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Waking Up = Immune System Activation

Waking Up= Immune System Activation

As you can see most people cannot handle immune system activation..

You don't want to wake up people who are not ready for that.. You save yourself and wake up yourself..

As far as collaboration of getting the word out, I don't collaborate with people. You have to save yourself..

I woke up people's immune system and essentially woke them up. And I was attacked for it.. I woke up people seven years ago.. And they were out for blood..

You do not want to wake up people who are not ready to wake up.. So I do what I do for my own survival.. To get out the trauma..

But people must wake up themselves . And face their own demons.. And if they can't.. They will be under the Influence.. Running away from pain and suffering during starvation..

There is no collaboration of waking up the world.. I did that seven years ago.. And it was a fucking nightmare.

People who are under the influence.. Can't handle pain and suffering.. Think all food is poison.. Have little tolerance for change.. Don't want to be woken up.

You can't force it either.

I already woke up the world and they hated me for it..

So I just stay unto myself.. Respect the crowd face to face.. And then give you a glimpse of my mind.. If you can handle it.

for every life there is a human sacrifice: will you be sacrificed? when people foster opposing forces within their body, the opposing forces will live while you die...

climate change develops so much life, but with so much life, there is also so much death..

cancer is so much life sacrificing you.. but as you know, people force their body to trap the opposing forces in via vaso constrictors, etc.. And diets.. etc.

Friends and Family are when you are all too busy taking care of each other, but not themselves

and then the weakest person goes first.

The second weakest person goes next.. until the last person standing, who failed to take care of themselves finally dies because they never learned how to take care of themselves.

They were too busy taking care of everyone else.

That's the domino effect.. That is civilizations rising and falling.. Families and people rising and falling.. When you're too busy blaming or giving credit to somebody else.. When you're too busy worrying about other people and not yourself .

When you have deemed yourself a savior of humanity, in your politics in your religion and in your science dogmas .

All of you go down with the ship together..

that is the family... and friends.. all too busy taking care of each other, not themselves until they all die suddenly like dominoes.. the weakest ones always goes first..

you would think once you watch people all around you die suddenly you would change your ways.. lol, not likely.. people are desensitized to death and then they die..

which is also why the family was encouraged.. it sucks.. it really does..

the key to survival is to take care of yourself.. but if you have given up hope, you will attempt to save the world..

That's why you were given all your politics and religions and science , and even your family and friends.. And you were given pleasure and paradise . And then you think you have the power to save other people and to wake them up..

Nope.. You were never as powerful as the system wanted you to think..

They wanted you to spin your wheels so fast you would die suddenly and embrace it.. And feel good at the same time.. And then sell it like a drug. And then your kids would copy everything you did and end up the way you did..

That's why the government has to step in and redirect when it's necessary..

That's why it's so necessary to change.. Because you have absolutely no idea the original intentions two hundred thousand years ago.

You never had to die.. But there must be a balancing force programmed within the population.. And that's through family and friends and belief systems..

Which is why I walked away from society when I realized what I was programmed for.. It was never too voluntarily self destruct..

It was to be another immortalized germline cell to give you another story to con sider..

And you still have the choice.

your vital organs are made up of DNA and glucose is necessary in the longevity of DNA and so while you are attempting to control your sugar levels so your insulin can finally work for you, are you compromising vital organ reinforcement? Or do you do you need to add more salt to your diet to activate your immune system to push the disease out of your body which may or may not be conditioned to release..

adding salt, sugar and carbs to a system already gone through "trauma" is a slow and steady transition of life/longevity and conditioning to live...

Life Cycling Together

Yesterday, was PRETTY AWESOME.

Ok, usually, when i hang out at a restaurant, i feel my head getting full, etc. Nope, not yesterday. WE were at Denny's for over an hour and i ate like a champ!! Saved money using my AARP card And then jason had to stop over at her friend's house to get some stuff for his fishing trip, And so I hung out in an enclosed space for a couple hours.. I felt definitely energetic.. Extremely energetic..

And then both my husband and I had to release demons almost the same time.. That was pretty awesome.. It's like we have the same release schedule.. I can't even explain how interesting that is.. He went first and then I went next.. I know it's kinda weird i'm talking about release schedules or bathroom schedules but.. I know how important bathroom schedules are.. And they are extremely important. I mean very important.. Eating is also very important as well.. Handling pain and suffering without treating it is also extremely important in my world.. But not everybody can do that I understand that..

So I digress..

