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The Hidden Hand/Frequency

Was the o j simpson case the first inside job.. Was that the "first hidden hand.." pre 9 eleven era In our lifetime??

The beginning of the major conspiracy world.. Watching people react to what is being told to them.. People taking sides with absolutely no proof really.. But it sounds good to them..

You'll never know.. And speculation is fun.

hidden hand


an unknown force or influence believed to be the cause of certain, often unfortunate, events

Government war proxies and undetectable ULF

The men in black..

That's why you don't fuck with the government. Cause they will eff you right back.

That's why you live an exemplary lifestyle.. So you can establish a pattern of tolerance diversity and peace.. But if you're under the influence and you hate so many different people.. And if you have no discernment. They can do whatever the hell they want to you because you've established a pattern of destruction to yourself and everyone around you.

And you will buy their remedies.

Believe me the system can build a case against anyone they want to if you give them a reason

The all seeing eye is they will tell you what to see and what not to see..

The hidden hand is their magic wand..

And you can't prove a damn thing and that's how the system gets you.. That's their loophole.. What did they know and when did they know it.

Which means you have to be smarter than everyone around you, who are eacting with their heads cut off. Just look at people's facebook..

They're either actively in denial.. Or building the case for their future died suddenly.

You don't even need good lawyers anymore the proof is right in front of you.

You have to be smarter than the average bear literally and figuratively..

You don't fuck with the government.

And if you choose to sign on the dotted line to "harm" yourself through remedies and surgeries and diets.. Then you chose to develop a pathway to die suddenly at some point.. You developed a case for your died suddenly..

You don't fuck with the government.. You let people choose their own demise.. And you make a choice yourself.. Whatever you chose you chose..

Here's all the information.. You chose.

If you're a known drug addict alcoholic and someone who's fighting disease.. If you sell remedies to people and you're an energy healing person, well yeah of course died suddenly is in your future..

The case was already built for your died suddenly..

The very lifestyle you lead with the industry licenses you and all the remedies you sell.. Even the cannabis you're addicted to, developed a case for died suddenly for you and everyone that you have brought into your world..

That's why you give the system NO reason to destroy you because you won't destroy yourself or anyone around you.

You start changing and repenting.. And if you can't.. The system will develop a case of why you died suddenly..

Why your children are dying suddenly..

And I will say starvation is the first main reason why people die. Along with all their remedies and surgeries and unchanged lifestyle .

Most of you are building a case for your own demise.. Unless you change.. And you repent publicly what you have supported for many years..

Most can't do it..

Most have built a religion around their future death.. And they will justify until the very end.

Be careful what you wish for.. Because you will get it if you can't evolve..

The hidden hand.

Your aggressive biased reactions are their power. When you laugh in glee at someone's death and destruction regardless of status.. You are a tool for the depopulation agenda.. When you harm yourself regardless of why.. You are part of the depopulation agenda.. When you can't change or evolve.. You are part of the depopulation agenda..

The depopulation agenda is a choice. And it has been accelerated because you've already accepted death as an outcome and you've justified it.. Just look at all the spiritual healers out there and the religions..

If you can't change the way you do things you will depopulate yourself.. And you will elicit the help from others.. You will use government war proxies.. And call it healing.

And there are so many people in hollywood who will find ways to use frequency as healing you and other remedies. And if you have no discernment. You will buy whatever the hell it is they are selling.

I stay away from d/healers.. Because are selling you death and destruction and rest in peace.. They can't handle their own pain of suffering and so they must project that you cant handle it either.

They are the government proxies for death and destruction.. They have licenses to prove it .. And the remedies are fda approved for the intention even if it's abused..

You want to save yourself.. I don't know how you're going to do it if you don't even know what you're saving.

The hidden hand.

0=ULF/HIFI (undetectable)(detectable)








What were the main things that gave people the impression he did it.

1. The glove at the scene. ( Could have been planted there)

2. Bruno Mali Shoe prints ( Somebody else could have used those shoes)

3. His DNA ( He's a sport star with sports doctors who have access to his blood.)

4. Cut finger ( Hear say said he told different stories about cut finger) Hearsay doesn't stand up in a court of law.

5. No alibi ( Not necessarily a reason to convict)

6. Domestic violence pattern ( Not all domestic violence perps murder people)

Why does this even matter and why am I focusing on this.

Because you don't know what happens behind the scenes. You don't know how the system directs society using aggressive images and even events. Not everything is an inside job.. And some things are and you'll never prove which ones are which..

But always question everything.. He was a famous well loved very influential person.. And his fall was just as great.. And his fall was about race relations and police brutality.. he put focus on domestic violence..

Mark Fuhrman was the excellent detractor of the main situation whether or not you believed he killed his wife and her lover or not..

