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The Lobotomization of the World

The lobotomization of the world....

Have I insulted you or lost friend because of my viewpoints.. Absolutely.. Because I had to learn how to speak to the overall system and people have to learn that I'm not insulting them

but if they are their job and their politics and their religion and their science then they don't consider themselves an individual..

They consider themselves as a clone and so if I am insulting your religion your politics and your science then you have the responsibility to stop cloning yourself..

You are not your politics you are religion or your science dogmas

I do what I do because I completely adore everyone on my Facebook as long as you're not lying to me or insulting me to my face even. Behind my back I could care less..

If you take my information personally it's because you don't consider yourself an individual.. Because i'm not confronting you.. I'm not trying to change you

If you are my friend on facebook despite everything that i've said you're a f****** true friend.. Thank you, I f****** appreciate you.. And I want you to survive..

True friends give you another perspective so you have more information to work from.. I like people who can take on new information.. and They don't try to convert me.. I like people who I can say my information without them assuming that I will convert to their lifestyle because you listened to me..

Remember I don't try to convert anyone.. If I don't agree with you I stay off your facebook.. I will not try to convert anyone.. If I have before, I am so sorry..

If I said anything about your politics your religion or science.. Remember you are not your beliefs.. You are an individual.. I am not insulting you.. I'm insulting the behaviors that have been cloned thousands and thousands of times..

I question the behaviors.. I question the beliefs..

If you can't separate yourself from all the programming and the brain washing.. That's not my problem..

I f****** adore you

Once the two coasts fall.. Hollywood and the tech world leaving northern in southern california..

New york already fell for the most part.. They fell back in two thousand and one during nine eleven.. Then it was a continuous downward spiral.. Came to a head in twenty twenty..

I see the writing on the wall.. I know where the world is going... The crown.. The british empire.. They will always be in control with china russia.. The ottoman empire will be part of it on some level until their resources run out.. When we release our dependency off of oil.. Even the middle east will fall..

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