So we hung out for a few hours and then we went home.. I had to immediately take a nap.. Because being up so early and being in two different diverse environments took a lot out of me.. And then we both were hungry again for spaghetti.. So I made dinner of spaghetti for both my husband and I.. And I know he had to sleep because he was up at two in the morning the night before.. and so we both went to bed relatively early.. And now we're up at the same time..

And I had very little hives this morning and yesterday. That is very important to denote because usually after being in diverse company I have hives. And I was not particularly phlegmy.

It's so weird life cycling together.. You know how crazy it is when women get together. And they menstruate together cycle together... My husband I are life cycling together..

By the way I have had no period ever since early fall late summer last year.. My menopause is amazing.


And I love falling asleep at night.. Catching myself snoring.

This is to all sexual orientations..


Balancing testosterone and Estrogen is necessary in men and women..

preserving more testosterone than Estrogen is necessary in men..

Preserving more Estrogen than testosterone is necessary in women..

Don't screw your partners out of existence..

Leave room for nature

leave room for nature

Do not assume that a healthy sex life means you screw somebody every day.. A healthy sex life does not mean one must have sex all the time..

A healthy sex life is balancing both the needs of the partners.. Because even women take away from men.. As men take away from women..

You do not want to destroy each other from pleasure and pain..

The system sexualized you so you can destroy each other through consent and predatory behaviors..

This system made you think destruction is a normal thing to do in any relationship.. Remember the system wants you to destroy yourself through consent. Or else you would have a bone to pick with society..

So if you don't understand what the systems intentions are.. You will inadvertently destroy yourself and somebody else..

And people will and people do..

But you don't have to.

Remember women and men.. You must have a lot more going on in your brain than your body.. Or else it will be destroyed by someone who will aim to destroy you through pleasure and pain.. And then call it love..

That's the majority of society..

And girls have been sexualized at a young age to do that to themselves and each other.. So have boys.

Break the mold.. Or you will be broken..

There are certain foods that men must eat to increase their testosterone levels..

Alcohol decreases testosterone.

I only change for people when I get something out of it.. Because if you don't get something out of changing for somebody else, you'll resent someone in the future, who you could change for and develop something extraordinary out of that change..

People who say they don't change for other people have changed for people, in the past, and they didn't know how to discern if it was worth changing for or not.. So they got screwed..

And now , from this point forward , they'll never change for anyone, even if it was worth changing for..

And that's why people don't change.. Because they weren't mature enough with enough life experience to discern if it was worth changing for or not..

Sometimes you have to face the same pain as a changed human to see if you have a different outlook..

It's only when you change is when outcomes are predictably in your favor..

But I will never say I will never change for other people.. Fuck yeah I will if it's in my favor.. Fuck yeah I will.

Universal IMAGE

Electrical Impulses




does 12 to 15 feet of snow worry those in the higher elevations? Do you still call us "conspiracy" theorists who have issues with govt..

I have NO issues with my govt because I know why they do what they do. They are the system regulators, not mommy and daddy who spoil you, unless there is an agenda behind "spoiling" one's child.. The government should NOT love you or even like you, they should regulate you so as to keep the human race moving forward.

With that said, maybe one might not only listen to indicators but also embrace the conspiracy world because they have been warning you for the last 20 years as a conditioning process and the system has been warning us since the Golden Age of Hollywood... but now you get to switch between "fact" and "fiction" and finally realize the other storylines offered to you that is out there..

I knew my gut knew something but it has taken the last 7 years to finally articulate what my gut knows, but now it is too late for many.. Like who, Jillian? Floridians, the elderly, the immunocompromised the trapped, the immovable cured who love pleasure and paradise..

this is now the time to reconsider EVERY STORYLINE, every belief about all social constructs, lifestyles, belief systems, politics, religions and science dogmas.. however, if you cannot reconsider anything, then enjoy the show..

right now, as we speak, there are some humans who have finally broken through the prior set programming and maybe offer another road for their peers to go down and test their own mettle..

the system does not owe you and me a damn thing except an opportunity to evolve and change for the better, not the worse...

How many other lost civilizations used the bible as a reference point..

I would say quite a few.. It is a huge indicator of grim things to come..

history always repeats because we keep dying and reproducing children making the same mistakes. What is going on now has happened many times before. All civilizations rise and fall when humans become too numerous reproducing so many times on genetic lines who cannot afford to sustain the their own life and then decline.