Fuhrman's racism was the bone johnny cochran could not pull away from.. It was THE perfect storm.

And what was the compelling evidence.. I listed it out for you..

And from that I would say, the jury did their job correctly.. I think regardless of the argument, he was going to get off.. There just wasn't enough evidence.

Or mark fuhrman situation cast enough reasonable doubt oj did not murder, therefore was framed.

And he could have very well been but not through mark. That's the irony.

Which was why Shapiro did not like F Lee Bailey who glommed on to the racism card.. shapiro did not want the case to be about racism..

It was about the evidence.. And whether or not the jury believed WITHOUT REASONABLE DOUBT, that o j simpson committed those heinous murders..

Where OJ fucked up was when he got greedy around his memorabilia.. That's when

the system threw the book at him..

But before that, he was acquitted from a double murder case..

johnny cochran put christopher darden in his place.. Yes it was the first major reality show.. A sign of what was to come..

Hindsight is twenty twenty..

And I will say

the argument that mark fuhrman was like an Adolf Hitler was extremely well played..

I hadn't watched the trials before the last couple days when they gave us highlights in that netflix movie.. i did not even know johnny cochran used that metaphor against mark fuhrman.

The system taking organic situations and manipulating events... To the point where you can't tell between reality and fantasy.. And I'm telling you the victims of any situation willl believe to the very end one or more people are responsible.

BUT ONLY the ones that are presented to them with circumstantial evidence.. That's why circumstantial evidence can be very dangerous to use as a conviction tool. Which is why proving intent is paramount and even then..

Which is why you live an exemplary life so you don't get framed for something because you've shown a pattern

This was all before nine eleven was an inside job..

Maybe that was the first inside job.. They saw how the public reacted to orchestrated events.. They even saw how the victims reacted to perpetrators , given to them..

Maybw that whole court case was a huge experiment. ..

But i'm just speculating.. I have no proof..

But, you saw how quick everyone reacted and took a side.

Divide and conquer.

Then look at the jilly juice world.. How quick everyone wanted to condemn and convict me for this system developing the outcome of a person trying to do a hail mary who was set to die at some point in HOSPICE that even their own family gave up on them..

Be very careful convicting and condemning someone.. However.. Around the anti everything organic anti gmo energy healing anti gluten anti food people.. You'll see some people take that to the extreme with their children.. Starve their children.. Because they've been radicalized against food.. And when you have a baby.. And you have actually taken food away from your baby.. And children for whatever reason.. And that baby died.. Yeah.. That will be a national discussion.. And the parents could be definitely convicted and condemned..

Sometimes it's even state sanction because of food allergies.. Yup, you'll be splashed across the headlines too if there is a death as a result or what could have been the reason why..

Nowadays kids are just dying suddenly so no one is the wiser of how parents raised their children..

They can just blame the vaccines.. Which is a perfect scape goat for the system.. So they don't have to focus on what they need to focus on.. Unless you go into a different political argument around abortion and reproductive rights and reproductive control..

And the holistic world is so radicalized that I even fell into some of the bylines and felt that food was poison myself..

I even thought so many things around food and children and thank god I don't have any children.. But I quickly realized all children need sugar salt milk meat gluten fat and everything that's appropriate for children and babies

Why are children dying.. Because they are starving.. Not only are the parents deficient IN NUTRIENTS but the children inherited the deficiencies and they can't get ahead.. Not in this environment.

The particles have accelerated to such an extent nobody can get ahead unless they stay home and stay safe.Anne change their lifestyle..

That's why you stay out of people's health issues and you don't recommend them any supplements or detoxes or anything else.. You might be actually helping the system destroy people and they won't convict you because its state sanctioned.

My thoughts around anything in the media.

So question everything.. When there is something aggressive in the media.. Question how they want you to react.. Check your own reactions.. Because most likely the way you initially react to any situation was how the system wants you to react..

If the system plays both sides understand why both sides are being presented to you.

Like IFl science saying, stay home and stay safe but here's the path to totality to watch the eclipse.

You must have DISCERMENT to understand why they're telling you to stay home and stay safe..

And if you don't understand all the stories.. And the science behind what's going on.. You will ignore warnings and do what you want to do.. Even if it damages you.. But you chose with your own free will..

The system wants you to love people certain people.. The system wants you to hate certain people at any given time.

Check your initial reactions around anything.. Check your judgment around a situation..

Why do you feel you need to have an opinion about what people do in their world.. And if you do have an opinion of why somebody else's situation affects you, develop a compelling story how their situation affects your family..

How somebody else's situation affects your decision making..

You will find that your opinions about other people do has absolutely no bearing on choices that you make..

Like student loans. Just so you know life isn't fair.. That's not a compelling enough argument against student known forgiveness..

