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The Ailing/Alien Agenda

When you think about the alien/ailing agenda..



in poor health because of the "alien" microbes



belonging to a foreign country/body or nation.

How many of you are ailing in poor health.. And narrow minded as hell.

You are surrounded by people who can't evolve or change and who are deadly and predatory.. And would hurt someone if given the opportunity.. And people do hurt themselves.. Which goes to show they could hurt someone else if given the opportunity if you come across that contradictatory to their belief.

And if you come across as contradictatory to their lifestyle and belief system they would hurt you if given the opportunity.. They would attack you.

They would troll you virtually.. Throw pies at you if given the opportunity..

I should know.

I lived it.

And it's fucking brutal to be among people who would hurt you if you come across different.. It's fucking dangerous.

Intolerance is infectious.. And it's all around you.

That's why people stay home and stay safe.. Because you're surrounded by intolerant people. Who are triggered.. hair fucking triggered

The Bible isn't the only allegory you need to pay attention to.. It's the movies.. The stories.. The books. History.. It's also netflix..

The alien.. Agenda.. Microbes super imposed..

right now people are dying from disease/labor as the immune system is trying to push out the "alien microbes" or "foreign particles" or excessive particles in the immune system. Weak hearts, lungs and brains with weak vessels make it extremely difficult which is why died suddenlies occur. The "spontaneous" prostaglandins "labor pains" pushing the clots through weak blood vessels causes ruptures, etc.

On that note, when women with weak blood vessels go into labor after 9 months of her baby feeding on her body, mind and spirit, some women do not survive labor pains or pushing out the baby because her heart, lungs, brain and body could not handle the enormous amounts of aggressive energy it takes to push out a human, much less blood clots.

This is why you do not encourage your daughters and sons to follow the old traditions in a new world..

they might not survive childbirth, child rearing and that child might NOT survive childhood.

It is 65 degrees out and it was 60 overnight.. And I had so much growth in my nostrils.I had to blow my nose and blow my nose.. Not much pain. I got great sleep. But I had a lot of mucus in my nose that needed to be released ..

I can only imagine those who don't have the kind of clarity in the immune system what kind of growth they are metastasizing right now.

Cancer is born in extremely warm and accelerated environments. Weaknesses and disease are born in extremely accelerated environments when people are not only malnourished but starving with so much damage..

all parents need every bit of resources they can muster to retain and release..

That's why people cannot afford to be food discriminatory..

You know how privileged the west is.. When they can deny food from themselves.. And still be okay with dying.

Which is why the system is doing a great reset.. When you have to deny food from yourself ecause you can't release and retain and you have issues with air food and water..

The West is so privileged they have to diet ..

That's how fucked up humans are right now.. They can't handle the air food and water in their own environment.. And it sucks because it's a suffering when food is painful..

It's because you're starving.. You have to take the time.. But again , everyone around them keeps people in jail locked up in expectation..

Because if you ever change , you know you will be made fun of.. You know your friends andd family are fucking brutal when it comes to change.

Fucking brutal.. Worse than your enemies , because you keep them right by your side.. And you take their bullshit .. At least you can walk away from your enemies..

Most people can't even walk away from their husbands or wives or friends and family..

they can't bear to be alone.. Too many expectations. And they have to fulfill their duties as parents because they made those children and they signed on the dotted line.. And strategy is not most people's strengths..

So they are resigned and they suffer and they die.. Because they couldn't strategize themselves to survive.

That's the suffering of humans..

Locked up in a jail of expectation..

Remember the world has changed.. what used to be your strength in numbers is now going to be working against you..

The system planned it that way.. You had to figure out what the fuck was going on and stop resisting..

You had to find a way to strategize surviving the people around you.. But if you depend upon them so much they will be your undoing.

They wanted you to have family to develop innovation and test cultures.

They don't want you to have families anymore.. They don't want you to be stuck in groups anymore.. Because now it's deadly.. Even more so during climate change..

You could say why should we change.. You could say they're doing it to us why should we have to change..

Remember universe twenty five.. all rat extinction..

pleasure and paradise causes extinction in families and societies.. Unfettered reproduction no enemies..