Great resets happened to the Giants, which is why you never see them anymore except in fables, fairytales and children's stories, and great resets happened to civilizations who decline in moral decay, potentially Atlantis and other forgotten civilizations.

At some point there must be a "master" civilization the system must aim for and a human race who doe not fall to human decay so easily necessitating such death and destruction every 500 years, or so.

You must know we are just one "history" in a long line of history that will eventually correct itself, but during the correction process, it will be chaos and warnings and even chances to "survive" if one can listen to indicators...

None of us are promised tomorrow, but at least we all get a chance to change, and some of us were given a chance to change and some spat in the face of it.. so.. the system says, you chose.. ok..

the bible is like a gene..

and it will be pulled out when the system starts failing... the bible was/is a warning and any civilization using the bible is a doomed civilization.. the bible is the immune system under attack sending off distress signals..

Which is why you had the christian revival in the 1960s. And the sexual revolution.. And the drug revolution.. All the different cult leaders..

The rise of the serial killers..

That's not a coincidence..

if one must live by the bible, then you have replaced your immune system with an intellectualized version of your gut..

the sytem wants to you pay more attention to the bible than of your own gut...

that to me, is telling.. Stories can be a major source of distraction if you don't understand the origination of these stories.. It's your immune system..

which is why science will always win..

science can play both sides of the fence or play one side off the other while people get lost in the stories connected to hormone manipulation.. And then all the archetypes behind it .

I'm not saying let go of all the stories you've come to know because those words are like chemistry to you. They develop a life force that you have sustained for centuries.. What I am saying.. Start recognizing there's something bigger than the stories that were given to you.. You have a lot more power than you were told. You have a lot more power. You alone can save your own soul and yourself.. You don't have to think you're corrupted forever.

When I am saying you can give your own absolution and still stay alive.. But remember you can't save anyone else. That's the hardest thing of all when you have a bunch of children and friends and family. Religion makes you think you have the power to save your children..

You are the one who has a power to save yourself. And you can't assume that people around you will have the same mentality.

That's why you have to look at who you are. What are you ..

Religion was meant to destroy.. And even though I was raised jewish.. I also see the destruction in all religions.. Even judaism . I still respect people and their beliefs. But right now all religions are being used as a weapon against the people..

I had to step away and still respect people.. I could not get lost in the stories of taking sides in anything.

That's when you lose.. You must save yourself

And again I still respect all religions and belief systems.. But I think you are more important than your religion and beliefs . I've come to know a lot of you personally through facebook with whatever face you want to put out there.. And I see you way more than I see your religion . I see your drive to live MORE than I see your drive to destroy.

If anything, rise above everything you have been told..

And you don't have to die in the process..

A long time ago couples of any sort were viewed as something very healthy and balanced..

Today couple's represent death and destruction..

Sexuality, sex and having children causes hormone imbalances and then a decline in the parent/individual..

Normalize having less sex, no children, and developing your own brain while enjoying your partner without causing hormone imbalances and manipulations..

Normalizing finding different ways to relate to someone to make it mean they love and respect you.. Both men and women's bodies change all the time.. And sex should never be the expectation.. Children should never be an expectation..

Normalize having conversations.. Hard conversations with people you are in a contract with..

That's marriage and commitment.. That's honoring one's contract..

Normalize saying no to sex..

Why jillian. Because it was a weapon of destruction used as a DECEPTIVE indicator of love and respect.. When biophysically it is not respectful to destroy someone in the name of love..

In my opinion , sex should only be something between two people to cement a relationship , but not as a forefront.. And not used as a tool for hormonal imbalances.. And it's something that should be sacred and not often..

It should be with someone you trust.. To offer balance.. And it's not something to be used as a leverage against any one or anything.. And it's not recreational..

And it should never be used in a contract for a relationship.. Then you're treating them like a whore.

Men and women get treated like whores in relationships when they don't give up sex or they want it too much..

And it doesn't mean you love or respect the other person.. Right now people use sex as a disposable tool..

Biophysically you're trying to dispose of that person through sexual orientation and sexuality..

Which is why people normalize girlfriends/boyfriends versus marriages.. Because girlfriends/boyfriends are disposable .

The playboy mansion should have been a huge indicator of how disposable his girlfriends were..

Marriage is a contract and and it is a distinction.. You might be offering your body used as a tool as a commodity . But you also have financial obligations which must be distinct from those who don't have a stake in your relationship.. You must have a stake in your relationship..