On the other hand..

If it's a major social issue about how government agencies and people treat each other in the public even under authoritative conditions, I can see why opinions become national conversations..

If you see behaviors and practices that contribute to what people are against which is premature death, human trafficking and destruction of the human genome, develop a compelling argument why certain behaviors may contribute to that..

But that's it. Develop a compelling argument. Don't try to force convert people.. Don't ram your opinions down someone else's throat.

But just simply having opinion because it isn't fair to you.. You're just an ordinary person with an opinion like an asshole.. Opinions are like assholes everyone has them.

How many people can articulate why it's so compelling enough that someone else's financial situation, affects their life and their decision making.

They can't.

Most cannot even develop an argument for their own life much less develop an argument why they even have an opinion

Many people are like lemmings and they just repeat what somebody else said.. But very rarely develop an articulate argument around their opinions.. They don't have time..

They're too busy developing more opinions about other people situations..

But they haven't even rectified their own situation.

Did you know that holistic remedies are just as pharmaceutical grade as allopathic pharmaceutical grade prescription drugs.

To say that naturopathics and holistic remedies are better than doctors and prescription drugs means you bought into the psychological operations..

That belief system was planted in you like an inside job..

You thinking the holistic market is better than the prescription drug market was an inside job..

So when people die suddenly because they're on their prescription drugs and holistic remedies they can blame the "poisonous food supply and air and water and vaccines". And no one would care..

Because nothing is poison if it's fda approved.. But you remedying away your diseases with everything under the sun, THAT is what caused the eventual died suddenly.. Especially if you're starving.. With food allergies and aggressive lifestyles..

But no one wants to focus on that because they're making too much money off their friends and family and they can't handle pain and suffering and food..

Why is the system lowering the standards in school..

Because this is what we have to deal with.

Granted, I did some stupid s*** as a kid too but holy crap. Have things become worse since the nineties and the eighties. Or has it just been televised..

Maybe it always has been this bad.. But now we get to watch it on facebook.

Nothing like looking in the mirror.. WINCE..

I never did this but i'm sure I did other stupid shit. But wow.


It's none of my business.. Other people's finances are none of my business.. Regardless of who's in office.. I either pay more or I pay less in taxes and whatever else.. I pay my taxes.. I pay my bills.. What others do is none of my business.. That's why I have a government who develops checks and balances..

So my opinion does not even matter in the scheme of things.. Again what others do in their own household.. Is none of my business. If it's illegal the legal system will take care of it..

I mind my own business..

To those in the united kingdom who don't understand the tax system in america..

For those who want to be technical about my specific situation. My husband pays taxes through his job and married filing jointly.... And simply by proxy since I am married to him, I also pay taxes..

You see i'm in a contract.. So yes technically I also pay taxes..

If you have issues with how the government spends your money, your taxes.. Maybe it's time for you to prioritize what's most important.. Maybe it's time to tighten your belt.. Maybe it's time to funnel money towards your survival.. Maybe not so much pleasure and paradise.

You see we're in climate change.. That also means the economical climate is changing as well..

We need food.. we need shelter.. we need climate control.. we need clothes that fit. We need a roof over our head.. we need stability for ourself and our children..

Ww need to learn how to take care of ourself.

We need to pay attention to how we respond properly to energy coming from our own body.. We need to develop a new relationship with all food.. We need to understand what our bodies need in order to survive a change in climate..

And since we have so many deficiencies in our own immunological system, qhat other people do as far as their student loans and anything else is truly not only none of my business..

Especially if my own backyard is full of landmines and deficiencies and personal issues I must deal with. If I have my own problems in my backyard with health issues and money problems and lack of prioritizing.. I have no room to have an opinion about anyone else's finances. I'm not saying that personally my issue.I'm just speaking in general.. No one has a perfect situation out there.. I don't care how much money you think you have.

It's time for americans to pay attention to their own.. it is time for them to stop looking over the fence..

It is time for Americans to figure out how to save themselves from their own deficiencies.

I promise you.. Regardless of the outcome.. When you give yourself and your family one hundred percent of your attention.. You'll have a more peaceful life.. Even if it's rest in peace..

I have a relatively peaceful life.. And it's not rest in peace.. And I have hope for the future..

There are too many children dying suddenly for you to worry about somebody else.'s finances regarding student loans or anything else..

It's time for families to figure out what they're doing wrong why their kids are dying suddenly.

I don't care who and what you blame the died suddenlies on.. But maybe you should pay attention to your own backyard..

Because too many people are dying prematurely.. Maybe it's your habits. Maybe it's your belief systems.And maybe it's your politics and science dogmatic principles..

Maybe cause your paying attention to too many other people , but not your own.

