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F5 TORNADOES are like Cytokine Storms in the Immune System

We are in the 4th Turning of an 80 year cycle.

The Midwest got fucking hammered this weekend . If it didn't happen to you.. you won't understand.. You'll either avoid the news. Or robotically say thoughts and prayers.

Many people have absolutely no idea what's going on in this world.. Until something happens to them.. And then expect people to to be empathetic and understand.. And they will and they'll treat you to death.

What I do to avoid being treated to death is I change the way, I do things because s*** happens in other places that is also happening at the micro level in my world..

When you feel it.. And you can make the connections and not blame something else.. It might resonate with you.

Climate change is deadly right now..

Even though geoengineering changed the climate it doesn't take away from the fact that I have to still change for the climate.

And the more that you choose to feel the symptoms of change the more you'll understand where i'm coming from.

The more you resist evolution and symptoms, the more youll think i'm crazier, unless you are in the truth world.

 You'll know it intellectually , but maybe you cannot feel it so therefore, refuse to change.

I don't know which is worse.. Not feeling it and being completely out of touch with reality. Or knowing it intellectually and doing nothing about surviving it, like change, and adapt!!

Knowing the truth and adapting to the truth are completely different things .

What's the point in knowing the truth if you do nothing to change to adapt to the truth .

You might as well go back to the mainstream . At least enjoy your life ..

I enjoy my life. But it has changed drastically.

Even going shopping at walmart can be pretty taxing on an activated immune system . It's like someone put fast forward on me when I walk into a walmart.

If I didnt have a strong heart I probably would have had a heart attack yesterday. My heart was going so many miles per minute..

My husband felt nothing..

That's how crazy it is.

People don't realize everyone's working with a very different immune system activation and sometimes you have to take yourself out of a situation so you don't end up suffering so much. But you are the one that determines how much you should suffer.

 Not somebody else.

 People will think you're crazy.

 People will want to get you treated.

 People will say something is wrong with you. People don't understand what's going on in this world ..

When you understand what's going on in this world you will be looked at as crazy because you will feel it if you're that adaptable and activated ..

 Every sense will be heightened.

And there wasn't that many people at the walmart .. But as soon as I walked in and I started shopping I felt the energy surge right through.

 When I walk into a giant eagle it's not the same thing as far as I can remember .. For some reason giant eagle has friendlier energy. Wal-mart has aggressive energy.. No wonder they get a lot of shootings.

It's the wal-marts that are aggressive. I don't know why. Maybe they have certain energy and algorithms. I can't prove anything ..

I just know there's a difference between these 2 grocery stores and how I feel in the store and when I leave the store.

Could it have been the time a day..? It was nearing 81 degrees in the afternoon.

 It was very hot. Very quickly.

But even a few weeks ago when my husband went on vacation, I was feeling crazy aggressive in one of the other walmarts in north canton.

I think it's the walmart that's doing it ..

Because it wasn't even that hot before my husband left for vacation

When you feel like you'll understand ..

So when we got home I put the groceries away and retreated up to my room and laid down to calm the heart .

 I watched netflix. Ate food .. Released demons.

And everything is great.. I feel great this morning.

That's why you need a place where you can go to calm everything down.. Because during this climate change every area is going to be so aggressive .

 In this environment sitting in darkness is not a bad thing .

 If that is what is necessary to survive you do it. Who cares what people think.

My life has changed drastically so I can survive climate change.

I will not be cured and get treated for anyone and then die in the system.

I refused to die for anyone or anything. Why would you say that jillian.

Because people will be under the influence to fit in and stay the same and they won't change.. They'll get operations , so they stay the same and they don't change. People will give up an arm a leg even an organ to fit in and stay the same.. People will even give up brain cells

 Even though people are not the same after they have been treated for disease, they have to keep up with everyone around them.

That's why I blacked out my rooms. So I can rest my eyes. So I can calm my heart down .

It's fucking insanely intense out there . And it's so bright outside it will burn your retinas and since you don't have pain receptors behind your retinas you could actually do more damage to yourself.

That's why my eyes changed this year..

I have to rest my eyes to make sure I don't go fucking blind in this environment.

 that include sitting more in the darkness than the light. That includes not staring at the light bulb all this time in a dark room.. Overhead light is fucking insane..

There is a method behind the madness .

And if you don't understand science and biology , you'll live in your fantasy land.

