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Activists turn into world VACCINES Protecting people to death

Overprotection, Love and Using Cultures as a Tool for Intolerance Projecting Destructive Anger

Activists turn into world VACCINES Protecting people to death.

Once I figured out how to save myself from climate change and I strategized my own survival, activism ceased being important. I had no one to blame, no one to project onto, no one to beg to be my saviour or accuse of being a Satan. I had the ability to see things extremely clear through the lens of my own accountability and I could separate the people from their govt and also understand why govt does what it does.

I recognize patterns of major decline, major denial, and major destruction and I take myself out of situations proven to be extremely harmful in body, mind and spirit. I sit in my own pain and suffering and make realizations through that pain and suffering and feed the energy, rest the energy and even understand the energy. I find ways to release the energy without harming anyone or anything and I represent my own ideals and ideas.

I also realize there is NO saving anyone next to me or even 6k miles away and if I feel I can save people, the govt will give me a chance to put my money where my mouth is and go broke and die for others.

And what's brilliant is the government will make sure they will bring the war home to you . Govt will make sure they give you what you want. If you want to fight other people's wars they will bring the war home to you .. And you can prove to people how much you care about somebody six thousand miles away who doesn't give a shit about you.

So now you can love everyone to death and overprotect them andd they will destroy you in the process.. All because you have misplaced your energy because you can't take care of yourself. The people you think you're saving will destroy you when given the chance. They could never save themselves..

And you think you're going to be hero.. You become a vaccine to the world population.. Ironic isn't it.

Through those lessons, I become more intelligent as to why the system must regulate humans who fail to regulate themselves and it is never a peaceful process. It is a dangerous process of change while people grapple with the notion that pain and suffering is necessary to advance humans, but how much pain is up to each person to decide for themselves.

We cannot legislate how much pain we give to people or take away from people and the govt must give people the choices as to how they manage the life in their body, mind and spirit. Once I understood this is how govt operates and I look at all the anti-govt people who don't understand the other side of their science biases, I see people and families are behind their own destruction of their own family genetic line.

The govt gave people the option to change, research, and even develop arguments, despite opposition, but most are not brave enough or focused enough to put their money where their mouth is. So, govt gives them everything they could possibly want until the person destroys themselves and family with their own blessing..


What you will find are people who really don't care about the people they're defending.They just love to hate who they think are the enemy..

Because most people have absolutely no intention to put their money with their mouth is.

They will defend palestine through a proxy of activism so they can hate israel so they can hate jewish people.. That's what it comes down to..

That's what the system is trying to prove. All the activists don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.. They're fucking bored and they have absolutely no dreams of their own .. And they're tired and they are has beens..

So it is easier to go to war and hate people.. Using other people

Because when push comes to shove..

They become silent and they walk away..

It was never about helping people..

It was about hating people.

And I knew that a long time ago..

People are transparent.

And you know shit's going to happen.. Somebody will do something somebody will get blamed...

Because we had to get involved in other people's wars and be critical about other people's situations..

So if you want to host a refugee family and protect a family and watch their every move.. And house them and feed them.. Then you are putting your money where your mouth is if you're gonna be an activist against wars in other countries..

I don't pay attention to what people say.

I look at what they would do.. I don't see anyone saying they will volunteer to house refugees in their home.. Especially ones from palestine..

I don't see any letter they written to congress to ask to host a refugee from palestine to save them from israel..

I see no critics of israel , saying they will house a palestinian refugee in their own home..

Strange you are silent..

I expect that.

It was never about saving palestinians.. It was about hating israel.. For so many things.. And you can say it was from nine eleven or whatever..

It doesn't matter the reason.. What matter is people will use other people to hate somebody else.. Which makes you no different than who you hate anyways..

You used the palestinian people to convey your own hate for israel..

How is that better than 911 was an inside job..

Don't become the people you hate..

Become better.

If you don't get angry and survive your own environment it will change and you will die anyways..

