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To My Unverified Amazon 1* Reviews

I went to amazon and read the 1* reviews. Thank YOU!!

As you know, different strokes for different folks.

WE need a "slave class".. human experiments who are willing to stay "programmed" and be the innovation for those who can evolve and adapt to climate change. Your denial of the intention is their greenlight to keep experimenting on you in the holistic and allopathic industry.

We thank YOU for your service.

The 1* reviewers made their choice, an "educated decision" assuming they are verified purchases (and they are NOT, ahahah intentional ignorance is the baby of biotech).

They have no one to blame but themselves if they ever have to deal with cancer, disease and chronic illness.

That is the Freemason Code. You were given the information and you chose to ignore, deny and ridicule. You cannot blame anyone. And the system will use and exploit those who allow it. And they are.

Exactly the intention.

Remember how you all were and are against human experimentation.. sobbing over WW2 and the Tuskegee Airmen and the syphilis experiment. I was sobbing too. Those people did not give permission to be an experiment, but we are giving our consent, if we choose the medical/holistic system. Not a bad thing, but I am choosing NOT be a physical experiment, but I will be an experiential representation, and here is my story of awareness.

And, so now, they have your permission. Thank YOU for being the experiments and thank your followers for also being the experiments. I hope they paid you well.. or are you paying them?????

Hmmmmm... Insurance premiums are the contractual agreement between you, the subject and them, the scientists be used as a guinea pig for BIOTECH. Once you pay you premiums, you are exacting permission from the system to use you and your genetic line of proteins and suffering for future generations and then inevitably RIP.

Watching you deal with issues will alert me on how aggressive future evolution will be. Knowing is half the battle.

My "senior" dog is doing better than most senior dogs out there.. Evolution is not a drug or cure or a surgery. All the drugs, remedies and surgeries are an alchemical absolution from a system producing vast amounts of experiments.

Evolution takes time and food all in a blender to feed the microbial children of the future. By the way, ALL FDA APPROVED FOOD IS NOT POISON TO DOGS AND OR PEOPLE. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF MILK AND MEAT AND MINERALS.



Note: nothing is poison, but if you are over capacity full of shizz, conflicting shizz, exotic disease arises and that is the innovation biotech is looking for.

They closed you up for a reason, because after a lifetime of learning and trauma, your microbes will represent future innovation for future society and you will RIP someday.

So, in essence, you have birthed yet another arm of the hydra, so, we are working together.

The only difference between you and I are, I know I was an experiment, you think you are not. Umm, doctors "practice" medicine and science is never settled.

So who is oblivious to the world they live in, certainly not me.

Science based thoughts take into account all arguments and all arguments are correct relative to INTENTION. If you read my thought process, you will realize my intentions are vastly different than yours. Which is why you have conflict with my information.

Science is never settled, but people become settled, cured, and then pass way.

Science is never settled, but people become settled, cured, and then pass way. Remember, people were dying and reproducing waaaaaay before the JJ world, so you can only imagine who was "really" "hurting" who. Definitely not me.

We are not dieting or taking away nutrients, only adding missing elements and alimentary canal awareness that could have kept your grandma alive.

Maybe starving yourself and starving your kids are what is damaging your whole genetic line. So, please, stop blaming the JJ world for what YOU allowed in the medical holistic system.

Ignorance is the downfall of a human and society.

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