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Dark Ages=Ignorance Luciferian =Light/Knowledge

The dark ages was the ignorance of society.. and people died from ignorance

You are now in a Luciferian society.

Some people will die in the light..

My world is so rare.. Most people will not withstand both the light and the darkness..

My world is such a minority, it will not get in the way of the systems intentions..

I could probably count on my hand who gets my information.. The light will destroy you. So will the darkness..

Discernment is the only thing left to survive both the light and the dark..

Most of you have zero discernment.. Because you are food air and water intolerant.. Also under the influence.

And you expect to die someday.. While in resistance.

Lucifer and the food pyramids

THE system banning treats like snacks, etc is like my mom denying us treats/"junkfood" because she was afraid we could not control ourselves.

Well, as children, I understand that mentality as people pass on genetic defects to their children causing hormonal responses developing into pathologies. I suppose if the system must ban certain food off the market then some people might be more apt to eat meat, milk, cheese eggs, fruits, veggies and potentially rebuild, release and reconstruct, but then again, people will "starve" because there is not much food deficient humans can eat.

However, in this accelerated environment, all foods are necessary and even "junk food" if that is the only thing a person can eat due to hormonal imbalances.

Is it preferable someone just live off of "junk" food, well, that depends on who you ask and what time of day it is. At this point, it won't "matter" what "dying" people eat if they cannot even stomach the main food groups found in the USDA recommended daily allowances for survival in the old world.

Since the climate has changed, all the recommended daily allowances are just a benchmark to work from, not be to be set in stone. With all the new information coming through Facebook, Youtube and the internet, you must use the govt sources as barometer of the old world, and realize we are in climate change encroaching upon the New World and now you must apply whatever knowledge you can absorb and realize if you want to live, potentially a long time, and you need way more than the recommended daily allowances of all the four food groups in the Food Pyramid, which means you need gluten, milk, meat/red meat, cabbage, etc.

How can your kids survive living on meat free, gluten free everything, salt free everything, sugar free everything, milk free everything, etc..

who told anyone starvation and sunlight was the only thing human could live on? Oh, Luciferian people who say follow the light, live off the light.. eat only air sandwiches..


Strong children do not have food allergies.

Period. And they're not against the food supply offered by the government

Strong children have zero issue with any food offered to them..

Strong children are not denied food..

So what's left.. Weak children and weak adults

Your intolerance to any food speaks to building a case for some future aggressive situation..

Again if food is painful.. You're starving..

Cancer patients who are on diets do not survive the treatments.

That right there should be an indicator.

Which is why skinny men and skinny women diagnosed with cancer do not survive treatments.. the monster of cancer and the treatments will ravage them.

People diagnosed with cancer are starving.. And they hold opposing forces within. And food is too painful for them to release those demons.

They need the food and the pain more than they need those treatments, supplements,remedies, and surgeries. Yes , life is a suffering when you're that deficient.

The reason why the hospital system exists so you keep working for somebody else until you destroy yourself.

Medical insurance is basically occupational health.. So you can keep serving your friends and your family and your employer.

Which is why is easier to build strong children than broken adults.. But at this rate we have a lot of weak children and weak adults

That's why we are in a great reset.. You can't make people suffer to live . So you give them the next best thing.. Rest in peace. died suddenly so no suffering..

If youre against died suddenly. Stop treating all your stupid diseases.. Get off the drugs and alcohol..

Scale down your materialistic lifestyle.. Stop encouraging your kids to have babies..

That's what we have cancer.. Because people are diluting their own genetic line with children.

The system knew how resistant people were to change.. And the only way to make death so beautiful was to give death talent and artistic ability and fashion sense..

That's hollywood and the fashion industry. Starving artists who make it big when they're dead. convenient.. people are worth more dead than alive.. haha that was intended.

In this society right now.. Death is fucking gorgeous .

And life is miserable and ugly and lonely to those who are dying from the outside looking in..

People look at my life and they scoff at my lifestyle.. because you're dying.

Dying people cannot possibly fathom somebody staying home and staying safe and completely not addicted to anything with no complaints against the government and who is tolerant to all food with no fear against the changes in the food supply .

