artificial intelligence.. Will give hollywood/political/religious/science leaders a break..

They, the system, understand how to influence specific hormonal behaviour using algorithms and imagery and sound relative to intention..

If you don't release those demons which predominantly drive you and torture you.. Even those under the influence of their prescription drugs or illicit drugs will be even easier to sell you a SUPER ANTIBIOTIC natural or otherwise, when the climate changes even more AGGRESSIVELY!!

ADDITIONALLY, EVEN people extremely biased IN their POLITICS RELIGION SCIENCE, are being tortured. That's why they're taking their drugs or diets or supplements OR in denial...

As a result ofall those above, selling people super antibiotics for super bugs because of the super algorithms, will be extremely easy..

Mark my words it will happen..

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