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The Poles Have Flipped and I am the Uracil

The Poles Have Flipped and I am the Uracil

And when the poles have flipped storylines must change.. Also, the lifestyles.. And relative to the intentions of the sciences , sometimes formulas can change , if it is necessary.. It's not always necessary to upset the apple cart.. It's not always necessary to redefine science and constants..

Sometimes you must stay within a certain paradigm of order and law and organization and survival of the human race..

People can deny the poles have flipped and be in resistance. But that doesn't offer too much longevity.. But longevity is also relative.. What is long for some person could be short for somebody else..

You can have your beliefs.. But it's not your job to go and troll other people and try to convert them..

And if you are a recipient of a troll trying to convert you.. They don't know any better so you block and delete.. Because they don't realize storylines can change.. And others storylines are possible ..

But that would take evolution and tolerance to different stories and scripts.

You can take the title literally, or figuratively, but I have noticed everything is now opposite of what we intended or expected. When it comes to computer programming and human programming, there are several different meanings to the same words, term and even concepts.

It is all about contexts and choosing if one should use the word as a noun, adjective, verb, adverb or even pronoun. Organic chemistry is the same type of thing as the chemistry of language. Just one simple change to a word in a sentence can flip the meaning upside down and the meaning could be completely the opposite in a different context or the same thing relative to the intention.

Which is why those who are esl students have a harder time understanding the nuances of the english language..

They learn one context and that's pretty much how they can be programmed..

Wordsmiths understand all types of contexts to work from..

Which is why chemistry and language work together hand in hand as well as computer programming.. Which is also why you need to read a lot to understand the different story lines out there . And find the connections and the similarities..

Reading is probably the most important thing ever for your children and yourself. I don't care what you read.. Because eventually you will find the similarities and the connections to all storylines..

People who cannot read will be used as a tool.. People who read very limited amount of information will be used as a tool.. Because they'll be stuck in a context of belief and religion and politics and science.. And those jails are very hard to escape from, because they will find all the evidence to prove their beliefs within the context of the world they live in .. And of course they have no impetus to change anything. Until they have no choice. Or they die suddenly

Alignment of programming.. And there's always some kind of scientific physiological evidence to prove whatever theories you want to prove relative to your perspective.. But if we're going to change major storylines then the science must change.. Formulas must change..

And so is it necessary to believe only one belief or another..?

For instance flat earth versus globe earth.. Both could be true relative to your perspective..

But is it prudent for a society to live from two different formulas based upon intention..

If organization and architecture and other things are based upon a globe earth formula , then it would not be prudent to unlock the flat earth formulas, until the system was to change to a flat Earth Formula and everything else must follow in line..

And you have to get everybody on board.

And what purpose would that serve if everything is working fine the way it is..?

People say, because they were lying..

No , they chose one direction to go from because it was necessary for the evolution of that species and the environment..

I rule nothing out.. But i won't destroy myself and my society to prove that we should go this direction when the system wants to go another direction for whatever reason..

Computers, humans and the environment must be "aligned" in some way to develop order and of course the educational system must also be aligned to develop order with a little bit of "uracil" to allow for "hope and change".

Uracil replaces thymine in the RNA when "corruption" happens and a new set of immortalized germline cells paired with another set of mortal somatic cells which can only redouble itself 50 times over, develop another "downline".

That is the body's insurance policy to evolve when it is appropriate and the educational system must give room for evolution regardless if one characterizes the evolution as regression or progression.

Given I am the main character in my own world of "hope" and change and I also developed Another Arm of the Hydra of evolution, I noticed how extensively the poles have flipped. I see the patterns in my sleeping habits and even my energy levels.

My energy levels are through the roof in times of aggressive climate change, which can happen with a snap of the finger and I will notice hives, off sleeping patterns and even fatigue and hunger.

Yesterday, I finally was able to sleep during the day given how little sleep I get at night because the environment is that aggressive. I did itch last night so much with hives popping up all over my body but of course, I am used to it so I just itch and go to sleep.

I turn on youtube and listen to the latest news and fall dead ass asleep until I wake up ready to go and meet the day at 4:30am in the morning.

My daily food is either spaghetti with meat sauce, pork chops, deer venison and cabbage or potatoes and my cravings for so much milk and porridge have subsided. I am not craving exotic foods or going out to eat unless my husband and I are together. I also do not like socializing or going out so much, like I used to.

I like watching Grey's Anatomy and picking apart the "propaganda" they use to glamourize getting operated on at the drop of a dime.

I like just looking out my window at the sky and birds and squirrels and find something "new" to me to learn about, put together or express.

