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Collaboration, What Once Was Protection Now You Must Be Protected From

Collaboration, What Once Was Protection Now You Must Be Protected From

Collaboration, Friends, Family, Loose Partnerships Antigen/Antibody Programming

I look back on the last 50 years of my life and I often wondered why I did not turn into a groupie.

Well, I can see quite clearly why I never stayed stagnant in a political dogma, religious dogma or scientific dogma.

I always wanted to change and make better whatever I came into contact with. Not everyone I was in contact wanted to be "better", or "change" and so I moved on.

I have said time and time again in the Jilly Juice World, it will be your friends, family, loose partnerships, politics, religion and science dogmas, people you surround yourself with, will be your greatest accomplishments and worst enemies.

Why Jillian?

What if you wanted to change?

What if you wanted to do something different?

What if there was more to the story than what your collaboration knew and maybe your collaboration with the people did not want to offer more to the story?

Why would people stop someone from changing? Because it would get in the way of market share and dilute the message.. Businesses are only successful when they stay on target with their message that cannot diverge at all whatsoever. Your truth became a business.. And then people get greedy..

Sometimes people's storylines are taglines in a marketing program.. They can't afford change.

Additionally, what if EVERYONE exhausted one an another's resources and it was time to move on, cut your losses and evolve? As you know , that happens , as people fight when they break up or get a divorce.. They used up all resources from each other and it's time to move on..

The truther community is like that...

The truther community is like another religion that people love to collaborate in because they know stuff and can feel stuff, but have also exhausted all resources and are looking for new blood, new audience and a different way to say things.

I did collaborate with people early on in the Jilly Juice world and then loosely thereafter until I reduced my reach down to just one account with less than 1k friends and one business group, a website and a youtube account.

Why did you do that, Jillian?

Because it is and was exhausting trying to meet the needs of the people desperate to collaborate and "wake up" the masses.

It is and was exhausting dealing with people's drama, trauma, medical issues and lack of evolution.

It was and is exhausting trying to justify change and evolution.. It was exhausting and is exhausting thinking the more exposure I get the more the masses will wake up and finally agree with me or my collaborators.

Collaborating with anyone in business, in personal relationships and even in the social media truther community is phucking exhausting.

Why? Because if you do not embrace the people so "desperate" to collaborate with you, and if you do not let them post all of their links all over your page and if you do NOT let them just unload on your community with their stories of whatever, then YOU are the enemy for drawing boundaries, blocking them, deleting their comments, and ousting them.

Now you have another hater who will then use you as a target because they can't find the enemy so you become one..

Truthers are always looking for an enemy to pin something on..

That was the message in leave the world behind.. They want you to look for someone to hate.. And love. They needed you to find someone to blame for whatever.. That was the only way this depopulation would work.. When you finally turn against each other.. Because you can't find the enemy. Because they can switch. When people change they become your enemy.. That's how people can switch on you.. That was built into your cured programming. That's why people can't handle change. And then hate anyone who changes. Then you have people declaring war on each other.

That's the truth or/truther community..

The truther community was another psychological operations..

From my experience, stand on your own. From my experience, you do what you do for yourself, and no one else. The reason why is because you will never truly know how far you have reached and it is never enough. It will be never enough.

Even the most successful influencers in the truther community just stay in one world and they rarely diverge from their party line. "Success" is not evolution. "Success" is staying in one place with one "idea" and thought process. While "success" is seductive, alluring and addictive, it is also exhausting, and life sucking and leads to "nowhere" because what is your barometer? Friends list? Tickets sold? Attendees? Like? Comments? Books sold? Collaboration friendslist and podcast invites? If that is your goal is to collect market share, then the truther community is just one big marketing scheme with a storyline.

In my opinion, "success" is not collaborating with anyone or anything as fluid as the truther community.. Truth shapeshifts, changes and new information changes the perspectives.

The most freedom I had was to release myself from the "truther" community and refuse to accept podcast invites of interviews, refuse to accept collaboration invites and refuse to just stay in one area and be "successful".. When your pigeonholed you have no room to evolve.

When you're addicted to your audience and the money around your truthing you have no room to evolve.. Which is also why religion in politics and science was so important for the system..

People rarely ever leave and evolve from their community.. Your weakness became their power . And of course many people are trapped..

They painted themselves in a corner, which was exactly what the system wanted you to do..

My worst "haters" are the people I left, evolved from or drew boundaries from..

If you see any new haters against me , it's probably because I rebuffed their advances of collaboration.. I just get tired of the drama. I have my own drama in my head.. I don't need to cultivate more.

that should tell you something.. What once was so pleasureful and fun and "protective" can also "hate" you and be the thorn in your side and become another person who they must resist against..