Wow.. And then the system can watch what you do wrong and use you as an example. And they're doing that right now. Just read all the online articles about people situations..

If you pay attention based upon your situation. You might see patterns

While looking at the sun for a short time is unlikely to damage your retina, looking directly at it can cause solar retinopathy, which is a retina burn that can cause permanent damage to your vision. Solar retinopathy is also known as solar maculopathy

, photic retinopathy

, or eclipse


. It occurs when ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun enters the eye and is focused onto the retina, damaging the macula

, the retina's

most sensitive part. Damage can occur in as little as a few seconds.



Why is milk painful. Because your bowels need to move and you need to take a shit. Why is salt painful. Because you need to activate your immune system. And your cells ALSO need to take a shit.

You eat food to retain.. You eat food to rebuild.. You eat food to release..

You can't survive starving yourself or your children.

You eat all food to live.. People don't eat food and they die..

That's why you die.. You've been starving yourself for years..

Look at the energy healing world.. Those who say food is poison.. Everyone with food allergies.. A stone throw away from this..

Starvation.. Is why people die.. Causing heart attacks and strokes.. And died suddenly.

What they did to this child.. Is no different that what people do to themselves and their own children..

Life is painful.. Food is painful because people must grow.. Denying people food so they don't feel pain is starvation..

Why is food painful.. Because you're fucking starving.

why is milk and pork painful..

Because you're starving

Your hatred against me and the government.. Is the system's power.. Your lack of personal accountability.. Is the system's power..

The house was designed that way.. Because the house will always win..

In order to win you have to change.. Most of you can't do it..

The house will always win.

You never want to attack anything because the retaliation is that much worse...

That's called death. Just look at the stabbing in Australia.. He stabbed a bunch of people and guessed what the acceptable retaliation was, it was death.. That's what you're doing to yourself with your drugs, herbal remedies, supplements, your alcohol, your surgeries and food mitigation diets.. Political about food ..

Telling people that pork is poison. When you have been falling apart for years. You probably needed the pork.

You have accepted death as the retaliation.. You accepted death and destruction via govt proxies.

So what are you bitching for..?

Most of you have a zero leg to stand on because you've been attacking yourself and your family for centuries.. It's not the government's fault.. They are just agreeing with you.. You think your life is not worth living.. They have no problem agreeing with you..

You are the one who determines the worth of your life..

The system will just help you end it as fast as possible..

But first they need your signature.. That's how they absolve themselves from karmic reactions..

You signed on the dotted line.. You gave your kids away to the system.. You starved yourself.. You took the drug and the alcohol. You allowed the system to cut into you..

You signed on the dotted line..

Maybe it's time to change and save yourself.. If you even know what that means anymore..

the system/scientists/govt plays both sides of the fence..

you better figure out how to discern what is appropriate for you..not someone else.

the symbol of justifiable deadly force against your own body, mind spirit and your family/pets and children in the remedies/surgeries market ending up in the morgue someday, is a person dying from a defensive gesture in a stabbing incident..

should defensive postures end up in the morgue? when you mischaracterize symptoms and when you put yourself in harm's way, it seems to be the culture..

if defending your body and children's bodies ends up in died suddenly, then the justifiable deadly force of a stabbing incident will be the norm..

we did it to ourselves.

All death is.. Was a defensive posture against something that was not attacking us but we mischaracterized it as an attack.. And we used government officials as proxies against our own life.. We used the medical holistic energy healing world and friends and family as proxies against our own life..

We have use drugs and alcohol, denial and pleasure and paradise and greed as proxies against our own lives..

And we have the gall to blame somebody else for our own suffering..

We did it to ourselves and children...

So I don't want to hear you blaming the government for anything when you have purposely done things harmful to yourself and your own children..

Calling it love and healing.. When you purposely withheld food from your children because you said it was poison.. When you had no intention to get over food allergies..

You employed war proxies against your own family and friends..

And let me tell you i'm suffering along with you.. Because i'm not disconnected from you.

I'm in relative peace.. But watching all this go down is a suffering.. Watching you guys blame everyone but yourselves is a suffering.. Watching the denial is suffering..

Before you blame the government for anything.. Maybe get off the pot and the alcohol and the drugs.. And the remedies and the surgeries..

Then you might actually have a credible leg to stand on.

And I can assure you most of you don't have that situation.. So you will blame until the very end.

And then you'll hate me for pointing it out.. No one's gonna point it out to you in your world.. You surround yourself with people who are codependent.. they enabled all of your learned helplessness..

People like me.. Are extremely hated.. Because we don't play the same games that you play..

Personal accountability is very rare in our society..

if you are "harming" yourself with remedies, surgeries, drugs, liquor, etc. No room to condemn anyone or anything for attacking/retaliating..

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