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Roofied During Surgery/Sickness So the System Has Their Way With You

Silencing your hormones so you can produce for somebody else is like going under the knife with anesthesia or being roofied at a club.

The system is having their way with you.. And you're allowing it.

Before you jump on your activism band wagon.. Better make sure you're not disrespecting your body-mind.

Or spirit.

Then you have no case.

This is not body shaming. This is survival. This is pure biophysics and finance. This is your fucking life.

JUST A HEADS UP: skinny people will age faster..

the "bigger" people have "money" to burn, or fat/proteins to convert..

you might be "sexy" now skinny and starving and sexual, but that only lasts so long..

then the environment/r/apes ravages you causing accelerated aging, even died suddenly..

Your younger age_30 might give you the perception you are healthy because you're skinny using creams and whatever..

But the environment will spend you out of existence as well as your lifestyle..

Skinny was hot and sexy fifty years ago.. Because it was a conditioning for you to starve.. And be socially acceptable.. Get married have children.. Die eventually..

Now skinny will work against you.. And it is..

You literally have to eat for your lifestyle and the environment and gain some weight so you have energy money to convert..

And yeah pretty girls are supposed to fart and shit.

Some of you women don't want to fart in front of your man because he frowns on it..

He's using you as a sex doll. He doesn't look at you as human.

When you're afraid to gain weight because your man is so overbearing and he has to make you look like a sex doll to all of his friends.. You are not only the arm candy but the sacrificial lamb in that family.. You're like a lady diana. A broad mare. You're just there to produce kids and make him look good and then die.. And they will help you die.. They will take food away from you.. Because you have to look sexy and skinny and sexual for everybody..

That's the plight of women.. They enslave themselves. And they become the lamb..

And then women teach that to their girls. To become the sacrificial lamb. And used as a sex toy. And then discarded.

It's no wonder these poor girls are starving and getting cancer and disease..

We did it to the women.. Women we did it to ourselves.

It's time to change the culture. Or you will be screwed out of existence. Just so you can please , your man and society..

Skinny is deadly in this climate.. Skinny is extremely deadly.

Food disease and logical fallacies.

Why do you think fast food is more expensive. Because you're gonna need it.. You're starving.

Especially in this environment. I love me some mcdonald hamburgers and fries every so often. But I also eat meat. cream or milk. cabbage and onions and potatoes are also amazing. I like cheese and eggs

I like bell peppers and mushrooms and juice and carbs like pasta. Pizza is fucking amazing. That's what's kept me alive and kept me so balanced.. and surviving climate change without a diagnosible condition. And the food gave me clarity of thought and even intellectual capacity..

And yes, it can reverse the aging process, if you understand how to use food and manage the life in your body without raping it.

No more anger. No more depression. No more love love love.. All of those feelings and emotions are destructive.. That's why fast food is more expensive.. You're fucking starving

I may come off as aggressive but i'm not angry..

I was starving orphan in vietnam. Yes I came from the vietnam war.. I came here in May of 1975..

I was a starving orphan..

I come to america and people choose to starve.

That's fucked up.

That's when you know society is doomed.. The first world chooses to starve and , r/ape their own body.

If you have a food allergy it's because you're starving.. Gluten free is starvation.

Now look at your facebook.. Look at all the starving people on your facebook. You wonder why they have so much disease and issues..

They're starving.

How ironic the first world who has so much money chooses to starve.. They put more money in beauty and baubles than they do their own fucking body.. But they employ government war proxies to take out their organs piece by piece.. And they call it healing.

But hey they look sexy. What a sexy corpse

Yeah your priorities are fucked first world.

But you probably knew that.. And you feel backed into a corner..

So you will justify everything.. And then blame somebody else. And then hate someone for pointing out the obvious..

Basically I am therefore I am.

Scientists are discovering circular reasoning as a way to depopulate people.

When you hold demons within and you don't release them every food will be suspect feeding the demons..

Food isn't poison.. People hold onto the bullshit.

People disable their immune system from releasing, so they hold on to opposing forces and then blame everything.

It's like when someone harbors an unwanted guest in their house, but they keep feeding that unwanted guest in the house and then they blame the food for keeping that unwanted guest alive..

so they stop buying groceries for themselves and that guest , thinking that they're going to hurt that guest , but they don't realize they are also hurting themselves.

They starved both of them out.. because both were under one roof.