Which is why I cultivate acquaintances.

Friends, family, groupies hate their members changing .. no freedom.. And they will brow beat you back into place.. Or ice you out making you beg for their attention.. That's probably the best time to walk away..

They gave you your freedom..

i want freedom to evolve.. not stay in one place.

I do no collaboration unless I am in an ironclad contract..

Mothers trying to marry off your daughters at a young age.. Especially when you've been divorced and a single mother with health issues..

Do you really think that's the best road for them?

Which is why you be very careful who you marry..

Because will you be allowed to change when it's necessary?

Every seven years people change..

And I'll tell you it's a fight to change..

You seriously have to be committed to the person when you want to change and they don't understand it.

That's why you must have the gift of negotiating skills and diplomacy .. Because you will need it to save your own life.

You will need to understand how to fight against very rigid systems in politics and religion and science dogmas..

Living in this world and surviving it will take everything you have to survive it.. Because it's the people you surround yourself that you'll have to deal with the most.. And the crowd is formidable.

Civil war.. Is intentional.. It is a synchronized chaos. All outcomes are the intention

When I realized everything was intentional even my childhood.. That broke my world but I rebuilt..

And I saw why it was necessary..

All death and disease is a synchronized chaos..

There is nothing random in this universe.. There is organization

even to chaos..

synchronized chaos is a science.. Because catalysts must be involved.. It is choreography.. Like a dance team..

You don't live in a vacuum.. And you aren't the first people on this earth..

Synchronization of chaos is a phenomenon that may occur when two or more dissipative chaotic systems are coupled.

Dissipative means relating to dissipation, which is the process of gradually losing energy or disappearing. For example, a wave that loses amplitude is said to dissipate.

Because of the exponential divergence of the nearby trajectories of chaotic systems, having two chaotic systems evolving in synchrony might appear surprising. However, synchronization of coupled or driven chaotic oscillators is a phenomenon well established experimentally and reasonably well-understood theoretically.

The stability of synchronization for coupled systems can be analyzed using master stability. Synchronization of chaos is a rich phenomenon and a multi-disciplinary subject with a broad range of applications.[1][2][3]

Synchronization may present a variety of forms depending on the nature of the interacting systems and the type of coupling, and the proximity between the systems.

Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary area of scientific study and branch of mathematics focused on underlying patterns and deterministic laws of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, and were once thought to have completely random states of disorder and irregularities.[1] Chaos theory states that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, interconnection, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization.[2] The butterfly effect, an underlying principle of chaos, describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state (meaning that there is sensitive dependence on initial conditions).[3] A metaphor for this behavior is that a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas can cause a tornado in Brazil.[4][5][6]

The first stage was isolation,” G.H. explains. “Disable their communication and transportation

15 min cities

Make the target as deaf (closing ears), dumb(speechless), and paralyzed (cured) as possible, and set them up for the second stage: Synchronized chaos.

Terrorize them with covert attacks (trolls)

and misinformation(conflicting concepts),

overwhelming their defense capabilities( remedies, surgeries),

leaving their weapons system vulnerable to extremists in their own military(whistle blowers).

Without a clear enemy or motive, people will start turning on each other (TRUTHERS)..

You know who most of my enemies have been.. People I used to "collaborate" with..

They wanted to use me as their platform.. I said no, I get tired of the drama, I block and delete..

They get butt hurt and then i'm the enemy.. Fucking perfect.. That was the intention.

Stay on your own platform.. Don't collaborate.. Because what if you have a different message..

What if you evolve. You won't get the freedom to.

That's why you stay autonomous so you have the freedom to change and evolve.. As soon as you go into partnership with someone.. You have to fight to change.. You have to fight to leave drama if they bring drama to your world..

It's not fucking worth it..

If done successfully, the third stage would happen on its own: Coup d’état. Civil war.”

Now go look at your facebook.. Look at the politics. Look at all the religions.. And look at the science dogmas..

They called it.. You're in a civil war..

You think i'm crazy....

The pandemic.. The beginning.. Was the isolation stage..

You must be conditioned for it.. Because that's how you're going to survive this..

But again I can't predict the future..

Do the best you can..

If the internet ever goes out.. Just read the books in your house.. Go outside in your backyard.. I would avoid large diverse crowds. Defend your home..

Which is why I collaborate with no one.. I stepped away from the war..

Beautiful but dumb.

Beauty is what got you in the door. Brawn is what got you into the door..

Your brains must carry you through..

The world does not need any more empty headed models.. But I guess we know what they'll be used for..

Which is why the ugly smart people will rule the world and the earth.. Until the climate changes again..

Remember beautiful only last so long before the environment works against a certain programming.. You can't work against change or you will super nova..