People will fuck each other out of existence.. They will also remedy themselves to death.. Just look at the holistic world and what they're selling you to take away your life.. Disabling your immune system called pain and suffering..

They will keep reproducing animals and children and can't support them for so many reasons..

And these children are weaker and weaker and weaker. Because as soon as it gets even more crowded with so many big families..

Resources are used up..

Then it will be all out human extinction...

Humans have no predators except for each other..

Remember how friends can turn into enemies that quickly.. And it doesn't matter the reason.. Shit changes all the time.

Yeah that's how shit goes.. What used to be pleasure and paradise turns into a downward spiral because people are a weaker fighting for resources..

And the children become weaker and less tolerant and deadlier..

When you have no predators.. People reproduce themselves out of existence..

So the government must regulate . You were made to be anti government for a reason. So they can regulate you.

You have to find a way to survive your friend your family your government your geography.

Even yourself ..

Some of you are your own worst enemy...

You must save yourself.. You must stop diluting resources away from yourself.. Because if you keep diluting resources away from yourself you won't survive even your own lifestyle regardless of where you are or how much money you have in your bank account. Regardless of how many celebrities you know.. Death is the ultimate equalizer..

Many of you in resistance regardless of where you are, you are your own worst enemy..

And you employ mercenaries of the system or government war proxies to keep nipping at you until you don't exist anymore..

And you won't listen to me because i'm not quoting the bible.. You'll listen to stars in hollywood.. But i'm nothing to you.

You won't listen to me or even consider my information because i'm not somebody in government or hollywood or some luminary..

You allow government to make mistakes.

But you won't allow me to make mistake.. What was my mistake.. Following the holistic people..

And so my words will go right over your head.. And you'll read the bible and revelations.. And still destroy yourself.. And then blame me for it..

But you listened to all those luminaries and the bible.. You listened to all those government proxies.. You even listen to those in resistance to what's going on.. You have zero discernment in this new world because you're still stuck in the old world..

You'll see how far that will get you. Right into the fucking morgue..

Remember a long time ago when everyone had their specific story.. There was uniformity.. There was relative peace with a few squabbles. We learned one way how to do stuff. There were expectations. There were goals there were dreams.

Well those days are over.. Prepare for every single story you could ever imagine..

And there is no harm in considering every storyline in the world.. Just have discernment to figure out which ones you'll fight and die for in which one you live for.. I'll fight for my life but I won't die for anyone. Or anything.

And I won't ATTACK OR HARM ANYONE ELSE to keep a storyline in place Or adopt another one..

I consider every option out there as far as a story..

That's abstract thinking and expanding your brain and showing tolerance.. When you can actually consider a storyline that is so diametrically opposed to what it is that you've grew up with..

That does require reading and comprehension .. And not being so narrow minded..

So there you go.. Weather enhancement.. Or weather manipulation

CRAZY stuff happened today on the other side of the planet.

Dubai International Airport has recorded 6+ inches of rain in the last 24 hours. The annual average is 3.5" in this area for A YEAR!

This is truly a historic event. Want to be clear, there was very high atmospheric moisture “PWAT” over Dubai from a system passing by, which started the event. Although at least part of this severity is likely contributed from Dubai's alleged aggressive cloud seeding project, where they fly planes repeatedly into already existing clouds, putting mass amounts of salt in them to enhance moisture content and rainfall. Most of the city is underwater now. Wild images for sure.

Basically you are filled with alien like microbes.. That are under attack from oncology and the medical holistic energy healing world. Using direct energy weapons. At the micro level.. And earth level..

This was allegory about you and what the system is trying to do..

You can release your own demons without attacking yourself.. But it's painful.. And it requires food rest sleep and retention and release. Or else you'll be radiated.. Inevitably out of existence.. If that's how you choose to go out.

Everything is allegory.. The movies are allegory about what the system is and who you are to the system.. And what the system is to you..

This is abstract thinking.. Some people are very literal.They can't understand allegory . Unless it's only the bible.

This is why you must understand both arguments and all arguments..

Or you will be left with egg on your face..