That's the same idea as attacking the cancer and unwanted guest in your body.. You also attack yourself when you attack cancer.. You hurt yourself when you take drugs and alcohol and dieting.

All of your diagnosible conditions are because you hold that unwanted guest inside and you cannot handle the pain of suffering of gaining you back and releasing that demon..

Expel the unwanted guest, problem solved.. But it's not as easy as it sounds.. Nothing worth doing is ever fucking easy.

So people take the easy way out. They don't take the hard way.. Because mommy and daddy didn't give them the opportunity to learn the hard way our society doesn't work like that or think like that so they will blame everything under the sun until they destroy themselves , and starve themselves..

Why is so called junk food more expensive than organic food. Because so called junk food has complex elements and nutrition that most people are deficient in and they can't hand the life.

They can't handle nutrition.. They're only relegated to air sandwiches and celery stalks.. And then they are starving and they pass away..

And then they say use food as medicine.

Basically weaponizing food against the body.. That's how the system got to the holistic people..

That's why I said I made mistakes in the past.. I traded one addiction for another. No more holistic system for me.

They got the holistic people to weaponize the food against the body by mixing it with such aggressive influential ingredients that it stops a body from releasing.. What they did was they mixed the food with such aggressive spices that it turned antibiotic..

People turn their food antibiotic by using food as medicine.

Because when you take medicine you have the purpose to rape the body mind and spirit forcing it to do what it was not conditioned to do. You're forcing the blood vessels to vasodilate or vasoconstrict based upon your intention..

Or disabling the life and immunological mechanisms of your body. Using creams and other aggressive elements against the life trying to leave the body.. People push the demons back in their body all the time.. That's the hydrocortozone. That's the steroid creams. That's all the essential oil's market.. That's the cannabis oil.

That's even the vaccines forcing your body to activate. And maybe it wasn't prepared to especially during climate change.. Climate change has caused excessive growth and accelerated growth that people cannot get ahead of.. But again you would have to find the correlation equals causation situation.. But remember. If you're going to blame the vaccines THEN every single therapy is in question.. No discrimination when it comes to therapy

the rape of the body. The mind and the spirit.

That includes the herbalist market. The supplements market.. Raping the body mind and spirit. That includes all the concoctions that these holistic people sell to their friends and family over the internet. making claims

all the mommy and me group selling elderberry syrup to their friends and family.

You are raping the body mind and spirit causing future situation..

The holistic and medical system is consensual rape of the body mind and spirit.

Forcing your kids under the knife because you can't teach them to cough sneeze and blow their nose.. You give them cough suppressants. Which means you're stopping the mechanism of releasing the demons and you're keeping those demons inside. Any time you suppress sneezing and coughing you cause that person to metastasize cancer future cancer. Parents do that to their children.. Or they give their kids pineapple juice to stop them from coughing.. So that kid is now forced to deal with that demon inside.. And it's fucking torturing them.. But parents don't understand because they don't know what they're doing

Consequently, you employ government war proxies to take out their organs.

Or disable their immune system one organ at a time.. Until they have no immune system left.. And then you blame the government.. When you're the one that signed on the dotted line and gave your kids away to science and medicine..

Because you as a mother had no idea what the fuck you were doing.

Is it also the fathers.. I suppose. But the mothers are the ones who choose to have the child or not..

That's what I stay far away from people who are against food. Who are so picky about their food and they say they don't eat meat milk or cheese.. I don't advocate starvation even in the third world. People in third what countries starve themselves and they can't aford to , but their religion told them to. People in first world country starve themselves.

So I stay away from the starvation artist.. But the system will play both sides of the fence because they know a sucker is born every minute. And somebody will inevitably feel vindication , why they have issues..

Confirmation bias.

Logical fallacy and circular reasoning. When the premise assumes the conclusion. When you assume correlation equals causation.

That's the activism world when they blame only one thing. Tunnel vision. Or they will blame several things at a time but focus on each one as if it was independent of the other.. They'll blame the vaccines. They'll blame the food. They'll blame the water. They will blame the air..

So essentially they are saying they can't handle the environment..

They are saying they are not fit to live in any society.. because something will always be wrong with it..

They will take themselves out of the gene pool. And inevitably their children, too.

I reiterate.

The scary things people blame food for their issues so they stop eating food.. Yeah you're starving that is your issue.. And they don't want to feel pain.. So they take drugs and antibiotics and use food as medicine.. And they stop eating food..

