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The Fallacy of Protection aka State Sanctioned Predatory Behaviors

The Fallacy of Protection aka State Sanctioned Predatory Behaviors

Everyone is fighting to the death with their family and friends and in the public

Which is why I stay home and stay safe and I don't tempt fate and I don't pretend I'm King of the f****** Mountain. And I don't take on any unnecessary resources that I have to compete with especially for survival

I cherish my own life and by proxy that means I cherish human life and you guys will make that decision for yourself

Politeness goes a long way because you're not manipulating people into love and hate and you're not immunologically screwing them out of existence. You get in get out and you get on with your life

Yes men have always been the protector and the defender/predator/antobody the light and the Darkness and the women produce monsters and saviors in our society. Now watch the women and men act out what they were programmed to be

And when women purposely surround themselves by a bunch of men it's because she will be used and abused by them in so many different ways in Body Mind and Spirit. Watch the women say they only hang out with men because they don't like their own gender well because you want to be queen bee and be the one to save them and be used and abused by them. And also get social capital

And when women have to be around so many other women it's either because she's a leader or a follower and she needs that social capital. And then she's exchanging roles of being a queen bee and a follower because yes misery likes company.

That's how the system took down the family and the friend and the group think

Everything is funneled through politics religion and science because people have lost hope for themselves and so they put it into things that will never give them that return that they expect or could even survive. Now watch the elections

I could probably count on my finger two people in the J WORLD who are mothers with boys who might be able to save themselves because they might understand and their boys are not going to destroy them through expectation and fear

But yes mother's with boys and girls have a weakness for Destruction and they become the slaves to their family and friends. And girls with a lot of friends they can't be on their own they need to be around a bunch of men and women to feed off of in Body Mind and Spirit

The drug and the sex Revolution is exactly what it is it is

a revolution

Which is basically a circular reasoning of logical fallacies

With an intention to destroy

And also evolve if you can survive the revolutions

People think the system is evil for forcing them to evolve. No you're evil for resisting Evolution and change. But then you can call me evil for saying that so I guess it's all relative to perspective

Again I'm not pointing out any specific group or people because all of you are clones to how the system Constructed your lifestyle and beliefs

And so if you do take offense to my information you are one person out of 300 million who act the same way you do

People come up together and they die together and that was the high school class and high school reunion And people who can't evolve and lose friends And when you've known people for so many years it shows you have not evolved and changed to potentially save your own life when given the opportunity

Those who have the same friends in high school showed how easy it was to destroy a group of people

and those who have no contact with anyone from high school has the ability to take on new information and potentially save themselves

Those who live in the cliques of their family and friends and group think will also die for their cliques and politics religion and science

That was the religion that was embedded into America dying for your country and dying for your religion and dying for your way of life and culture. The system expects you to die for whatever it is you hold dear. And then your culture is gone

I live for change I will not die in resistance like most people in the activism world will and for their family and friends and politics and politician

The slavery system was the family and friends and group think. People are fighting for their freedom and they will die for their freedom that's called died suddenly.

But you had to see you what that looked like throughout history even during the Civil War way back in the 1860s..

Slave quarters have gotten much better over the years but it's still a very harsh reality for children and adults who have bought into their own slavery and then blame the government and so the system gave you a way out called died suddenly fighting for freedom

When you love your family and your slavery so much you'll die for it and that's what they expect

Just watch your friends die for each other they won't change and they'll keep feeding each other alcohol drugs and horrible lifestyles. People are dying to be free. Literally they're dying to be free..

That's why the multi-level marketing was such a huge success because they already set you up to sell everybody their own destruction.. again how can you say no to your sons and daughters and your moms and dads and your friends and the hot sexual chicks that sell you everything on the internet. Men and women are so weak to their own addictions and money

How do men who grew up with nothing say no to access to everything they didn't have access to when they were a kid? When people get a taste of money wealth and power they will f****** die for it

That's what the system expects you to do is to die for your friends your family your job your money your big cars your fancy homes and your social capital

and you guys are doing exactly what the system wants you to do

And at this point it's pretty much too late because how do you turn down a great paying job and all the fun and frivolity that people die for

So yeah getting a public health therapy is like screwing everybody in your community.

And then getting a cancer vaccines like getting screwed by your family and also screwing your own family and that's pretty bad..

anyone getting a cancer vaccine will eradicate their whole family in their body and eventually, their community especially during climate change..

Your immune system will attack somebody else's inevitably because you'll hang out with people and exchange ectoplasm, causing children and cancer and not necessarily in that order again..

The system developed this whole way of life more than 100 years ago. Now they don't need the petri dish anymore. You have to understand what's going on if you think you want to save yourself.

Taking a public health therapy yeah you're screwing everybody in your community.

And then when you get screwed by the community, taking all the remedies just keeps all those offspring inside and then you get cancer and then children.. not necessarily in that order

That's how families are made by people screwing people in their community in Body Mind and Spirit.

So no I'm not impressed that you married someone and had a slew of children because all you did was screw somebody in the community. And then you developed an offspring that may or may not survive climate change.. and then when people start breaking down they blame the government. Which I guess I could see because they told you to have a family and have children and that's a "respectable" thing to do.

But now times are changing

are you ready to change???

Most people are not ready for this information. Both the left and the right are not ready for this information..

I'm so sorry the system set you up to fail but anytime change happens people don't want to change and they resist it to the point of their own destruction. I'm so sorry again but it's not my fault. I'm also a product of the system. And I did not askto come to America but I am here and here's my contribution to you.. I am thankful to be an American but to be an American is a huge responsibility. I stepped up to my job

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