To put all your hopes in getting a vaccine or not getting a vaccine was already the wrong mentality.. You had to take into account climate change..

You had to understand particle acceleration.. If you do not factor in the environments all environments, not only would you have a major blind spot but you would also be thoroughly exposed..

Died suddenly.

Climate change is making every therapy on turbo.. In a slow frequency environment the therapies were relatively safe.. There was always exceptions.

But climate change has made every therapy turbo charged.. causing accelerated growth

Anytime your immune system activates it will also be influenced by the environment it is in..

Not just in your body but also your external environment.. Everything in your environment internally and externally is a factor when it comes to cancer.. Particle acceleration..

It means accelerated growth..

The winners will be losers and the losers will be winners the times they are a changing..

Everyone will get a chance to win when the poles flip..

Those who pushed everyone to get vaccinated will wonder if they made the wrong decision..

Those who decided not to get vaccinated and still experience accelerated growth and cancers.. Can't figure out why..

It didn't matter what you did.. If you couldn't eat and release enough for the environment , it was a losing venture

So here we are.

climate change was the hidden hand

hidden in plain sight..

Your denial is their power.. Your biases are their power..

Your aggressive reactions are their power.

The death of the "first born.."


Are your blood vessels strong enough to push out the demons, like mucus, poop, even a child..

There will be more of this.. Aggressive growth from particle acceleration and malnutrition has caused it.. Everything is a factor..

All remedies thin the blood.. Or deactivate necessary aggressive release processes..

People are not conditioned for the environment and the aggressive release process.. giving birth is an aggressive release process..

You must condition for the hidden hand..

If you want to survive, and you want your children to survive climate change, something significant must change in your lifestyle and beliefs.

evolutionists have a chance if they support the changes properly. Creationists might have an issue with evolution..

I wish you all godspeed.

Most of you are the reason why they don't let you remember.. You keep dying and reproducing. Making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

That's why you don't fuck with the government... Watch out for the men in black.

They are the hidden hand.. Let people build a case for their own future.. And we can watch it happen.

You can't change people.. Most people refuse to change.. And we get to see the evidence played out before us..

You don't need johnny cochran when people will give you the evidence.. They will admit they are drug addicts , alcoholics and have issues with food. And they won't change and they'll tell you that. They will say food is poison .. And they will tell people food is poison.. It's all over their facebook.

You don't need johnny cochran anymore.. People will give you the evidence building a case for their own future died suddenly.. And they will tell you their children have food allergies and other allergies and can't handle food.. Building another case against future died suddenly .. And they will tell you how many times their kids went to the hospital getting operations and organs taken out one by one.. Basically their immune system..

And they think their kids going to survive with less their immune system organs..??

When they don't teach their children how to cough sneeze and blow their nose and eat all food..

But don't worry , the system will give them a justifiable reason like a pandemic.. Or they can blame the air food and water and therapies.. Or blame people who didn't take a therapy.

But in reality it's the starvation of these children is what's causing their died suddenly's and constant trips to the hospital..

And they are also proud of that.. Just watch people's facebook..

I've seen more than I need to see.. You don't need to be a good lawyer to see the evidence displayed in front of you.

The last three years was evidence enough .

And since most children are fighting conditions it will just be acceptable to most people that kids don't survive the future.. You already laid the groundwork..

The system just finishes it up.

You can't survive without evolution . You can't survive without being in some kind of pain and suffering , especially when you come in with deficiencies in climate change.. You can't survive without food water and air..

You really can't survive with food allergies.. That right, there is laying groundwork for a died suddenly in the future ..

But it's a socially acceptable died suddenly when you have food allergies.. It's socially acceptable to replace milk with soy.. It's socially acceptable to take meat out of a child's diet. It's socially acceptable to give kids only organic food and that's it.

And the kid is starving on their gluten free diets. And they have a shitty release process because mother gave them remedies to stop the body from releasing.. She gave them cough suppressions . And everything else under the sun..

Yeah we did it to ourselves..

Men in Black

Song by Will Smith

Here come the Men In Black

It's the MIB's, uh, here come the MIB's

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