If the man or woman does not marry you and you're having sex with them, then you are disposable.. Because there are expectations ..

Which is why I am married.. I was not going to be someone's disposable girlfriend.. And I had a stake in my survival and his survival..

People in a marriage are not disposable, but they treat themselves like that when they use sex as a tool..

They use sex as a tool for destruction called children as well as a power dynamic..

When people have less sex , they think something's wrong and when they have more sex , something is wrong..

Why are you having sex with people and strangers..??

It's time to redirect..

The New World is about preserving the human race who knows how to balance social duties with individual rights..

Remember, the 1960s was all about the decline of the human and the individual through the family , friends and sexuality..

And that's why you had the sexual revolution, the christian revival and the drug revolution..

Everything was about developing offspring and hormonal imbalances and getting treated to death and conditioning to be treated.. So when the climate did change.. All of your intentions will be realized sooner and faster..

And that's why charles manson was so bitter against the government.. And why he also radicalized women under him.. Because women were going to be the forefront in the decline of the human race for survival..

That's what sharon tate represented.. Hot chick mother, to be the ultimate decline of the human race, in a controlled circumstance.

And traditions such as family and babies are so hard to redirect..

But it doesn't take away from the fact that I see the patterns.. Yes, children are beautiful but they also take so much from you.. And then you take so much from the system to support everything you expect..

It will take everything you have to protect yourself. If it's even possible. But it might be too late for many..

I cant imagine having children or animals or anything else to protect in this crazy world right now.

Because in order to keep up with your friends and family , you have to ignore indicators..

And when that happens people get traumatized because something came out of left field.. They never expected it because they didn't have the gut to listen to indicators.. They stayed in their homogenized protected group of people who fed them the same story day after day.. I see it now..

Which is why you have the uracil in the population to corrupt the image so that way you have a chance to save yourself.. Yeah I am that person.. I cannot ignore indicators..

I am not corrupted personally but I am a corruption of people's fantasies..

Because that's why you have an immune system.. Something must warn you something is changing..

I don't like being in this position but that's what I was bred for.. Believe me I have tried to resist it.. I've tried to be an alcoholic drug addict and assimilate and it's impossible.. I seriously tried..

Normalize being only responsible for yourself.. Still take care of responsibilities, but do not destroy yourself to save someone else, who doesn't have the capacity and you can't guarantee they have the capacity to survive this new world..

Having so much sex and children causes major hormonal imbalances and deficits..

And if you have to release demons try not to sacrifice someone in the process..

no facebook live today. i just do not feel like it.

I feel like I did when I would call in sick Twenty years ago after having a full weekend of fun and diversity and adventures..

And I had no alcohol or drugs.. this last weekend..

I am physically exhausted..

It's just recovering from diversity and busyness..

So the way I felt way back when was legit and I had to take care of myself despite what everyone thought..

Yeah I saved myself. So all of you holier than thou's fifteen twenty years ago looking down on me.. What kind of conditions are you dealing with because you resisted evolution.. and treated those who had to deal with evolution, like shit..

How does it feel today..? Yep!! today i'm calling in sick..

And i'm sure you're calling me lazy today..

Virus is a colony and conglomeration of diverse species that attack different parts of the body.. It is excessive in force..

I'm watching the segment of grey's anatomy of viral myocarditis

And yes covid nineteen could catalyze what you already hold inside..

It is a huge indicator of inflammation.. Inflammatory diseases..

And when you are corked up this is what happens..

Viral myocarditis is an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle (myocardium) caused by a virus. In North America and Europe, the most common viruses that cause viral myocarditis are:

1. Parvovirus B-19

2. Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV 6)

3. Epstein-Barr virus

4. Enterovirus

5. Human cytomegalovirus

6. Adenovirus (fat gene)

his reward for being an icon.. Have as many girlfriends as he wants.. Some of these women were made to be disposable to him and other stars..

The modeling and sex industry were made to be conduits for people to sow their oats and dispose of people , and it would be socially acceptable and desirable.. And it becomes mutually assured destruction..

Leonardo will leave this earth via pleasure and paradise.. And so will all of those types of women.. That was the depopulation agenda.. Hot chicks and mothers..

And the system will repopulate itself without relying on people.. It doesn't mean you have to die..

Just redirect.

Normalize just saying no to people in general..

Do me a favor?


That's why I choose to get sick and eat meat drink milk/cream eat cheese eggs.