The poles have flipped in my world and I am NOT in resistance. I can see how the giants were destroyed many many moons ago and I can only imagine the power of the Ark of the Covenant and the energy beams the humans used on the giants to make them go crazy and self destruct.. esp when they were sleeping...

but, the giants were also the nemesis to humans, and so it was justified.. If the giants worked with the humans and learned how to pull back their predatory behaviour maybe we all could have lived in harmony, back then..

Unfortunately, the giants resisted and it was a war against the humans and giants and you know, the bigger you are the harder you fall...

the giants fell to the humans..

remember how we used to "torture" ants with magnifying glasses and the sun?

The power of the Ark comes from static electricity stored in separated metal plates like a giant Leyden jar. In Harry Turtledove's novel Alpha and Omega (2019) the ark is found by archeologists, and the characters have to deal with the proven existence of God.

Addiction occurs when opposing forces in your body control you, and you can't resist them..

Although purging disease is possible, it requires significant effort... Because it's not just purging the disease.. It's also rebuilding simultaneously to develop new memories.. With a few memories of the past that do not take over.

Addiction and disease is like a bag of marbles and you can't just pick out the ones you want to deal with.. Or avoid..

Everything is connected.. one cannot purge disease without realizing what made that disease develop to begin with.. And you can't blame the food air water

Because there were some marbles that were traumatized causing your disease to begin with..

starvation comes from psychological operations..

Standards of beauty are okay in a very calm environment with less people.. Because evolution can be brutal. And when you're around so much diversity plus then a very aggressive environment, it's very difficult to keep up a certain standard of beauty without destroying yourself in the process..

People resist change and the counter attacks to keep things in place do more harm than good..

If you can handle the aggressive changes and look ugly in the proces, the future won't be as bad when you have a certain standard of beauty and symmetry that was already put in place..

And you have cell memory..

1 day when the climate is so much calmer you can go back to what you were before if you can handle the change.. And maybe you don't have to get any of that plastic surgery to make you look like a certain way..

We don't know what we don't know..

So find a way to survive the changes.. Your body already remembers everything it needs to remember should that environment come back again..

You already have memory of what certain standards of beauty are acceptable and in the future when everything is calm, it won't be hard to go back to that situation and you don't have to harm yourself in the process..

And when your body does change for whatever reason it's not a cause for alarm.. It's not a cause for harm..

Since I was able to release my demons and I know how to release decomposition out of my body, my challenge is in a very dynamic environment around so much diversity, I will constantly fluctuate with the environment.. I might see glimmers of my former self and then see my face get puffy again because the climate shifted yet again..

And so that's why the system wants only five hundred million in the future.. Because it will be easier to manage diversity change and life..

And you won't have too many c*** shoots out there wondering if they're gonna hurt you or help you feeling the need to protect somebody from somebody else..

That's why we're in this war.. We've been at war with ourselves for thousands of years...

Just do the best you can to survive it.. If you think you can't save yourself, you will be dead set in trying to save the world.. And that's a clear indicator you have given up hope for yourself..

When you're trying to save somebody else.


Centralia pa.. Geography is shifting.. Awakening the sleeping giant..

The role of movies and fb..

The relief was hardly just pecuniary. The young star's movies cheered down-on-their-luck Americans, and her message of hope bolstered many on the breadline. So to Shirley Temple, child star and comforter of the worried, weary, and woeful, we say Baby, Take a Bow.

Maturity might mean desensitization.. Because you recognize you can't control the world..

So why even give it any more thought..

Why spin your wheels trying to control something you have zero control over..

That's what maturity is.. When you realize you're not as powerful as you think you are..

There are far more powerful things at work that have been around way before you..

It sucks to be mature in a society that is immature and don't know how to control their own power..

I hate to turn my head away.. But there's nothing I can do except to get traumatized.. So I have to protect myself..

Fight my own battles..

Because that's the only thing I have power over is myself..

And it took me seven years to figure that out.. It took me 7 years of resistance to figure out i had no power over any one but myself..

Beware of the Ides of March. We are reaching the time this statement will ACTUALLY MEAN something..

the conspiracy world WAS RIGHT..

for karmic reasons, they gave you the choices to believe or disbelieve.

you made the choices.

In my opinion , you can think so hard that you burst blood vessels if you don't support your blood vessels..

That's what happens in climate change when you develop so much life within that causes so much death.. You must be able to expand and contract and you must have reinforced vital organs..

And if you don't know what kind of deficit you came into this world with.. There's no guarantee you'll be able to handle the energy conversion of climate change..

You must know if you can survive the expansion and contraction of your environment.. And you can't afford to be picky and political about food..

Surviving every single sickness without treating it is one indicator but again I couldn't tell you how to do that..

Because even the book I have out now doesn't guarantee you'll be able to do what i've done but you'll see the concepts behind it.

Maybe they are applicable. If you can handle it..

Everything is a conditioning process..

Procrastination never served anyone well..

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