If you have blood clots you're going to have to know you can survive them and pass them through your system.

Trying to avoid emotions so you're like a zombie and die from the environment won't help you either.

Which is why my information is for those who are relatively strong.. You already have the conditioning for pain and suffering and maybe you are an asshole too.

That will work to your favor.

Eat everything..

If you're a carnivore and you're eating animals in the wild.. You're eating wild game..

Shut up about this. Geez your hypocrisy is just overwhelming..

If you find surviving on earth is too overwhelming for you..

You will starve yourself. Remember the potato famine.. And the Irish were eating grass..

The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, lasted from 1845 to 1852 and caused starvation, disease, and emigration. The famine was caused by a plant disease called Phytophthora infestans, or P. infestans, which destroyed up to half of the potato crop in 1845 and about three-quarters of the crop over the next seven years. A third of the Irish population depended on potatoes for food, so the famine had devastating results.

Some sources have claimed that many Irish did eat grass during the famine, dying with green stains around their mouths that indicated their desperation; some historians have even claimed that this reliance on grass during the famine explains the current practice of eating green foods on Saint Patrick's Day.

I fully expect Vegan and vegetarians to have green around their mouth.. I know they're starving.

You're not a true vegan of vegetarian until you can prove it.. But I suppose your expectation to die is enough proof.

Welcome to the new world when people voluntarily starve.

And celebrate starvation like Happy saint patrick's day.. And posting this bullshit and telling people to starve from different food brands because they are afraid of monsanto.

Believe me if they were poisoning you you would be dead already..

People die from starvation.. Not from monsanto.. Their perception of monsanto is what is causing them to starve..

And their friends are scaring the fuck out of them because their friends are fucking messed up too.

But monsanta is not killing people..

People's lack of release and starvation is causing them to develop cancers and different Diseases..

The depopulation with monsanto is the perception they are the enemy.. When monsanto controls your whole food supply and you think all of its poison you will voluntarily starve

See how fucking Strategic they are.. And then you will be relegated to only eating grass like the irish potato famine..

Telling everyone to eat organic..

Telling the poor italians to outlaw lab developed meat..

Oh yeah.The starvation through psychological operations is very well under way..

Guess what these people are falling apart.. The people who are telling you food is poison are falling apart.. Because they believe their own bs and they are actually starving themselves..

They are the poster children of the depopulation agenda..

Your friends against the food supply are the poster children of depopulation..

The system knew what the fuck they were doing..

It's goddamn genius.

And it's worth suffering in my world realizing this shit.. Because it took me seven years to get back on all the food supply..

I can eat all food and I have no issue with any of it..

And i'm not falling apart.. I feel every bit of life and immunological immune system activation that i'm supposed to feel..

And even though it sucks sometimes.. It's fucking god damn worth it because I love my life. And I respect the new life.

The world doesn't need more love.. I've had enough of death and dying and died suddenly and thoughts and prayers..

The world needs more people who are so angry they want to live and they actually live.

This is proof why I know why love equals death..

I'm not trying to learn how to die..

And i'm not trying to sanitize my life..

But i'm also not embracing what people have accepted as inevitable..

Which is why I don't play the games people play.

Which is also why i'm not christian..

The irony is we have a lot atheists who claim they're not christian who also embrace christian ways of ending their life. And they are all about love. And they're in it very deeply.

We attempt to protect ourselves from early death by avoiding all kinds of risks and sanitizing our entire lives, but all this focus on avoiding death doesn’t prepare us to be ready for death. hooks writes, “Love is the only force that allows us to hold one another close beyond the grave. That is why knowing how to love each other is also a way of knowing how to die.” It’s love that moves us beyond inhibition and regret and gives us peace in the end for the lives that we lived. Love today prepares us for death tomorrow. Grieving what is lost is the final manifestation of love. hooks quotes many Christian writers to shape her thoughts on love, including Parker Palmer, Henri Nouwen, and Thomas Merton, but her conclusions are far from the perspective of love in the church I experienced.

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