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Atheist Academia and Religious Folk Have Much In Common_Lack of Evolution

Nowadays, you cannot tell the difference between atheists and religious folks..

all or MOST are anti-progressives and NON EVOLUTIONARY, just watch them, even in the JJ world.. just observe them.

just watch them resist the J world.. not the JJ but me, and the evolution of the J world..

maybe a few might be progressive.. but very few.

Here's the evidence of intolerance.. This is by academics.. They are the Appalachian stereotypes.. They starved out a patient who was forced to go to Hospice because the system treated him out of existence by both the Allopathic and Holistic Energy Healing World and then he did a hail mary when the system deemed him untouchable.

The kicker is, they had the gall to blame me and the salt and the JJ as to the cause of his death. Remember, he was also drinking Pineapple juice at the time, too. Why did you not develop a campaign against Pineapples?????????????

Sorry Hospital system. You treated him for 55 years less the last few months of his life and used me as a phucking scape goat to cover up your crimes against humanity!!!!!!!

I cannot tell the difference between the Appalachian Stereotypes and Academia in high level universities. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

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