You have to change in order to survive climate change..

But you don't have to.. But don't blame anyone for all of your bullshit if you can't fucking change.

And just because someone changes in your world doesn't mean it's an affront against you..

The person has to fucking survive.. They can't try to keep up with you.. And it's not fair if you make people keep up with you..

It's not up to you to determine if someone should suffer to be strong for you..

People have to choose their own suffering .

Oh I get it now.

If people change in your world , don't fucking slam them for it.

Let them survive. Don't kill them for you.

And don't force people outside when they want to stay inside most of the time..

The days of bright sun and fresh air as a healing mechanism are fucking over now ..

The sun has been amplified.. And it's fucking deadly right now.

And people are aging aggressively.. And they are dying suddenly.. Or they are making deadly mistakes..

The sun in this world is not your friend right now.

The world is not the same. Even most people in the jilly world don't even get that..

Most people are completely fucking oblivious to the changes that are going on in this world

And they think they can stop the changes..


If you think you can stop the system from doing what is doing youre fucking deluded.

The atlantic seaboard also needs to be aware of what's going on..

The system owns all natural disasters.

Lot of shit going on.

But you can live in denial and pleasure and paradise until some shit happens.

I can't live that way.. I refuse .

The eclipse was a prerequisite..

This is not the time to be in denial. This is the time to fucking change if you can.. You won't get another chance.. You need to know every single situation that could happen.

And what is your game plan

Tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes but can be triggered by weather, landslides, volcanic activity, and meteorites. There have been two recorded tsunami events in New Jersey, according to the NOAA.

The first tsunami event happened in 1938 and the second in 1944. If it happened this year that's eighty years later

Feb 1, 2024

Eastern seaboard I would just be aware..

The midwest got pummelled with F5 tornadoes..

 I think there is a connection.

Within three or four years, Aurora Innovation and its competitors expect to put thousands of self-driving trucks on America's public freeways. But the image of driverless semis on highways concerns many people, polls show.


Unfriendly energy causes people to go off the deep end.

That's why you pay attention to people's behaviors and if they say they need to get out or they need something you don't fucking cure them Or deny them a way out.

 They have to release those demons. And you pay attention to people.. Don't force them to be treated because it will make shit worse later..

Some people have to get treated and sometimes to death because you cannot control their behaviour.

Pay attention to your children.. Especially the questionable ones if you even can see that ..

That's why I mostly stay home and stay safe.. Very unpredictable public out there.

And it's getting worse..

But you have to be lucid to see it.

The eclipse was a huge harbinger of doom.

The system owns all natural disasters.

You've seen the different wave pools in public entertainment centers.. There are mechanisms to develop huge waves if the system wants to.

When you're not in denial, you will find a way to survive whatever you can..

Because you are armed with information and you heed warnings.

The eclipse was a huge harbinger of doom.

I'm just glad I live in ohio.. I'm glad I live in ohio. northeast ohio.


When did this ever happen before climate change.

Teeth falling out.

Not everything is as simple as it seems..

This is how the system got you to blame everything under the sun.. So you never had to think about what things were and why you did them..

This actually is a programming..

When you hold so much diversity inside, the wind can blow and trigger immune system activation..

 So, what would you blame your immune system activation on.. Whatever you were told was poison.. Or the nearest thing you can blame it on..

Maybe you dont understand immune system activation because you were never conditioned to handle it correctly..

Humanity is still in the dark ages..

This guy is appropriate because he represents the dark ages..

if you have not noticed how BRIGHT it is outside with abundant sunshine, maybe it is now time to pay attention..

cloud brightening is a thing, just like cloud seeding and owning the weather and the tornadoes, hurricanes, etc..

And when it's winter spring and summer in one week.. You will see many health conditions.

If what is going on in middle america doesn't alarm you.. And it doesn't make you sit up and pay attention.. You'll just be lost in your feelings.. Loving everything to death... And you will throw up platitudes because you have nowhere else to go..

And you will get lost in your addictions whatever they are..

You are literally trapped. And a slave..

So what do they do.. The twelve step program.

Replace god with yourself or the government..

And you can add in whatever you want to replace whatever addiction .. It may not just be alcohol for you. It could be marijuana . It could be love. It could be sex. It could be your friends and family..

You know what you're addicted to .

Sometimes you just need to sit with yourself .. You don't even have to meditate..