According to the CDC, osteoporosis affects almost 20% of women aged 50 and older, and almost 5% of men aged 50 and older.

The prevalence of osteoporosis of the proximal femur averaged 2.3-fold higher in women with type AB than in those with type O, and the incidence of osteoporosis of the lumbar spine was also high in women with blood type AB, compared to type O (55.8% vs. 32.3%, p <0.05).

By the way.. I tested my ankle strength and bone strength by jumping off the back of the boat onto the cement..

I didn't shatter my ankle or leg..

I think that's a good indicator and sign that my bones are strong..

Remember I had a prior injury.. And the last three years could have depleted my minerals in my bones..

And remember I got sick and ate so much food.. Especially milk.. and cream and ice cream..

It's a good sign my ankle did not shatter or any of my bones..

I do not have osteoporosis

What is a husband and wife business contract for.. To advise each other... For survival.. Partnership preservation.

Because if one fails both fail..

You must have skin in the game.

Till death do you part.. So make sure you have skin in the game.. Make sure you want to be attached to this person.. And don't let homicide be the reason why death do you part..

*self preservation is assumed, but most def needed to be said.. Without self no partnership.. Thanks for pointing that out emm

Balancing social duties with individual rights

This also is appropriate for work relationships.. Don't be the savior of a company.. Or a person place or thing..

Don't destroy yourself for so many people..

no more bleeding heart anybody..

You can't save the world.

I am an american I speak from the perspective of america.. Even though america will be merged into the rest of the world.. I still am an american regardless of the outcome of this world war three.

America will always live within me.. Just like the georgia guidestones will always live.. Even though it was torn down..

I won't be used as a mercenary for anyone..

It's the menopausal women who don't bleed for anyone who will save the world.. Because they saved themselves.. Just don't die... And please speak for yourself..

I might be the only menopausal woman who will not bleed for anyone..

I don't support bleeding heart anything..

Actually i find republicans nowadays trying to save the world as bleeding heart republicans.. And of course liberals have been construed to be hard hearted.. Now they're trying to save the women.. But they were known as bleeding heart liberals a long time ago..

The poles have flipped.. Republicans are bleeding hearts right now..

But you know you can't save people..

Republicans are trying to save america and the people in it.. But they haven't even saved themselves.. And they're bleeding heart everything all over the place..

Yeah you all been played..

I bleed for no one..

I have menopause

bleed·ing heart

You can't eat money.. You can't eat currency.. And the system won't allow the whole system to go to shit.. The system will surgically figure out how to take out the useless eaters , and I hope you're not one of them.. And I can't control what comes up.. So come what may.. But I am not going to be promoting any gambling ever.

Oh boy

In my opinion I don't think the market is going to crash.. You got to move money around to fund certain things and also cut your losses.

They are the major market indicators of a lot of things.. Sometimes if they move you should move but that's not always the case..

All I could say is.. A lot of things are going down.. I couldn't tell you in what order.. I cannot tell you exactly everything because I don't know.. But you're getting a heads up..

And I would just be really conservative in everything.. We're not going back to nineteen eighty five no matter how much you wish.. I don't care how much you think trump is gonna win this next election. Because there's still the end of march when he goes through that court case.. I am sure new york is getting hammered in its own way..

Trump might be on the ballot but it doesn't mean anything..

The system wants you to think you're winning Even when you're losing.

Remember howl influential jesus was and still is and he's dead.. The system won't allow anyone to be that influential.. Unless they control the narrative..

Just remember.. History does repeat.. The system will not allow another julius caesar..

They will not allow another hitler.. They might let one loose just to see if the people are the same.. Yeah the people are the same.. worshipping celebrities and even dead people..

Alright time to cut our losses... People don't learn from history.. But how can they when they keep dying and reproducing.. The memory is short.. While the corruption is long.. And people are greedy for money fame power and prestige.. And they are desperate to find someone to represent them..

That's why I represent myself.. I'm not following any icon.. Oh I did as a child.. I did as a young adult..

It's time for me to grow up.

I did grow up.

Growing pains happens even when you're fifty years old.. And they don't get any better.

Yesterday, after a long weekend of much activity, I felt utterly exhausted and had not impetus to go on facebook live and say anything. I knew I was fighting something because both of my shoulder were so sore I could barely lay on each side. It was like my lymph nodes were steadily pushing the weekend though my lymphatic system and out of my body when all the conditions were right. Of course I am energetic and it was extremely warm outside yesterday and it will be even warmer today.