Never underestimate what people look like.. Beauty does not always mean brains..

And if you have both beauty and brains it's temporary..

It doesn't last forever..

Beauty was what got you in the door..

If no one knew anything about you , then your beauty is what will attract them to your message..

You better have some substance behind your message..

And then you can evolve.. Because they know where you came from..

And if you surround yourself by people who respect beauty more than brains.. You will never ever be allowed to change.. Because once a person starts using their brains and they start evolving, that's what people experience resistance the most..

How do you know that your change is for the better.. When you can read large paragraphs and understand them.. When you can rattle off concepts and subject matters that used to be difficult for you. When you actually start developing a different thought process around lifestyles that were socially acceptable.. And maybe it's time to develop another arm of the hydra..

Another immortalized germline cell..

We all were trained in different areas.. Which is why your progress is personal to you.

Your brains last longer if you foster them.. And cultivate more connections..

But if beauty is what's more important to you.. Then you're a temporary person..

Enjoy the ride..

Beauty is what gives people such a huge family and then annihilation.. Because that doesn't last forever..

Then you have to have something in your head to work with.. And it's difficult to keep up both beauty and brains together simultaneously during climate change..

You will go through the ducky stage again until climate changes, yet again.

And I think it's fucking amazing.. Sometimes I like looking gorgeous.. Sometimes I love looking like a monster..

And people respond to it in many different ways..

I do like the reactions.. Especially attached to different information than what people are used to..

How do you wake up the world.. .. One brain sell/cell at a time..

And people let you know they're listening.. I think that's a tremendous compliment..

No matter who you resist you're always listening to them.. The information does penetrate. That's a huge compliment.. When you completely block people.. The information does not even penetrate..

You want a beautiful world... You must earn it..

Because you must have some kind of brains to work with the beauty.. And that takes cultivation.. Fostering and respecting academics and outside the box thinking..

Empty headed models are the thing of the past.. Because that's a suffering.. Once the beauty goes they're disposable.. Which is why women fight to stay beautiful when there is nothing else going on..

Cultivate your brain it should last longer than everything else.. And the maybe you might stay alive.. And relive your glory days later on when all the conditions are right..

Midcentury Modern


If you thought that outage was bad today , imagine when it's far longer with other areas blacked out.

Prepare yourself.. The system is preparing itself.

Since then there's been another update from Meta, blaming the site problems on a 'technical issue' which it says has now been resolved.

That's the official narrative.

Oh that was weird... My computer still down as far as facebook..

Everything is fully functioning now.. It took a minute for everything to come back online..

If you ever have an issue just go to this site..

A society NOT conditioned to suffer to live, only conditioned to suffer less and die will welcome a "died suddenly" scenario..

at least they are not suffering... count the b/lessenings..

A society addicted to pleasure and paradise and feeling good all the time.. Never want to suffer will welcome a died suddenly world because that will end their suffering.


you had nothing to do with it.. You tried your best.. To help people.. It is out of your hands..

Now it's conditioning yourself to expect it and deal with it without it destroying you..

That's the only way society will save itself..

But you also asked society to condition you never to suffer or feel any pain or suffering..

And you wanted to feel good all the time..

That only last so long.. When it's all about pleasure and paradise.. Society goes into moral decay..

And the system has thousands and thousands of years of history to support that concept..

You only know a very thin slice of history.. And even different history you reject and resist.. And purposely put your blinders on..

You can't feel sorry for people who put their blinders on purposely..

That's why you don't want to wake up people who are not prepared to wake up..

They can't handle immune system activation.. And that's the first sign they're not prepared to wake up.. They get treated to death.

And they signed on the dotted line..

I don't fear my government..

I fear the people who are anti government, whichever side they think is the enemy..

So I stay home and stay safe.. And let you all fight it out via microbes, climate change and pleasure..

Believe me I don't want to feel good a hundred percent of the time..

I want to know I have the capacity to push out the demons when it's necessary..

I don't ever want to be numb to my survival..


I already woke up the world and they hated me for it.. It's not worth waking up the world.. Because people will attack you for destroying their illusions..

So I just stay on my facebook and I mind my own business.. And i make observations.. And you get to make the choice.. And no one's bullying you or brow beating you into change.. And you can always block and delete me

And I will still respect your choices..

the govt never once told me food was poison, but warned me there was more life/viruses/or food recalls because most of society resist life and evolution..

the govt never once withheld food from me.

the govt never once took away my pain when I was in pain.

they left me alone..

no, i do not fear my govt.. i fear my community so intolerant to life and change...

estrogen seeks testosterone and vice versa..

but, once you turn on that faucet, it becomes a flood of destruction and turns into cancer, disease, chronic illness, auto-immune disorder and children...

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