Dying people cannot fathom , somebody not afraid of the chemical trails..

dying people cannot understand balance.. And so someone like me they kill with kindness or they mock indefinitely behind their hands while whispering lol, i see it, i feel it, i know it.. i can see it..

Miserable alive people, according to the dying people realize how deadly the sun can be. they realize how deadly society is right now.

And they want no part of it

I had the same issue but i released that demon.

My husband survived the initial acid reflux attack in twenty tweny..

Constricted bowels could lead to bowel cancer

EXCLUSIVEDoctors thought I had acid reflux - now I've got six months to live: Agony of mother, 34, diagnosed with bowel cancer who fears her three-year-old daughter 'will forget me'

It is happening

The children of the corn.

A 10 year old admits to killing a grown man at 7 years old.

Abundant sunshine today wow.. It was so bright it drove me upstairs.. And I had to take a major nap.

heart was racing.. I ate about one fourth cup of peanut butter and a few crackers. And I had to take a nap

I made sure my husband had something to eat because it is very bright outside. He is a day walker like most people who love the sunshine..

There is a price to pay..

I am..


I seriously understand allegory today..

Days like this.. You feed that energy.. Crackers. A lot of protein.. Milk.. Meat cheese eggs..

If you are celebrating food bans you've already lost..

When the system has to ban certain foods.. The general population will die suddenly.. I can survive on all types of Foods.. But if you have to ban food.. You're done. If you celebrate foods being banned..

You're done.

And you are showing your weakness. It's pretty interesting to see those who celebrate this type of food ban..

The next died suddenly people.. They will probably blame the vaccines or the genetically modified food the air and the water..

Banning food builds a died suddenly case for those who celebrate starvation.

And they are the next round of died suddenly people..

You can't feel sorry for anyone anymore.. They celebrate starvation.. What is the outcome of starvation..

Died suddenly..

What is the outcome for food allergies.. Died suddenly.

I tried to tell you.

The food was never the poison or the issue.. Even the ingredients were never the issue..

It was user error.. It was end user error..

You became deficient for your environment..

When you have universal food bans you have an intolerant starving population living off of herbs and supplements and fumes..

Extremely sad state of affairs..

Extremely sad.

you can "start over" in the same body.

You do not have to die and reproduce to "start over again"..

But that would require a lifestyle change and a change in your belief system

If you cannot even take devil's advocate around anything.

You won't understand where i'm coming from.

Biological Immortality is the ability to change your mind.. And then you have to do the work.

Because once you die and your spirit is in the universe you will compete for a body... And then suffer all over again.. Or be lost in limbo... LOOPING.. Like you are today..

Just like the walking dead told you..

running your hamster wheel or somebody else's hamster wheel into the ground.

thank you City College of San Francisco and my comparative religion class.. i did read parts of the Bhagavad Gita..

even college can give you an introduction to the Luciferian system you uphold and resist once you become aware..

we are being given a golden opportunity redirect if we understand how to redirect the system's intentions, if that is your intention.

Every religion and spirituality is justifying people sacrificing themselves.. Getting hypnotized first and then jumping in the water being pulled down by the sea nymphs

Signing on the dotted line.

To even say that Jesus freed the captured souls from Lucifer is still acknowledging a person is just light and their body is just a vessel.. That's literal human sacrifice..

This comes from all the different ascension belief system.. Luciferian.

Luciferian. Every religion is luciferian..

Even the hindu religion because of all the different spices causing immune system deterioration.

In the Bogomil and Cathar text Gospel of the Secret Supper, Lucifer is a glorified angel but fell from heaven to establish his own kingdom and became the Demiurge who created the material world and trapped souls from heaven inside matter. Jesus descended to earth to free the captured souls.

In the Bhagavadgita, Krishna teaches that one can kill only the body; the soul is immortal. At death, the soul is reborn in another body, or, for those who have fully grasped the true teachings, it achieves release (moksha) or extinction (nirvana)—that is, freedom from the wheel of rebirth.

the more you hate/resent and resist me, the less i will be looked at as a hero or god..

that is my intention.. I do NOT want to be loved or even respected by so many people..

I want you to find the power in yourself and deal with your personal darkness and survive it.. or else you will be blinded and destroyed by all the Light bringers in your world..