Tremendous growth happens during climate change and "global warming" but as you can see, the deniers who live in the Sierras think global warming is a fantasy. No, global warming/climate change is when the poles are so extreme that you get 12 feet of snow in a few hours, and you get extreme heat in one day from below freezing 24 hours prior..

weather extremes such as 12 feet of snow and category 6 hurricanes and extreme heat also triggers cytokine storms in immune systems.

You are the climate change.. you are global warming and you are cytokine storms..

survive it.

Yeah, I fear all of the people you love the most than I do of the government..

Which is why I stay unto myself..

I can handle pain of suffering and i'm sorry you can't.

Pain and suffering is my superpower.. Handling pain and suffering without treating it is my super power

All the food is my superpower..

I fear anyone who hates food and pain.. Because to live you have to deal with a certain amount of pain..

I do not choose death over life.. If that's your choice the government has to regulate you..

And we have a lot of grim reapers out there.. Who can't wait to take away your pain and suffering until you are rest in peace..

And they can't wait to take away your food.. Telling you it's poison.. Just look at those on facebook telling you food is poison.. That should be your first clue..

Yeah they have to regulate you.. Because you chose to be the grim reaper.. Resisting life.

Nope the government does not have to regulate me..

But they have to regulate all of you. And many of you are so far gone. You are forced to be regulated by the government through the medical system.. Because even the holistic system hands over their patients to hospice..

Or people die suddenly they don't get the luxury to be in hospice.. Because that's the kind of world we are in right now..

It's a luxury to be suffering because it means you're still alive..

But even that will go to the wayside.. As your friends keep food away from you and telling you that pain is horrible.. Oh it is but it's manageable in my world because I faced it.. And food was never poison to me..

I took the last three years to face everything.. I didn't resist to life..

Some of you are the point where you could afford to change and face it.. Face whatever is coming down the pipeline

Or resist it and cause breakage and you know what happens..

We are at a fork in a road.. Five weeks away from something..

You know how I know i'm free.. Because never once when I was in pain did the government step in and take away my pain..

When I was hungry.. Never once did the govt step in and take away food from me.. My mother once recommended me getting off of coffee and other foods..

I should have been more afraid of her than anyone else.. I am MORE afraid of family and friends than i am of the government..

Because people cannot resist their family and friends

So when you can't handle pain and suffering.. The government will come and regulate your ass and everyone around you recommending you everything under the fucking sun and starvation..

many people cannot handle pain and suffering, so they regulate all the different remedies you put out there to everyone and your mother..

That's how you know the government regulates people.. When they're in pain and they can't handle it.. And they can't afford everyone to die from all of your remedies.. Go figure.

And when they starve because of psychological operations of their friends and family..

The government doesn't starve you..they are trying to find the food that's best for you.. Which is why you have fda approval.. Oh my god. Who would have thought the government gives a shit.. Of course they do.. But your friends and family don't. Cause they don't fucking get it and they don't want to .. So they have to be regulated.

But it's your friends and family who take away your pain and starve food from you..

Of course they have to regulate you.. You would destroy your family tomorrow if you could. All of you on facebook who take away pain suffering and starvation could and would destroy your family if given the opportunity.

Which is why I don't fear my government.. I fear my peers.. It's tough watching them.. That's why I don't take away anyone's pain.. I let the government do that because you requested it..

No one is forcing to take away your pain.. No one is forcing to starve yourself..

You should fear your mother and your father and your sister and your brother.. And your family and friends more than your government.

As far as government regulations: Do I trust the government to regulate me? Yes. Because they know many people cannot handle pain however, they must regulate the pain killers so society does not destroy oneself from unregulated pain remedies which do end up in death.

I trust the government to regulate society because obviously without society, no government, at all.. and you can only depend upon robots for only so long.. you still need an extremely smart workforce and population..

If you distrust the govt, I dare you to move to Haiti and defend yourself..

The government never once stepped into my house and forced me to take away my pain. The government never once stepped into my house and took away food from me..


maybe you should be more scared of your facebook crowd and friends and family than of your govt.

You really should be afraid of your peers who recommend you gambling.. Who tell you not to eat.. Who intended to starve you out.. So you can buy the stupid stocks they recommend you.

Yeah you should be afraid of those Starving. Because misery likes company.. And starving people want your money.

Remember i'm just like all of you.. There is no guarantee my little town will survive climate change and nuclear war..

Regardless I will still be the best I can be.

And i will strategize my survival..

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