And you wonder why they start looking like beef Jerky . Or gain weight astronomically because they can't release the demon.. It's too painful to release that demon.

And when people are missing electrolytes and so many different nutritional elements that they've been told was poison it becomes pretty sad watching people starve themselves and claim they are all about life.

No wonder they are heavily religious.. Because religion gave them the absolution.

So the people who die suddenly were living on borrowed time.. And you could be ninety and die suddenly..

The system was slowly heating up accelerating time.. People kept resisting the changes because they were told to but the environment was slowly becoming more aggressive, which is why you saw an increase in cancer and disease and dying prematurely.. Why is it prematurely.. Because you thought you had more time.

Premature is all relative to expectation.. and of course context matters.

So the medical and holistic system energy healing world is like a bank giving out credit.. But little do the people know they couldn't afford the credit these hospitals and holistic people were giving them..

Like sub prime loans.. People weren't ready for interest rates to go up or the increase in the acceleration of the environment and time.. Causing the increase in the aging process or entropy

Ultimately died suddenly before they were ready. Or in the financial world upside down on the loans. Owing more than it was worth and then going bankrupt because the payments were too high..

The interest rates became to astronomical, just like climate change right now. Somebody pushed the lever and accelerated the payment/painment system..

The climate determines how much pain or payment you will owe mother nature..

People could live an amazing life thirty years ago..

But they couldn't live the same way today like they did thirty years ago..

People have to change if they want to survive. And they have to support those changes effectively and even aggressively..

Everything is connected.

Why are so many people suffering.. Because they owe mother nature. why are people aging out in the system.. Because mother nature takes her due.. If you're not suffering she's taking from you..

You better have resources to make sure you keep replenishing resources used for your life.

Yeah you need food.

You can't eat

Chanel bags.

Living on borrowed time is enjoying life on credit.

Which is why you must eat for an accelerated environment because the energy conversion in this environment is so highly influential and aggressive. People burn more than what they have and then they have vital organ failure.. People's immune systems are in resistance , which is causing breakage.. Or they have a rupture in blood vessels because the clots/growth EXPANDED astronomically overnight..

You must look at your body as a bank account. If you're on cures you're bought on credit and one day mother nature will call in the loan.. People cannot afford the payment..or PAINMENT

The relationship between microbial energy conversion and mass, kinetic, and momentum, and energy conversion is quite intricate. In microbial energy conversion processes, microorganisms convert chemical energy from biomass into biofuels like ethanol or hydrogen. This involves complex biochemical reactions where mass transfer and energy conversion are critical factors.

Here’s a simplified explanation of the relationship:

Mass Transfer: This refers to the movement of compounds across the cell membrane. In microbial energy conversion, the rate of mass transfer can be a limiting factor. For instance, the high resistance of cell membrane micropores can limit the mass transfer rate of CO2 molecules, which is essential for the production of biodiesel and biogas1.

Kinetic and Momentum: These aspects relate to the movement and speed of the microbial reactions. For example, vortex flow across cell membrane micropores can enhance mass transfer, thereby influencing the kinetics of the microbial conversion process1.

Energy Conversion: This is the transformation of one form of energy into another. In the context of microbial energy conversion, it involves converting the chemical energy stored in organic matter into usable forms of energy, like biofuels. However, challenges such as low biocatalytic activity of intracellular enzymes and competition between multiple intracellular reaction pathways can hinder efficient energy conversion1.

Overall, the efficiency of microbial energy conversion is influenced by how effectively these processes manage mass transfer and overcome the kinetic and energy barriers to optimize the conversion of chemical energy into biofuels2. Research in this field aims to understand and improve these mechanisms to enhance the production of renewable energy from microbial sources12.


When you are observed by authority and people.. People will act true to their intentions.. Even when they try to hide it.. Because what you don't say speaks volumes probably even more than what you do say.

The observation of society is supposed to change the course of humans.. And it is.. Evolution has been accelerated. I hope you survive it.

The Schrodinger equation is a function of Newton's laws and energy conservation in classical mechanics, and it predicts the potential behavior of a complex system. And there are very specific behaviors lifestyles and belief systems that will elicit a very predictable result.

Take for example resistance. The system has done so many experiments around resistance and they know the outcomes. Death and destruction.

Resistance elicits a very predictable result.

That's the weapon of mass destruction.

The system is changing people are resisting.

They know you will not survive if you are in resistance.