And they are a dime a dozen.. they will love you to death, kill you with kindness and aim to take away your pain and suffering.

lucifer also employed "demons" from 3rd world nations with fake accounts looking for people who mention herbs and sicknesses and then post about their favorite doctor or remedy with their whatsapp number for you to call them and purchase their concoctions..

Lucifer will also tell you that your body is a vessel and your soul lives forever.. Lucifer will say, you are the light..

Live in the light he says.

That was born from the 1960s, San Francisco, CA

The Christian revival ...

Because the system knew once to the climate changed.. People's vessels will fall apart..

Charles Manson knew.

And you have so many worshippers of light.. Meditation tantric sex and big families..

this specific website is proof how pervasive these virtual religions are..

And then you have beautiful skinny girls selling you a lifestyle.. With the beautiful men hypnotizing you into marijuana and starvation..

the Jilly Juice was Luciferian because it woke up your immune system and activated it, then we evolved and dealt with the darkness of pain and suffering.. And we understood the power of all food. rest release.

Now, if you understand me, you won't die for the light or the darkness, you will figure out how to balance both..

I was NEVER just a light bringer.. I understood the power of the darkness and light and balanced both.

climate change and global warming is luciferian ..

because hell has also frozen over in some places.. The Sun and the light will destroy those who cannot sit in the darkness to rest their eyes..

That's why I stay away from healers and light bringers.

They aim to destroy you through their light. They claim to be your hero and savior.. They want to take away your pain and suffering.. Your life..

I saved myself. There are no heroes out there.. Just death angels..

Be a hero to yourself.. That's the only thing that will save you. Whatever that means in your world.

workarounds are not survivable (surgery/remedies/herbs/medi(sin)/therapies)


Bypass of a recognized problem or limitation in a system



Big Families celebrate died suddenly



infertility will be the end for some adults and infertility will be the beginning for other adults..

I am infertile but I do NOT need a baby to carry on my genetic line..



Blinded by the light. That's most people out there..

So if you are against ishtar.. But you're all about procreation babies and big families.. That's speaking out both sides of your mouth

I'm tired of seeing some people a slam ishtar and they have a big family.. And they practice major procreation..

They say they are against the illuminati when they are the illuminati. They expect their children to have children. They worship fertility

When you sacrifice a mother and a father and other people for another life form. That's lucifer.

Blinded by the light.

To me my own life is valuable. I want people to value their own life. Not somebody else's not worshipping a child or a parent or any one else for that matter..

To be hero to any one is to be blinded by the light.

Be a hero to yourself.. Save yourself.

If you can't save yourself.. You'll practice luciferian behavior and try to save somebody else and then blame somebody

when one person is divvied up into "family" or divided up into family members, they just diluted that genetic line and made is so weak that any climate change causes died suddenly, esp now.

women are the most vulnerable to lucifer because she was taught to depend on everyone, not herself..

the worship of gods/goddesses are extremely luciferian.. that includes elders, deities and people you look up to who look down upon you becaues you forced them to..

when you rely on a hero or someone to "save" you from whatever, you are practicing luciferianism.. bought into the luciferian system..

if you are intending to take away someone's pain and suffering with solutions, you are practicing luciferianism..

if you must be a hero in someone's world.. you are practicing luciferianism..

the "truth" movement is luciferian, because people will die for bringing the truth and light into a strangers world..

Many truthers are dying for the cause.. Just like their counterparts the mainstreamers who are in denial and oblivious to the world they live in.

That was the intention.

You are the illuminati , if you are a truther who will die for your beliefs. Those are in the anti vaccine world. The chemtrails world.. The anti food world.

The medical holistic energy healing world..

If you have to be a saviour or superman , that's luciferian

Those are all the activists who have a solution to take away your pain and suffering.

Even take away food from you..

You see, you were programmed to resist everything until you passed away ..

You were used as a tool and you will continue to be used as a tool until you can finally sit in the darkness on your own.. Eat food and change the way you do stuff.

All religions out there are luciferian .. Bringing so much light you'll end up in darkness forever.

And you signed on the dotted line.

The desire to make so much money and to be a hero in someone' s world is luciferian.

It's that your goal.. The light will destroy you..

The light is destroying a lot of people..

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