Walmart has a lot of aggressive energy and it's not even the people..

It's 81 degrees out.. And wow.. I can see why people get in fights... The environment can bring out the worst in people..

At some point you will thank the system for cleaning itself up.. Even if you have to endure dodging torpedic projectiles.. Listen to indicators be as safe as you can ..

Never ever get too comfortable.. maybe stop exploiting yourself and others for a financial gain.

This is survival of the fittest.. And the smartest who can listen to indicators.

your WELL FUNCTIONING immune SHOULD PUSH OUT THE PARASITIC ENTITIES, not be attacked by drugs and needles and surgeries.



THE pain and suffering I felt the last 7 years during my release and rebuild process using the milk, meat, cheese, eggs, and all elements, made me stronger and smarter and more tolerant with a healthy boundary against those who aim to harm me..

I can understand being protected from actual predators who want to hurt you and victimize you with guns and sexuality.

But if someone is protecting you from the environment with some kind of remedy or outfit.. They're just making you weaker.

Even faraday cages . Or outfits, that's supposed to repel whatever the f*** it is you think is the enemy..

They are no better than some vaccine activating your immune system or make it you weaker in your environment..

If you can't handle your environment.

I question your survivability and I question your childrens' survivability..

If no one is bombing your town.. If you're not dodging tornadoes.

What the hell do you need protection from??

In an activated environment.. If you have trouble with the air food and water.. Maybe you should stay home and stay safe and repair the damage you've done to your body for the last 100 year as you've been on this earth..

Maybe you need to calm the fuck down.. Stop being so greedy for money and social capital..

injecting/poking yourself with any type of needle is torture to the body

i dont care if it is a vaccine, botox, gcmaf, b12 shots, birth control, acupuncture or some beauty regime.. it is TORTURE AND people's bodies rebel against them..

obviously surgery is the ultimate torture..

When I look at the ONCOLOGY and all the diets and skinny boys and girls.. And the shaved heads.. I think about concentration camps and the russians liberating them at the end of world war two.

History repeats , but you're doing it to yourself. You're doing that to your children. You're sending your friends and family away to pass away in the system.

So that way , you can have your pleasure in paradise and social capital and get paid very well for it

That's operation paper clip.

the statue of liberty means we are liberating people from their suffering via the medical/holistic/politic/religion/science dogma.. Even through all the wars.

we are the light leading the world

we are standard of "freedom" liberating people from suffering and poverty via intentional rip via medical/holistic energy "healing" tantric sex/big family world.

trump cannot save you if you cannot withstand climate change. boom. he has very little power when it comes to the NWO.. and he knows it.

biden cannot save anyone who aims to take away their own pain and suffering.. and he knows it..

If you cannot save yourself it won't matter what you do or do not do.. It won't matter who you voted in or vote out.

The climate is what's killing you.. And then your aggressive defense postures are what's destroying you and your family

Your starvation, diets and surgeries and supplements and drugs is what the statue liberty represents.

 liberating people from their suffering called rest in peace.. And then justifying it.

The worship of the sexualized adolescent cheerleader trafficked by mommy and daddy..

kevin spacy, not kevin spader lol

And you wonder why human trafficking is at an all time high and why we have so many single mothers trafficked by their parents..

It's okay not to know.. And then wake up. You can change your ways..

But the system develops so many hurdles so you can look at yourself in the mirror . Because your children and your parents are reflection of you.

Sometimes you have to walk away . Because you can't change the other person who is raising your children.. Some parents have absolutely no say in the matter..

But you don't get somebody else pregnant. You cut your losses and you save yourself.


Morality is liberating people from their suffering even if means "died suddenly" or starvation via diets and supplements..

If that is your purview, do not lie to people and say your are saving their life.. you are liberating them from life, from suffering..

just call a spade a spade.

stop with the deceptions..

licensed professional with fda approved protocols liberate people from life who claim they are suffering.

anyone who is suffering right now has the chance to channel that suffering into survivability.. but it must be supported correctly and effectively.. some will understand the necessity for all the food in the food supply, because that is what it will take to push out the demons.. and yeah..

ya gotta get mad and rage it out.

ONE day you will thank the system for putting you through hell..

Anyone who recommends any remedies to anyone for any ailment will be blocked on my page.

Your days are over. Your days are numbered. You're not going to infect my world with your bullshit

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