The medical holistic energy healing world in politics religion and science is RESISTANCE TO change..

Your outcomes of death are extremely predictable.. Because of what you've practiced ever since you can remember.

Resisting evolution and change. Equals the morgue Or died suddenly.

Schrodinger's cat could say that something could be alive and dead at the same time.. But the only way to know for sure is through observation. The difference is knowing that which brings Into existence a specific outcome that was highly predictable but it wasn't guaranteed. Unless you've done the experiments over and over again with similar control groups.. But even then observation bring something to life. Acknowledgment brings into existence.

Acknowledging the existence of death brings it to life..

That's how life and death can exist simultaneously in the same context..

Schrödinger's Cat is a famous thought experiment that demonstrates the idea in quantum physics that tiny particles can be in two states at once until they're observed. It asks you to imagine a cat in a box with a mechanism that might kill it. Until you look inside, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

Ignorance and awareness could be a weapon of mass destruction if you don't understand how to use it to your benefit..

It is the law of physics. The very act of observation changes that which is being observed.

The observer effect

is the idea that observing a phenomenon or situation changes it. This effect is especially prominent in physics, where observation and uncertainty are fundamental aspects of modern quantum mechanics

. For example, when we "see" an electron, a photon must first interact with it, and this interaction will change the path of that electron.

In other words , when you observe your children and their behaviors , and the children know it, they are playing to your expectations.. Until they are out of your line of sight. Then they do what they want to do. Which is why parents don't believe their children do any wrong because they never observe it.

Another example.. When you are aware of who's watching you you will play to peoples experiences.. You will play to their world..

When you are unaware of the people around you and the world you live in, you will only play to your belief system until you get exposed other ones..

Because even if you disagree and are in resistance you are still acknowledging their world exists.. Therefore , you gave it energy credibility and life.. And then there's room for discussion..

Children who are aware of who's watching them, play to their parents expectations and ignorance.

An electron is detected upon interaction with a photon; this interaction will inevitably alter the velocity and momentum of that electron. It is possible for other, less direct means of measurement to affect the electron. It is also necessary to distinguish clearly between the measured value of a quantity and the value resulting from the measurement process. In particular, a measurement of momentum is non-repeatable in short intervals of time.

Which means awareness is the first step in any sort of change.. But if you resist change.. Despite the awareness based upon observation, you still made a choice..

And you can never unknow something.. Overtime that observation will eat away you until you figure out that solution to that awareness..

Or else you'll be in resistance and then destroy yourself..

That's why the internet exists.. Because once you observe and become aware of something you never knew..

You have no excuse. You either explore it.. Or you resist it and destroy yourself.

Ignorance and awareness could be a weapon of mass destruction if you don't understand how to use it to your benefit..

The fact you know people observing you will also change your behavior.. And you observing other people changes their behavior..

Will it change for your benefit or their benefit.. Will the change be to your benefit or somebody else's.

Which is why you get exposed to diversity because it will change your regardless if you agree or disagree with what you observe..

Even resistance is acknowledgment..

How do vaccines works in conjunction with climate change..? If the system admitted particle acceleration caused aggressive immune system activation even in the vaccinated or unvaxxed you would have to develop a very compelling argument why you shouldn't be recommending these to immuno compromised people.

Weather engineering cloud brightening and our very lifestyles are contributing to so much immune system activation..

But you need to isolate the argument relative to the catalyst and then question the methods used.. And if the intention is to develop so much growth called antibodies, is getting a vaccine causing the accelerated mechanism people can't get ahead, called blood clots ?

Could you prove that not getting a vaccine the person would not suffer from these conditions..?

Which means you'd have to find those who are not vaccinated with relatively the same conditions and juxtaposition their outcomes. But you'd have to take into account climate change in that area, and how much particle acceleration happened during a specific time.. You would have to identify the control groups and make sure you are comparing apples to apples

Because if california is getting less frequencies than ohio, are you comparing the right control groups..

You would have to look at the people in your area, And take notes of people's situations lifestyle and belief system.. And hypothesize a theory as to why vaccinations should not be recommended or they should be recommended..

It's a whole lot.. Especially when you have the hidden hand influencing particles and climate in your area..

Wow my scar from my dog is itchy and raised.. It just started happening. It's like white and weird.

Hypertrophic scar tissue. This will be interesting to watch.

It's gone an hour later..

telomere lengthening means you take on new immortalized germline cells with a "newly" evolved downline of somatic cells that will redouble itself 50 times over until the next change/evolution.


AND you cannot be in starvation or ra/ping your body mind and spirit in the medical holistic energy healing therapies world..

Immortality is earned it is not given. You have to earn your place into the new world.. That requires work.. Some people don't understand adaptation is work.

And you may have to lessen the material world.. And cut down on so many things if you want to surpass the hayflick limit.

But you need every bit of food . You cannot afford to be food intolerant. Or surrounding yourself by vectors of influential energy looking to take over you.

By the way transhumanism is not immortality..

It's raping the body with technology using implants to control your hormones

That is not true biological immortality.. That's virtual immortality. Because somebody else has the power to switch you off. Or your immune system will reject whatever it is you're doing.

Holding on to implants and transplants and whatever else you've done in the surgery industry..

the immune system will want to reject it at some point..

Because in order for you to keep those implants or surgeries in place you have to take immune suppressing drugs.

That literally is working against your life. That's the drug and cure's industry..

You never give someone else the power over your Immune system to reject your life.. Ever.

You need to adapt to your external environment.. And feed your internal environment.. And don't give any one the power to turn you off internally.

If you are suffering right now.. You have done so much damage to your body it is trying to repair itself.. You have to give it all food and release to repair and retain and rebuild.

Good luck.

People don't know the kind of danger they're in. Let me tell you.. Only a few of you can understand my information..

Which is why I am no threat to the system.. But you'll see the confirmation and the proof of my claims.. So many people are dying suddenly because of their lifestyle and belief system. And you can't tell them anything because they won't change.

But you will see the outcome of their intention.. I can't imagine everyone is living under a rock out there. But I think most society has put their head in the sand.. So just by proxy they are living under a rock with their head in the sand.

Even some people in the jilly juice world will end up this way.. Not all of you.. But many of you.. You literally have to change the way you do shit literally.

I can't say if you can handle pain and suffering and release and all food.. You have to be the one to determine that..

You have to understand the power of milk and meat and cheese and eggs and not treating disease if possible.. You have to understand the power of rest. staying home and staying safe..

I'm telling you. I'm preparing you guys for the worst..

You literally have to help yourself give birth to yourself.. When doctors and nurses have to put their hands in you to remove constipation and fecal material.. When people are using instruments like enemas.. Now you understand the power of releasing those demons without relying on instruments and strangers..

And you need all food and you need to cough and sneeze and blow your nose..

That's what you were never told.. Many of you are full of shit. And not enough food.. And you are suffering astronomically under the influence.

Heart attacks and strokes is the body going through an immunological response to try to save you from those blood clots.. You have to give your body the resources to survive those sudden events.. You must have some weight to you.. No fear.

this world, pain free is a false sense of security.. asymptomatic is a false sense of security.. You haven't earned the right to be asymptomatic in a dynamic world.

You have to survive hell.

The rapture is the rupture.

You can't always rely on sirens.. You must be weather aware. And yes have your nose stuck to technology. If it means the difference between life and death.

No matter what i'm always prepared for devastation. Because it's an unpredictable world and I mitigate risk. I take nothing for granted anymore.

Some people think i'm over prepared and overeact.. Why don't you tell that to people who are suffering from loss. And extremely traumatized.

They never bothered to prepare for anything.. They assumed somebody else was going to save them..

those days are over.

The system is teaching all of us a lesson about preparation and assuming that someone else is going to save you.. The system told you the coastlines and even florida will be under some extreme duress.. And if you still ignore indicators and warnings..

How can anyone feel sorry for anyone's loss.. You were told

forcing the body to produce oxytocin or whatever hormone is desired that day or daily, you have enslaved the body and forced it to produce against its will.. like the 1860s slavery system..

forcing the body under the knife called surgery is torturing your cells.. they are screaming at YOU!!! impaling yourself with injections, regardless is like stabbing yourself voluntarily, torturing your body..

your body will rebel against you... it is happening.

when you put your body under anesthesia, you have just roofied your body to get "rap/ed" while unconscious.. because your body would not allow it if it was awake..

Whenever you allow anyone to anesthetize your immune system and you to go under the knife or not , feel the body release.. You have just been consensually ra/ped by that person place or thing

You have been roofied..

People do this to their children family and friends. Even their pets.

State sanction unconscious existence to be tortured by knives and everything else..

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